all right guys hi I am super incredibly excited to be filming this video for you because I came up with a magical magical huge list of gift ideas for Christmas work for the holiday season for Christmas for New Year’s wherever you’re celebrating Hanukkah perhaps this list is perfect for absolutely any teenager for anybody who’s into sort of social media or a tumblr style Instagram I think this list is a bomb and I would love to receive any of these even though some of it I have I’m sorry breathe Kate I’m just so excited that was like running to film this video for you guys so I’ve been researching I’ve been thinking whatever I cannot find I will just give you a list in my description box whatever I can’t find I will provide a link for you if you have any other bump ideas please write them down below in comments so that we could all use them okay alright let’s jump into the list the first one is a unicorn head who is not in love with unicorns unicorn let me grab it real quick for you guys I have it I’m sure that anybody would love to receive this because this is as cute as it only gets can you imagine drinking coffee in the morning out of unicorn Cup like heck you’re gonna have a happy day right there sunglasses not regular sunglasses Instagram famous sunglasses by white fox and I believe they’re pronounced as key sunglasses the only downside to them they are not polarized I broke them unfortunately everywhere I went wearing those sunglasses I got compliments they make your pictures stand out they make your outfit stand out those are absolute glamorous beautiful sunglasses and if you give this to your friend to your mom anybody they will be super excited and become super famous in their small circles neon lights it’s been pretty popular these couple last years we can get different cones different shapes dream big or hots life personally have a classifier there’s so many different signs and you will find your perfect one trust me mermaids they exist but mermaid tailed blankets do exist and they’re absolutely magical and amazing can actually get your tail but stay in bed cozy and worms so this is an amazing idea I’m sure like even grandma would from a blue love this the next one I recently found on the Instagram a picture I was like oh my god this is awesome huge huge neat blankets girls knit them with their hands and the blankets are awesome it’s definitely a staple this is not a wish list by the way guys so don’t like take it as like oh you guys I’m gonna show you the list of what I want no this is specifically for you for your ideas I still miss glam you have probably heard about this girl she created this absolutely amazing gorgeous glamorous set of brushes she just recently came out with even more brushes so you will definitely find your set it is a little bit on the pricier side but she has smaller sets and you can definitely find something perfect they’re high quality you can trust these brushes if you give it to somebody or buy it for yourself for Christmas turntable turntable has been popular for quite a while now very tumblr very picture worthy thing kind of old-fashioned and that’s what in style right now if you get a turntable that would be probably a good idea to get also a vinyl record I own only one vinyl record in IMF’s ellipses with it just makes me feel so casual so cozy so worm white marble laptop or iPhone case I’m sure anybody would appreciate this this is very popular right now and it looks very beautiful on pictures why I say a lot that it looks very beautiful in pictures because this video is a tumblr Instagram picture worriedly kind of popular trendy things that I’ve seen online in people are raving about and of course while we are on marble actually I recently came across a marble sponge a Beauty Blender kind of it’s by Real Techniques and it’s absolutely dope it’s so awesome I’m pretty sure would be awesome to put makeup on but the marble just have it on your vanity out does not love lush you can give any lush product in the person will be happy back bumps especially bath oils are so freakin awesome they smell absolutely amazing coffee scrubs I’ve seen so many different coffee scrubs on Instagram a lot of girls want to try this so I think it’ll be very nice surprised for any girl who knows about existence of a coffee scrub white Adidas shoes or any adidas clothing piece it is very popular right now any little thing but I did it would work actually Hunter boots Hunter boots will always be in style and especially if we’re talking about rainy States Hunter boots are awesome and they’re very noticeable they are very catchy they’re very stylish and popular right now and they’re a little bit on the pricier side but that’s Christmas and the last thing would be a drone and if you cannot afford big real drone I cannot afford this obviously you can go and buy smaller Jones even Walmart or some other stores like that they have small drones you can still put a card in it in the record some kind of footage it’s pretty decent quality so if somebody you know loves to play with filming and just recording and flying those little things drone is a great idea it’s very cheap it’s like thirty dollars those small drones they still work they’re still awesome it’ll be a very good gift here we go we’re all done with the list if you found this list useful if you got some very nice ideas please give this video thumbs up and share this with your friends and comment below any other ideas you guys may have if I get some more ideas that will keep adding these things to the list in my description box so keep checking and also what else what else what else I think this is all I wanted to say I need to run now you guys have a great Christmas team motive in the world over things Union so have a wonderful thing giving a love y’all thank you so much for watching and I will see you in my next video bye everyone