Hi I’m Donna Wolfe from naztazia.com Today
I’m going to show you how to crochet this very easy Savvy Handbag. You can find this
written pattern, and my interview in the Crochet Savvy magazine found online at crochetsavvy.com
To make the larger handbag, you will need about 260 yards of Super Bulky weight yarn,
an N-9 mm crochet hook. You’ll need two 8 or 9-inch large round purse handles, but if
you can’t find them, there are several items you can use as a substitute, including the
inner rings of sturdy embroidery hoops. If you prefer the smaller bag, just use about
300 yards of worsted weight yarn along with a 5 mm H sized hook. I’d like to thank my
good friend Stacy at Stitchin Stacy’s Crochet for this beautiful crochet hook. And these
Crochet Dude purse handles work wonderful with the smaller handbag. To begin, make a
slipknot. And keep your purse handles ready. Take one of the rings and call it Purse Handle
A, and make 1 single crochet around it. Next, chain 50. If you need help with the basics
of crochet, please see my beginner crochet videos on YouTube. Lay your chain on the table.
Keeping your chain straight and not twisted, make 1 single crochet around the other purse
handle, called Purse Handle B. Lay your work down again just to make sure you haven’t twisted
anything. Pivot your work, and do 1 single crochet in each of the 50 chains. Once completed,
make 1 single crochet around Purse Handle A.
Pivot your work, and do 1 single crochet,
back loops only, in each of the 50 stitches. Continue doing this across the row. Once completed
make 1 single crochet around Purse Handle B. Periodically check your work to ensure the
purse will fold correctly and not twist in the middle. And mine is working out just fine
here. Continue this back and forth until you reach the size you wish for your bag. My large
handbag has a total of 43 rows and that is a good size for the small handbag as well,
but feel free to do whatever you wish. And one more time around the handles here, pivot
your work, and continue on with the 50 crochet stitches. The smaller handbag looks very similar,
and is worked the same way as the larger handbag. Once you’ve made your 43 rows, or more depending
upon your preference, make your last single crochet around the purse handle, and then
cut your yarn. Fold the purse in half, and sew along both sides of the purse. You will
want to leave about 2 inches left unsewn near the top of the handbag so you can easily open
and close the handles. Add a decorative bow or flower as an accessory. Again you can find
the written pattern and my interview on the Crochet Savvy website or as a link on my Naztazia
website. To view this video in other languages, click on the closed caption link on YouTube
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