so here’s a little glimpse of my mind and the craziness that goes on in there it’s not a place you really want to be at so whether it is by cf old age in your bed surrounded by people that love you or by zombie apocalypse we’re all going to die so now that that’s out of the way how do we actually deal with death how do we confront it and how do we not let it control us well as a sick kid who’s personally deal with death my entire life here are some tips for how to properly kick the bucket or properly think about probably how do you cuz you know I’m not giving you tips on how to die so here are some tips on how to deal with our impending death [Music] my first tip and I honestly think this is the most important of them all is to think about it don’t let it be this really far-off scary thing that may or may not happen we can’t discuss that we shouldn’t talk about with other people it’s happening it’s gonna happen we’re all going to die and thinking about it is actually the best way to cope with it and the best way to not let it control you because when you think about it when you actually really spend time like I suggest actually mentally walk through your own death I mean as insane as that is just not necessarily the circumstances not where or how or when or any of that but just the feeling of actually realizing that you are going to die right now and then go through that in your head and the more you do it the more you think about it the more you realize oh I really am going to be gone one day the less it scares you and the more comfortable you become at the topic and then when you’re comfortable with the topic other people will become comfortable with the topic and then we’ll stop being such losers afraid of something completely normal [Music] so I like to talk about something called the bucket list misconception which it’s this idea that if you know you are gonna die you have this urge to like go out and conquer the world and like go bungee jump and you know skydive and swim eels and you know I mean the truth of the matter is when you realize that you’re gonna die the biggest thing at least for me and a lot of other people that I’ve talked to the biggest thing is you just want to live life slowly you just want to enjoy it so my lesson here is don’t let death make decisions for you the point shouldn’t be to try and just cram everything out before we die because then what we’re creating is it worth creating we shouldn’t really be doing things in our life just because we may die soon because we’re all going to possibly die soon so if we live our life making decisions and choices based off of that then the things we’re making aren’t quite worth making I feel like the stuff worth doing in your life is the stuff that you’re called to do because you feel like the world needs it not because you just want to cram it out before you die [Music] oh yeah another one that I think is really fun is to plan your funeral now please don’t go running for the hills you don’t want your funeral to be this some you know weird thing that like your your gross on Mildred plans for you you want it to be something that you plan and you create and you have a say in the matter also it helps you realize that life is still going to go on after your dad I mean these people that you love the people in your life are still going to be there and they’re still going to mourn you and so to kind of I feel like actually what’s really fun is to involve your family in it I did this when I was around 14 me and my mom sat down and we were like okay if you really do die what do you want you know and my thing was I said I wanna you know okay so I want to be spurned and then split up into three different piles and one of those piles goes into these little jars and I want to give the jars to different family members and they’re gonna it’s gonna have a place on the world on each jar and they have to travel to that place and go and dump it and so then it’s forcing them to actually travel and then some plant it in a tree and then some put it into paint and then that paint used to paint some cool picture like come up with interesting cool things that you want done if you want to be buried come on like a funny eulogy that you write yourself and you have someone read you know like plan really cool funky music cool colors have it in weird places like have a funeral in a public place or something with like if you just have like I thought this is interesting I mean they wanted to have their funeral done like a flash mob when flash mobs are still like a really big thing like I have a flash mob for your funeral do something interesting do something to celebrate your life and then and not just mourn it another part of the planning out your funeral is try planning out your last words this is actually really cool you can get of you can go around and like just ask people in your life like if you okay like it what would be the most epic like last words for you to say and then write those down and have like a little book of like possible last words for you to say um just make sure that when you’re actually dying you’ve really got to remember this I used to always do that when we go when you go into surgery and they put you down under anesthesia there’s kind of a moment of panic where you realize you could easily die on the operating table and this could be it and you’re go ahead they’re medically induced in you under and so I used to always think of what would I say what would be my last words restaurant and I still don’t figured it out it’s also interesting to read other people’s last words you know see like what other people leave the world with of them you know and some of them are hilarious absolutely knows that’s there’s actually like a whole website of it too if you just feel like you know if you’re bored on to Sunday reading people’s last words um and then you know maybe one day your last words will be up there with famous last words something to think about something to be excited about for your death this is my notebook by the way guys this is where I have all of my like cool video planning stuff like ooh obviously so fancy alright how did I do