[audience cheering] [tapping] [clearing throat] – As you all know
at 4:35 this morning, we had a substantial earthquake
affecting the entire county. [overlapping questions] Unfortunately our
county spokesperson is trapped in an elevator, but here to answer a few
questions is his assistant, Tim. [audience laughter] – No, I’m just here
for the mics. – Come on man,
you got this. – No, I– I don’t know. [audience laughter] – You got this. – Okay. [sighs fearfully] [audience laughter] My name is Timothy Brown. [microphone feedback] T-I-M-O-T-H-Y. And then Brown. B-R-O-W-N. As you all know, this morning
there was a large earthquake. – We already know that. – Okay, thank you so much. [protesting] – Okay, I hear
in these situations it’s good to start
with a joke. – A joke? – Knock, knock. You’re supposed to say,
“Who’s there?” – Who’s there? – Okay, wasn’t that fun? [protesting] Yes, yes. – Do you know when the power
will come back on? – Okay, well there’s a short
answer and a long answer. – What’s the short answer? – No. – Well, what’s the long answer? – [slowly] Nooooooo. [overlapping questions] – Hey, okay. Austin: Thank you. The power’s been out
for over ten hours now, what would you say to someone
who is in the hospital hooked up to a machine
like a respirator that’s keeping them alive? – I would tell them
what I told my mother. Shallow breaths. Jessica: Have any– Have any
of the public buildings been affected
by the quake, sir? – Okay yes, I actually
know this one. Uh, all buildings have
been built to code and have been reinforced with
concrete and high-grade steel. Except for the
nuclear power plant. Austin: I’m sorry, what? – Wait, what’s happening
with the power plant? – Uh, I don’t– I don’t– Garet: Can you honestly
look us in the eyes and tell us we are
not in danger? [audience laughter] – Yes. – Well then do it, sir. [protesting] – Okay, okay everyone calm down. Everyone calm down. [protesting] [yelling] Calm down! If there was a radiation leak then you would hear
a loud alarm go off– [alarm sounds] Just like that one. [overlapping questions] Okay, seen a lot of movies, uh, people were affected
by the radiation you see a lot of mutants
running around. [crashing] [screaming] There they are. Knock, knock? [audience applause] Thank you for watching Studio C. If you like this, then go to
byutv.org or get the BYUtv app and be sure to like, share,
subscribe and comment with your
favorite knock knock joke. I can tell you some of mine. Not now though.