Hi! This is Tim from RealWebsiteHints.com and this is my review of the Divi 2 theme I’m gonna show you what this thing can
do, tell you about who I think this theme is good for and show you what it’s like to use and
work with this theme I’ve spent about two weeks building a test
site so I can really get in and understand how this theme works and
be able to show you what it can do. So let’s go ahead and
dive right in. So this is the site that I created with the Divi Theme, I got a sense from both the
theme and from the Divi Theme website that this
would be a good theme to use for an internet business website It’s kind of website that sells an information
product. So for our test site, I’ve created a fictitious
internet business that help people become better gamers. Divi Theme did not disappoint
me when it came to creating this type of website So let’s take a look at some the page
that I created Here’s the homepage, you can
see that we got a full width slider on a top and full width slider that
features full width background I have an animation of the text coming
in and that’s one of the really nice features about the Divi
Theme that gives you a lot of different options to add just little animation elements that really capture the eye of your audience. Move the next slide here to an image module that had slide in and then the text for the slide.
And just you know, it’s really cool fun features. This theme
also features the ability to have full width on background images in any section that
you have so it got full width background image, we got an
image module, text module and another image
module. Another example of fading in and another example of full width background image that I put in Here’s another example of the layout features of the theme, and
here’s where I put the blog section on the home page here and
there’s two different styling options for for the blog section and here I added a
sidebar so you can see that you can add a sidebar that pretty much anyplace and
any part on a page that you wanna add a sidebar, just you know really powerful functionality. Let’s take a look on the
sales page that I made. Here we go we can see, an image slide in on the sales page and here’s you know a little example of
kind of layout that you can do with this theme in the
page builder of this theme, that different sections along the side here
and then a a centerpiece that I put in with a number counter again, just grabbing your
audiences eye that’s drawing them to one specific
element on your site Here we got a what they call a blurb
section and you can see taht it got these icons here and each one of these icons is actually included as part of the theme which is a way
that this theme really helps you build sites quickly by giving you lots
of great little tools to help you get started. Here’s a example of a parallax background we can see it looks like the text is moving up and
down but the image is staying back so you know fun little
feature a little way of grabbing the attention of the
audience by just adding a different visual element in there This is another blurb section here, you can see
here where I added my own custom image rather than using one of the provided icons
and you can see that the image West up on top shows up a little
bit bigger that does for example here on the side.
We got a text, number counter, another example of
Full Width background and I got another tutorial coming up to show you how I made this Full Width
Backgrounds for use with this theme. We got this section here, where you can
put in testimonials need to have the image of the person or a
company that gave you the testimonial or you can choose not to have it and each one of these testimonial sections you can have a different color background if you want
to, one of the modules that comes with website. Here’s another great module and really
useful if you’ve got a business that sells a product or service and has
different pricing categories is this pricing table module which is
also part of the theme. So let’s go ahead and look at the back end of
the website. So this is the back end of the sales page that we we’re just looking at, and you can see what we have here is we got different sections,
so this here is a sort of the standard section look and you can add in
additional rows to it and each section, we got the blue
bar or this sort of salmon colored bar here, each one of this sections
can have a different backgrounds whether it’s a background image that you have, or a
background color or you can actually even add a background video, let me show you what a background video looks like just in
case you’re curious. So this is from the Divi Themes Website And there’s lots of different options you have your
video backgrounds and if you’re you get with videos can be a really great tools to use sort of grab your
audience’s attention and maybe even be able to identify with them emotionally. I’ve seen some great website
that have used background videos on sort of to create a little bit of an
emotional connection to their product or service. So back on it
the back end here, there is three basic types of modules, i can’t go into super detail here, since its just a quick review,
but each one of them serve their purpose and there’s the Full Width Section,which you can use like for a Full Width Slider or on a navigation bar actually, there’s a specialty section which is
this section right here, and then there’s the standard
section which this section right here On each section you add rows and then
you can decide on how you want to split up each one of
those rows and there’s plenty of options here I don’t see any need for any other options , there is plenty of options
to create a great page layout or a great section layout
and then each one of these rows you can add modules let’s just look their modules really quick,
there’s the image module which is on the front end of the site gives you a lot of options as far as how
you want the image to show up whether you want it to slide in from
one direction or another or if you want it to fade in There is this basic text module which uses the Word Press editor so it’s
really easy to use, really makes it easy to put a copy on
there and give it a little bit of styling really quickly the blurb feature which I showed you on
the homepage, which allows you to have either
little icons or little images next to it and if you chose to use an icon you can
see here you put yes to icons and you got a choice of all
these different icons here that come with
the theme so, really helpful just to get you
started very quickly, it’s really awesome feature I think, and then you can select what color you want with the icon and you can even add a circle around
the icon and you can have a separate color for
the circle around the icon That’s just really cool, great feature to
help you get started quickly The Testimonial option which is on the
sales page that I’ve created and the pricing table option Call to Action option, I actually used
on the homepage and here’s the Call to Action Section.
You get to use the WordPress editor to create the text up here and
then you get this great Call to Action button that’s really
big and it’s a great way again to just help you get started quickly and give you the
tools you need to make a great sales page or great sale
site, also the Call to Action section you have the option of even having background to be transparent like it is here or you can actually have a separate box
with a specific color if you want sort of differentiate that from your backgrounds like if you had a image background in that you want this one to stand out from image
background you do have the option of choosing a color for the background
of just this section here. So that’s a nice feature to have.
