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hang out come chat with me I’d love to get to know you okay so if you’ve ever
watched any of my Dollar Tree Gold videos you know that I really love derma
sell my very first product that I ever tried from them was the original in the
blue and white tube cream it’s like a body lotion that stuff is amazing I
really do like derma cell they have day and night creams they have body lotions
they have body washes they just have a whole line of skin care stuff but I have
never seen this derma cell and beggar eating facial scrub
okay this is five fluid ounces K it is paraben free oil free and fragrance free
okay best of all – there’s no animal testing okay and it’s cruelty free which
I think that is where is it at there we go
which i think is awesome especially for such an affordable brand to be cruelty
free and new animal testing and stuff that’s really really important so
obviously this was a dollar at Dollar Tree Kay so this is supposed to deep
clean it’s dermatologist tested and recommended it’s a gentle facial scrub
that deeply cleanses buffs and brightened skins
it’s just an exfoliator that’s all it is I’m gonna go ahead and insert the clip
of me using this so here you go you so this stuff okay it sucks ease up a
little bit okay I mean it does have a little bit of foaming but it’s not like
a facial cleanser you know what I mean this stuff this has the finest
exfoliating particles I have ever experienced there is a product by
Vasanti and it’s their enzyme cleanser it has like it has these little
particles in it this reminds me of that so much but Vasanti is an expensive
brand I had first been introduced to them through MC I think anyway but it’s
the brightening enzyme scrub or something like that but this is amazing
it really is fragrance free okay and I love that toilet free so I’m gonna just
do a little bit I want you to see these granule I mean I can fill it right now
they’re almost invisible there it’s so fine okay this totally reminds me of
like those microdermabrasion scrubs the little scrubbing particles are so fine
in this that there’s no huge chunks that are gonna like really irritate the skin
obviously this is an exfoliator so you don’t want to go SuperDuper heart with
it but what I really liked this for is my cold sore okay so my cold sore is
finally almost gone okay but this stuff is so gentle while still actually
exfoliating the skin that I was actually able to exfoliate a lot of the dead skin
off my nose I love this stuff I actually bought it back up to but because I liked
it that much I have probably used this about six
times I’ve been using this a couple of times a week so yeah I actually did buy
a backup tube I still have quite a bit of left in this but you know how Dollar
Tree is a lot of times Dollar Tree they will have stuff and then you’ll never
see it again I love this stuff so much I can’t even describe to you like when I
did my monthly deeds or something I said that I found a face scrub at Dollar Tree
that I liked better this
this is it right here it’s amazing yes it’s to me after using it for as much as
I’ve used it I would honestly probably spend seven or eight dollars on this
that’s how much I love this it’s not harsh it’s gentle but you can actually
feel it working you can feel the particles they’re just so fine I mean it
just looks like gel on my hand you might see a couple of little brown specks but
this is so fine okay so the very first ingredient is water and then it is pecan
a shell powder so it it is one of those nut shells but this is nothing like the
st. Ives apricot scrub this is like a hundred times more gentle and the
particles are so fine and smooth anyway you have to get this this is probably
the dollar tree gold of my whole entire time of doing Dollar Tree Gold’s that’s
how good this product is it’s amazing absolutely love it I’m probably honestly
gonna be a little bit of a hoarder and probably to pick up an extra – it’s just
it’s that good so yes if you like to exfoliate if your skin can handle a
physical exfoliator I would definitely recommend picking up of the derma cell
invigorating facial scrub it really is fragrance free I have it
broken out from it or anything like that I love this stuff it’s amazing so love
this stuff definitely recommend it it is definitely a Dollar Tree gold
it’s the Dollar Tree Gold of all my Dollar Tree gold videos like I said
that’s how much I love it so definitely recommend it see if your Dollar Tree has
it but if they do pick up a tube try it out because I’m most likely you’re gonna
want to go stock up on a few extras but there we go
anyway I’m a scholar I’m gonna stop gushing about this face scrub is it
really is just a face scrub but it is the best face scrub I’ve ever used
like seriously totally anyway thank you so much for watching I hope you didn’t
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