Today’s question comes
from India. Nandita B asks, “Currently,
guest blogging is the favorite activity of webmasters
for link acquisition. Due to its easy nature, lots of
spammy activities are going on like article spinning,
et cetera. Is Google going to hammer
websites for links acquired by guest blogging?” It’s funny, because I did
another video recently about guest blogging. And it was sort of
saying, well, can’t it be an OK activity? I was sort of saying, well, if
you get a really high quality blogger, it can. But this is the flip side, and
I wanted to specifically address it as well. If you are doing so many guests
blogs that you are doing article spinning, and
likewise if you’re allowing so many guest bloggers that they
allow things like spun blogs, where people aren’t really
writing real content of their own, then that is a pretty
bad indicator of quality. And if your website links to
sites that we consider low quality or spammy, that can
affect your site’s reputation. So the short answer is yes,
Google is willing to take action if we see spammy or low
quality blogging, guest blogging, whatever you
want to call it. It’s basically just placing
low quality articles on that site. And so I would be cautious about
using that as a primary link acquisition strategy. And if you have a website where
you’ll just let anybody post, probably the kinds of
links that you get embedded in those articles as a result
might affect your site’s reputation. So do think about that. Don’t just think, of course,
it’s called guest blogging, therefore it must be good. You always, as the site owner or
as the person who’s trying to get links, have to think
about the quality of the links, the quality of the
content, the amount of work that is put into it, and
fundamentally whether users are going to be happy if
they land on that page. If it’s down to the level where
spammy activities are taking place– whether it be
article spinning, or a really low quality syndication,
or whatever– that is the sort of thing where
those results are going to make users happy. And therefore Google is going
to be interested in ways to solve that. So do think about that whenever
you’re thinking about either writing a guest blog post
or having a guest blogger place an article on your site.