No, it was an instant rebuttal to the
nonsense that is serially and systematically put out by the Labour party, and probably from our point of view,
we haven’t been gripping enough soon enough and we think it goes untested too often,
so we’re not going to sit there and be a punchbag for the nonsense that’s out around by the
left and that goes unchallenged. We will be rebutting it and continue to do
so. Whatever the logo should or shouldn’t be,
we’ll also listen to Twitter and take the advice on board, but we make
no apology for nailing the nonsense that Jeremy Corbyn put about and tried
to put about in the debate last night and being very clear about our plans,
which is that we got £34bn investment for the NHS that we want to put in place
but we can’t get on to any of the other things that voters want to hear us talking about
unless we get Brexit delivered. And Jeremy Corbyn, nine times,
refused to answer the question of whether he’s either for or against
leaving the EU. We’re 3 years out from the referendum
and that’s a choice in this election.