[what’s] [up], [peeps]? It’s Jennifer, and it has been a hot minute since you guys have seen me [in] This autofocus anyways it has been a hot minute Oo that was really loud It has been a hot minute since you guys have seen me in this room. I’m going back to New [York] soon So the long awaited new york dorm tour is coming. I promise [so] today I’m gonna be showing you guys how to make some diy stickers So I’m actually going to be showing you guys three methods of doing this if you guys [watch] my diy tumblr Room Decor video from a while back then you guys have seen one of these methods Before I just thought I would do a video dedicated To this topic because there are some other ways that you can do it make [sure] to subscribe if you haven’t already any like my videos and also if you want to be notified if you Care about my channel if you want to be notified when I upload videos make sure you Tap the bell just make sure you tap the icon if you want to be notified and without further ado Let’s get started so starting out with the first method You are going to need a printout of your favorite images, or works that you want to be on stickers So I actually made this the only restriction is that it has to be a laser Printer as well as this laser color or black and white both work fine You can also use stuff from a newspaper because I’ve tried that and it does work you’re also going to need some clear Packaging tape if you don’t have packaging tapes you can also use some clear [gotchya] tape so what I’m going to do first is take a strip of my tape and tape it on to one of my designs And I’m going to press it down pretty hard just so that all the ink Transfers, and if you find that your tape isn’t wide enough you can [actually] double layer it so here I’m actually using two pieces of tape so that it’s wide enough You want to make sure that you have like an overlapping space with the tape just so the tape stays together And guys I messed up on like so many times because yikes it worked out in the end And I apologize if the camera goes blurry sometimes, I just got a new camera So I’m still adjusting To it and after that you can just go ahead and cut them out however you like them some of them I cut out right along the edges [of] the picture some of them I cut into rectangles Whatever you want and after that you’re going to put them all into a big bowl [of] water the temperature does not want I was going to say the Temperature [does] not water the temperature doesn’t matter for the water. Just put them in for three to five minutes [I] actually left them for like an hour because I just ate dinner But three to five minutes should be enough just As long as your paper is completely soaked and you can rub it off so basically now what I’m doing is just rubbing off the paper and peeling it up making sure that all the little pieces are gone [so] that You know the stickiness is Retained it should be just as sticky as it was before as long as you get all the little pieces of paper off I’m just going to let those dry by putting the stickers on to the side and putting the sticky side up now I’m taking some wax paper And I’m placing the stickers down on the wax paper and kind of like squeezing out the water from the side just so that it like dries better because I found out that the quickest method and After you’ve done that they’re pretty much good to use as you can see they peel off pretty well And yeah [for] [the] second method. This is also extremely easy for this one. It doesn’t matter What kind of printer you use you can draw stuff you can use color? Printers you can use non color printers like whatever kind of images you want for this one I’m drawing some little cacti because I love [my] [cacti] and I also drew this little like sarcasm Ribbon because I don’t know if you guys know this about me, [but] I’m very sarcastic even though I don’t really show it in my videos. You know okay anyways now I’m just going to cut out my images you can do this again like in a Rectangle or like right around the image like whatever you want now I’m going to take a piece [of] wax paper put down a strip of tape. I said that really hurts anyway anyway I’m going to put down my little image and then put another piece of tape over that and now you’re just going to cut around The image so you want to make sure that you have a bit of room around it [just] so that you can keep the image down and also tape it down at the same time I don’t know if that makes any sense and that is pretty much all you have to do the Hardest part of this is just trying to peel back sticker, but honestly like that’s not even that big of a problem So it’s really easy for this a third and final method you are going to need any kind of images that you want so you Can draw or print? Just make sure you use something that won’t be really affected by water or like glue because that is what we are going to use I decided to draw this yin-yang because I saw this on Google And I thought it was really nice so I just drew it out then I just cut it out with my scissors of course And then I placed a piece of tape down onto my wax paper put my design onto there and then I use some Mod podge to Stick it down onto the tape and then I filled it in with another coat of Mod podge on top so this method is good If you want to cut directly on the edge of the image, and you don’t want any surrounding like clear stuff to show But I also think that this doesn’t work as well, because the glue doesn’t stick to the tape that well But those are all the methods if you do happen to try this out make sure to send me pictures on Twitter or Instagram And make sure you tell me in the photos. I will definitely like them make sure you use the hashtag #JENerationDIY I haven’t brought that up in a long time, but you should definitely use that hashtag So that is pretty much it for this video. I hope you guys enjoyed it if you did make sure you thumbs up I hope you guys have or I hope you guys are having a jolly good today. I will see you guys next time