hey everyone, it’s viv again, and today I
am feeling generous, so let’s play a game the rules are simple pick the outfit
that matches the theme. I get it wrong I donate to to Australia bushfire relief.
ten dollars for every one I get wrong but wait, I’m very good at this game. I’ve
done several tutorials on games like these or I’ve gotten 100%
accuracy so I’m gonna have someone else play on my behalf my friend that is a
boy, Lei. let’s give him a warm welcome Lei: what’s good? whaaaaat’s good? it’s good to have you back again. are you
ready to do this Lei are you ready to donate my money to charity Lei: we’re donating? donating to me? we’re donating this to to Australia bushfire relief Lei: wait?what? it’s easy
here is the Niki game are you able to control my mouse I’m hands-free right
now here you’re moving can you can you Lei: this isn’t nox player. this is LDplayer control yeah very good
all right so it’s easy just pick the left or right the suit that you think
matches the theme. everyone you get wrong I will donate my own money Lei: wait, what if i get everything right? you’re not gonna donate anything? I don’t think
you’re gonna get everything right Lei: do not underestimate me you’ve never played this game before I don’t
think Lei: Yes i have. this isn’t my first rodeo okay okay all right the theme is Niki by pool. *excited REEEEE* okay actually
let me put out the dollar amount that i will donate so so far $0. Wow
okay next theme keep clicking click yeah very good. let’s just skip that. just
skip that. just. good. skip. just quickly quickly. we’re on the timer. Nikki at Ball. *excited reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee* Lei: this is a joke you’re actually good at this game
No way. okay you won’t know this one Lei: what in tarnation? Nikki in winter. what?????? well I’m not donating anything so far. just keep going. okay you
won’t know this one. this was a hard one, i think. Lei: i got it. but if it remains zero at the end of the video, you donate the money to me>:) Lei: for my relief fund Lei: sporty Nikki. OMG!!!!! wow, you’re actually good at this. OL NIKKI! you don’t even know what OL means. Lei: What the heck is OL? I know what OL is but I’m
not gonna tell you oh wait. that means i need to donate money. oh man. all right, so far $10. sorry, Lei, you don’t get anything LOLOLOLOLOLOL wait hold on. let me update the cost unfortunate. alright next. sporting Nikki. Lei:we’re back bois, we are back! Nikki at ball. this is a hard one dude youre making me broke. let me update this Lei: that was a tough one I feel like it’s really easy Lei: yeah these guys are new you don’t even know what OL is. Lei: GODDAMMIT wait, you didn’t learn from the previous one? Lei: i can’t tell there is a pattern in these. yeah there
is a pattern and I was able to figure out the pattern of this when I was
playing in a Chinese server when like I didn’t understand anything. so let’s see
if we are able to figure out the patterns. nikki at ball. Lei: that was a close one. Lei: thought it might troll me with the afro. Nikki in winter, oh yeah that one was a
easy one, no way you’re gonna wear like a dress like that at the wintertime, Nikki
by pool. ok. this one’s pretty obvious too. wow you’re good at this! okay, Nikki at ball, you won’t know this one this was hard. let’s see. Lei: I’m imagining a monkey clapping those two discs the monkey clapping
the cymbals? that’s on your head right now? unfortunately. unfortunate. holy
moly. I’m donating $50! you’re making me broke! Lei: that’s a ….. that’s an andrew jackson! WHO? no, no, it’s not andrew jackson on the $50 bill… Ulysses Grant. yeah, these are u.s.
currencies, by the way, we’re talking about. oh! very good, Lei, sporty Nikki. no!
we have plenty of chances left. keep going
sporting Nikki this is hard too. Lei: wait, this one is so close .. i know… unfortunate that one was so close. (Lei: this game is stupid). $60 so far. keep going Lei you’re making me broke! i thought u would do better.
oh, not bad have you figured out what OL is? (Lei: hell no) okay, ah I feel like Nikki by Pool is the easiest for you. yeah. Nikki at ball? ah
very good. (Lei: whats that? three in a row?) sporty nikki. very good, lei. wow I’m impressed. Nikki by the pool Oh guys. Lee does not play this game! you
don’t notice it I’m impressed by how you’re doing so far.
oh yeah, that’s 70 bucks. you get all the OL Nikkis wrong, lei. (Lei: I got one right) I guess but I think the issue is you don’t know what OL means. oh my goodness. wow we’re at 80
bucks I’m broke Lei. what are you doing to my
bank account (Lei: just donate it to me) no that’s not gonna happen. sporting Nikki. oh yeah there’s like a sport bag there that one’s really
obvious. OL Nikki. oHHHHHHH u got it correct! Lei: 50 / 50 chance do you let me tell you what OL is?
(Lei: o, we’re done) do you want to keep going keep spending my money Lei: no, game sux. Lei:downvote it on the appstore Wow R00d! (lei: im gonna review bomb u) Thank You Lei for doing this for me you made me deplete eighty dollars (Lei: gimme a cut).
no you’re not getting a cut Lei: it’ll hurt less if you just gimme a cut this is going to charity Lei. (Lei: CHARITY?) yeah Lei: i’m a charity:) no. you’re not a charity. all right,
Lee. thank you so much for joining I really really appreciate it. (Lei:okay just
get rid of me all right) bye-bye. bye lei. thanks for
joining Lei: *moans* thank goodness he’s gone. guys I want to
take this moment to give a shout out to my fans watching from Australia. they’re
battling devastating fires which literally looks like hell on earth. I’m
from California which had the wildfire crisis in 2018 but the California fires
actually pales in comparison to what Australia is going through. as of today
18 million acres have been burned thousands of people displaced and
billions of animals have lost their lives. I’m going to donate the money Lei
made me lose today which is the 80 bucks I found a picture here on Twitter with
links where you can donate and I am going to donate to this charity right
here. so here I am at the official WWF web site where I am going to adopt a
Koala. this is something that I’ve always wanted to do because I love animals and
it breaks my heart that so many koalas and kangaroos and other Australian
wildlife are killed from this tragedy. oh my goodness. please note koala adoption kits are on backorder they will not be made until late January everyone was to save
the koalas now because of Australia so what do we have here? $55 adoption kits.
$55 virtual adoption kits. $100 adoption kit and $25 of the option kid I loved how
they include like the certificate of adoption. so looking back on this
screen, lei made me lose $80. you know what? let’s just up this amount to $100
because it looks like the Koala adoption website doesn’t have a $80 option
let’s do $20 more let’s up it to $100 instead yay so I’m gonna get this one
I’m gonna top a koala for a hundred bucks
Add to Cart all right all set Thank You Vivian you will receive an email in
knowledgement of this donation and it’s says donor
which is my name right here and I donated $100 and I adopted a koala. so worth it. WWF is a super reputable organization known for protecting
wildlife for more than 50 years it says the world’s leading conservation
organization WWF works in 100 countries and is supported by more than 1 million
members in the United States and close to 5 million globally. guys I want to
encourage those who can’t help to please donate to any one of the links here even
a dollar is very helpful. no pressure you can’t donate. sharing this video to
spread awareness would mean everything since I’m gonna donate all money earned
from this video to help with the Australian bushfires. I want to encourage
Elex to get players involved with Australia too. maybe create a koala or a
kangaroo pet where we can buy and have the proceeds go to charity? I know I
would definitely support. let me know in the comments below if that’s something
that you would like to support as well alright that is all thank you so much
for watching. SUBSCRIBE or i will delete your Love Nikki account. i’ll see u again next time bye bye