Well hello everybody! Welcome to Geoff’s
Baking Blog. Today I’m going to make some lemon cookies, easy lemon cookies I’m
going to call these, or lemon biscuits. They’re not the chewy type they’re going
to be sort of slightly crunchy, a little bit soft inside but slightly crunchy. Very simple to make and with very few ingredients. But it does take a bit of
time because I need to chill the pastry, for about an hour and a half after I’ve
rolled it out between some parchment paper. So what I have ready is some
parchment paper which I’ve cut to the size of my baking sheet, so that having
rolled the pastry out between the parchment paper I can then use that
later on the baking sheet as well. So for the ingredients I have 227 grams, which is 16 tablespoons or two sticks of unsalted
butter. I have 200 grams which is one cup of plain sugar. I have 350 grams, which is about two and a half cups of plain flour. One medium egg, which would be large in the USA. a quarter of a teaspoon of baking powder,
and a quarter of a teaspoon of baking soda . 1/2 a teaspoon of salt. The zest
from one lemon. A teaspoon of lemon juice and into that, just to give an extra
lemon kick without making the pastry dough too wet, I’ve added a quarter of a
teaspoon of lemon extract . Now if you don’t have lemon extract you could use a little bit more lemon juice or a little bit, no, the zest from 2 lemons
perhaps. I’m going to do this all in my food processor . So the first thing I’m
going to do is to put my sugar into the food processor. And then I’m going to put
my chilled butter in as well. And I’m going to pulse and blitz that
until it sort of comes together into a clump. I may have to scrape the bowl, the inside of the bowl, down as I do that. So as you can see that has clumped
together. So I’m just going to knock that over. And with that like that I’m going
to add the remaining ingredients. So I’m going to put my baking powder and baking soda and salt into the flour , And then I’m actually going to drop the lemon
zest in as well, and I’m going to mix those around. I just want to get it spread a little bit. So the first thing I’m going to do is to
add my egg in and my lemon zest and lemon extract. And I’m going to give that
a bit of a pulse. and that’s become incorporated. But I’m going to just lift
that a little bit from the from the bottom. And then I’m going to add the
flour, and I’m going to pulses that until it begins to clump, but it hasn’t completely formed into a big ball. That’s beginning to come together now, so I’m going to turn that out onto my work surface. Being careful not to cut myself
with the blade. A nd some of the butter went inside the
chute of my blade so I’m actually going to ,as I pull the dough together I’m
going to knead it ,just to make sure that gets incorporated. What I’m going to do is I’m going to divide this into two pieces. They don’t have
to be equal pieces . And I’ll take one and put it to one side for a minute. and then I’m going to take the sheets of parchment paper, and I’m going to put the dough on to there and press it down. And then I’m going to put some more
parchment paper on the top. And I want to roll that out until it’s a thickness of about an 1/8 of an inch. And that’s about 1/8 of an inch So that’s good enough. And I need to do the same with the second piece of dough as well. and then I’m going to put both of them onto a baking tray, the same baking tray,
just stack them on top of each other. and I’m going to put them in the fridge and chill them for at least an hour and a half. And as the pastry resting time
comes to end I’m going to preheat my oven to 150 Celsius that’s 300 Farenheit, and that will then be ready to take the baking trays with the cutout
cookies once we’ve cut them out. The pastry has chilled for at least an hour and a half, and my oven has been preheated to 150 Celsius 300 Farenheit. And I’ve taken the pastry out of the fridge. And what I’m going to do is
I’m going to peel off the parchment paper. Then I’m going to put it back on again and turn it over and peel off the other side. Now that parchment paper
can be used to line a baking tray for cookies so that that’s fine. And what I’m going to do is take some cookie cutters, you can use whatever
shapes you want, and just cut out some shapes and place them onto a baking tray, leaving a gap between them. So I have two baking trays, and I have some more cut out and I’m going to re-roll the rest of
the pastry. And what I’m going to do is to take some sugar, granulated sugar this
is, and I’m going to sprinkle it on the top like that. Of just a few. And the others. you could make some lemon
icing and drizzle that over the top if you want, It’s up to you what you want
to do with them. But I’m just going to bake them off. So I will bake those off for 16 or 17
minutes. I’ll keep an eye on them I just want them to start to change color, but I
don’t want them to go too dark or brown. Then I take them out of the oven, let
them cool down, and I’ll come back and show you the results. I baked our easy lemon cookies for 16 minutes, and then I took them out of the
oven and allowed them to cool down. And this is what they look like. So these
ones at the front are the ones that have the sugar, the granulated sugar, on them. And if I hold that correctly you’ll be able to see that. And then I have the plain ones which you
could easily, if you wanted to, just mix some icing sugar with a little bit of
lemon juice until it’s of a fairly thick but running consistency and you can
drizzle some of those over the top, if you wanted to. Some of THAT over the top,
should I say, if you wanted to and let it set. So I’ll have a taste of one. So they have that lovely crunch to them, they’re a very light biscuit and they have a nice lemon flavor not overpowering,
because we didn’t put much lemon in but that lemon flavor does come through. so I think these are quite successful and they’re very easy to make. Well that’s going to be it for this recipe and I hope you’ve enjoyed it. If you have
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