We got the Subscribe Feature here another really great tool helps you get
started quickly with the subscribe module does is it
lets you create a Email Opt In Form on which you
can use to build your email list either in a Webber or in Mail Chimp, and you can see here
I’ve used it on the squeeze page here, which is a feature that the theme offers
which means that we don’t have the menu bar running across the top here, just got the
admin bar which is only because I’m logged in the background, basically your viewer would just see just the
section here with the background image that I put in and then some copy that I put in this
subscription module getting people to sign up for my email list and you know you can have as much
text here as you wanted or no text at all if you wanted to. And its just nice clean simple form that will go right in to
either your a Weber account or MailChimp account and help you build
your list, so great feature to have build right into
the Divi Theme So we’ve got these Portfolio Modules here
didn’t get a chance to look at these modules in-depth for this review but I’ve got a
review coming up to show you how these modules work and what it’s
like to use the Divi Theme as a Portfolio Website. Got the bar
counter, the Circle Counter and a Number Counter
which was you saw on the Front End of the website that I’ve created. and then the Sidebar Module which you
can use to add a Sidebar to any Section or any part of your
website, really handy feature We got a Divider option, to divide
sections between your website either it gonna be a line or just add extra
spacing between your websites. The Blog, to add a Blog to whichever part of your website that you want. And the Countdown Timer which is another great tool to have if you’re about to
launch a site and you’re looking for a theme that’s gonna give you all the tools to help
you get ready, so let’s look at the page that I’ve made with a Countdown Timer So this is the page that I made with the
Countdown Timer, the Countdown Timer was really easy to use you basically just
put the date and the time that you want to
count down to and it just starts counting down and since its a module, you
could really use this countdown timer for anything, can either use it in a
launch of your website so before you even completed your website get this
one-page up and ready to go or you can use it
for the launch of a product and if you wanna have people sign up for the latest information about the product before
it comes out you can use that subscription module here, it’s just a great tool you
can use again to help you get started and to
help you launcher site and get it ready to go or
launch a product get it ready to go great feature. And that’s it for the
modules So I won’t talk about a couple of
things that I was a little bit less impressed with this Theme, its not
necessarily downfall its just things that I you know something you should be aware
of before you start using this Theme one of them is the way that the theme
handles your logo they can see here that deal logo for the
site that I created that I put up here and you can see on the Divi Website how they have their logo here and it works great for this kind of logo
we’ve got turn a longer logo than it is tall it’s
not too wide if you’re company has a bigger logo you might either redesign it or come up with a variant to use for your
website just because the way that the standard navigation module and the place that
this theme gives you to put your logo. There are a couple
different options for how you can have the menu bar displayed, we’ve got these sort of standard option here, there’s
also there’s also vertical navigation option here,
we get the logo on top and the menu along the side here, not too
crazy about that option just because it keeps the menu here all the time but
some people might find a good use for that and here’s usually the last main option
where that the logo on top and then the menu along the bottom, as you scroll down you could see the logo get smaller, so its just sort of the default functions for adding your menu, now
did find one more way to add a menu for your website if you do have a sort of a different
kind of logo and you want to use it kinda kind of traditional way, so on my blog page here,
what I did is I created this page, I used the blank page template,
so it doesn’t automatically have the menu structure built in and then I
used the Full Width menu bar option to add a menu here, so this is
one way you can sort get around it if you like that sort more traditional
website look where you got know your logo on the side and then some text or some other
information next to your logo and the menu down below One thing you’ll notice though
another part of the theme that I’m not it can work really well but one another
part of the Theme that am not that crazy about is how much space it puts around on each
individual item One of the things that I found difficult
with this theme, was if you wanna you know take a section, let’s go back to
the sales page here, we’ll gonna take this section like this section here and if you wanna have a block here and a block
here in a you know a couple blocks here that
will allow viewer of your website sort of quickly scan across and look for the item that they’re looking for,
there’s no real good way of breaking a section apart like that, sections are
really designed to be used like this, where you get you
know one solid background and each section is focusing on one
theme and then you’re just providing
information on that one theme for your viewers to
look at. I think the Blog Page options also am hopefully that the guys designed
Divi Theme will come up with some better functionality with this, but I wasn’t too
impressed on with the styling of the blog pages, you basically have this style here or on the homepage get this style here we got these boxes
were each blog posts put on a box and kind of scattered around and you know if you make it wider than each in the box sort of fill up all the Full Width Am not too crazy about the stylings of either
one of these, this 1 i feel like makes a lil bit more sense because you can see which where the picture goes in relation
to the blog post because you get these boxes around there but on the standard blog page, it’s a
little bit confusing because actually you see this post here, there’s no divider
between it and this image is actually part of this
post and not part of this top post. So the blog page styling not that big a
fan of I think that this is a great theme for
start-up or somebody who starting their own internet business that offers an
information product or one or two specific services I think
that with a portfolio features this might be a great theme for creatives, like photographers, videographers, art directors, or copy writers. As I
said before haven’t gotten a chance to test that
functionality of this theme, we gonna be doing that very shortly because I really think this could be a powerful
theme for something like that. But basically, this theme is really great for
individuals or businesses that offer a very clear product or service. So the
best things about this theme, are its abilities to help you get
started quickly especially, if you run your own business,
internet business or if you got a small business that just offers one or two services this
is a great theme for that because it has great Page Builder and all the tools that come built right
into the theme So that’s the look at the Divi Theme. So do
you think the Divi Theme is right for you in your project and you’re fired up and
you’re ready to go Now’s the time to get started. You can find my affiliate link in the description below, or if you go to
www.RealWebsiteHints.com/Divi You’ll find my Affiliate link as well as
a link to some tutorials I created on how I put together the test site that
I put together, plus how I made the backgrounds on the site and
the clever tricks I used to pick the color scheme for this
website. Now’s its the great time to get started building your website.