Rob here You’re watching Man Vs. Pin Now, if I had a nickle for every single time that somebody has suggested this weeks pin I would have approximately $42.35 Figure it out. That’s a lot of *bleeping* people. So, suggested by, well, almost everybody Galaxy Slime. Different from the Galaxy Soda Eggs Tights Doughnuts And, of course Apples Pin-O-Meter? Hmm, um…Let’s get it started. Alright, I clicked into the abyss that is Pinterest and got some directions off of Which is where this pin originated I got all of the *Bleep* to help me accomplish it I got some liquid starch Whatever that is Water, cornstarch, borax, ironing aid Ironing aid? That’s not an ingredient..*Bleep* It. I got some clear Elmer’s Glue They still putting horses in this stuff? I got a few different colors of the liquid water colors And some glitter. Or as I like to call it, The Herpes of Craft Supplies. Once you use it, it’s *bleeping* Over. It keeps on coming back. Everywhere. On your face.. Clothes, the floor, on the cat.. So I grabbed a bowl, poured in about half a bottle of clear glue Added a bunch of different colored glitter And a couple squirts of purple liquid water color. Then I just gave it a good stir. Now generally you’re supposed to mix equal parts glue and equal parts liquid starch But everywhere that I read said that was not the way to do it Instead they said you wouldn’t need that much liquid starch and to just slowly add it in And then you’re supposed to, ya know, magically know when it’s ready It was a little hard to measure, but in comparison I added about a quarter of the liquid starch that I was supposed to Right off the bat it started kinda.. Lumping together and..looking like slime Its slimy, its stretchy. I stuck my hand in to test its consistency out a little bit And it’s..a little bit sticky A little…a little stringy.. Um..Hmm. No, no, this is, ah..uh, this is.. This isn’t right. God Damn it. You know, I think I need to add more liquid starch But it’s kind of impossible now to grab the bottle Get. Off. Of. My hand! Holy *Bleep* Alright, let’s try that again. I added half a bottle of clear glue Various Galaxy colored glitter Some purple water color paint Stirred it up, and added a small amount of liquid starch Mixed it up a bit Added a little bit more Mixed and continued to add small amounts of the liquid starch until I thought that I got to the the right consistency But, this one turned out a little too wet And..blob-y My thought is that I now added too much liquid starch Alright, *Bleep* It, I’m just gonna mix this one with the other one Too much liquid starch, not enough liquid starch Boom, throw em together Perfect. *Bleeping* Liquid Starch. Amount I attempted this two more times and with a couple different colors This pink one came out perfect This blue one Close enough. Now they somehow rolled this all together in this really nice Galaxy ring of colors But that ain’t happening over here Definitely not. This just looks like a unicorn took a *bleep* on my table Time to mix it all together and… Yeah. That’s nice. There ya have it. Ladies and Gentlemen I give you the most revolutionary advancement in homemade slime Mother*bleeping* Galaxy Slime. But to know if it really works Well, you need a kid test It’s sooo slimy! The sounds of very happy tiny humans. What the *bleep* is she saying..? I have no idea.. Sounds of NOT so happy tiny humans. Alright, some mixed results there, but, for the most part Pretty good time. Smaller humans may not intellectually have the capability to know that this isn’t a blob monster eating off their arm. So maybe wait a couple years Alright, to end this thing, I just want to give a quick shout out to all of the fans of the Vs. Series. Thanks for sticking around throughout 40+ episodes and for supporting the channel during this really Weird point in time in it’s history Be sure to like up this video, drop some pins in the comments below, and next week It’s *Bleeping* Holiday time.