Welcome to DNSSocial, this video show you how
to verified your domain with google blogspot. Sign-in your DNSSocial account. Select your domain that you want to redirect with your blog Go to your “Host” Tabs and create a new subdomain create new subdomain name that you want Copy your subdomain name and go to your blogspot settings Inside blogspot settings, click “+ Adding a custom domain” Click the “Advance settings”, enter your subdomain address and click button “Save” Ok, Now blogspot notify that you need to CNAME your subdomain to blogspot address. 1st You need to copy the address “ghs.google.com” to create CNAME with your subdomain. Go to your DNSSocial account Click on your subdomain address that you point on google blogspot. Click “Create New” button and Click “CNAME” button to create CNAME records. Paste the address that you copy “ghs.google.com” inside CNAME records and save. Go to your Blogspot Settings again. Copy the subdomain that google generated and add on your new subdomain. Copy the google generated link and CNAME with your subdomain that google generated. So we Done CNAME records with Google blogspot address. Go to your Blogspot settings again. Now we go to verify our subdomain using
TXT records. Click the link above. Select your domain providers : “Others” Copy the Google generated code. Go to your DNSSocial account and click on your domain. Click “Create new” button and Click “TXT” records to insert google Generated code. Paste Google generated code inside TXT records that you copied before and Save Go to Google verification page and Click “Verify” button
to verify that domain is your ownership. Now Google has been verified that domain is your ownership. Click “Continue” link to continue on your blogspot settings Click the “+ Add a custom domain” again
and click “Switch to advance settings” Go to DNSSocial and Copy your subdomain Paste the subdomain that you copied before and save the Blog address settings Now you can try to redirect your blogspot domain using your own domain So, “It’s Worked”. If your domain can redirect to your blog by followed this
tutorials, try to wait TTL finish that you settings on your subdomain. Any difficulties about this tutorials please email to [email protected]
Thanks for watching.