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this is Glenn Beck with another video in today
I have some coins from Ecuador these ones are the current coins they were
issued since 2000 as you can see has the date 2000 and they circulate along the
US dollar coins so in 2000 the Ecuadorian Sucre which was their
currency which was named after Antonio Sudheer Sucre he was a independence
later for the southern American continent and he yeah yeah and the
currency is named after him so because of hyperinflation it started
to take off in the 90s they actually dropped their own currency the Sucre and
introduced the US dollar so currently they just use US dollar banknotes
they use their coins and then use their own coins which I have here and I was
revalued at 25,000 circulated to one US dollar so the highest banknote I believe
was a 50,000 Sucre that I can remember which is that two US Dollars and the
highest cloners one fastened sucre which was would have been for us since at the
time so they introduced this to stabilize the currency in the economy
and they’ve used these ever since but they don’t issue their coins every year
so here I have a one centavos what’s in tubble it’s not plural on that and you
have a look here you say centavo coin so the singular centavo the rule centavos
like English you know I believe that’s where English got the applause from cuz
I Germany it was totally different so this one’s a 1981 propagate that Ecuador
and this one well it’s obviously no longer in circulation
but it’s just a say that it’s up denomination of these currencies and
toggles in it it’s actually legally coke was still called the Sucre
so all of the designs are like this do once in tar ball comes in two forms
so theories mm and supposedly 2003 and 2004 mating brass so this one is brass
cuz you mm in this mm of free copper plated steel and Mexico is supposed to
have minted all these coins so on the other side we have a map of the world
so that’s focus up so we have a map of the world Ecuador is on this side so
around here Zeca door and here’s the equator so it
was named after equator and you quite a pass a strike from Ecuador here’s the
Tropic of Capricorn I think and the Tropic cancer so these marks you know
the southern end of the center of the Sun actually focuses on the northern end
so when when it’s summer then self this is the high point of the Sun when a
summer up north this is a hot one and that’s where you get winter and summer
solstice and then below it has lose the America which means so if you put all
together Republic of Ecuador light of America then that have to do with the
equator so there is a nice coin not bad looks like Jim issued I could have put
the upper continents on it as well but our don’t worry about then there is my
mintage figures phrase which is not surprising because a lot of modern coins
diner mintage figures a lot of ancient coins died mintage figures are for
old Austrian and Hungarian coins generally conform meet each figures up
into the 1500s no from the fifteen hundreds to currently so here we have a
Banco central the city 5 centavos and the rest of these coins are in stainless
steel so this on the reverse or obverse side
she says you won you won one terrible was that he won J is a h-11 battle and
one thing I don’t like about this coin it has a small coat of arms maybe they
could have put that as a background with the image on top hmm no well I’ll let
you make a decision on what you think should have happened there are echinacea
to change it looks looks too much like Indonesia copy this design in there yeah
making me head next to the coat of arms so this guy was a war for at least this
and because these works he was a exiled by the conservative governments all the
time and he died in France poor bastard so he actually was born in 1832 and died
in 1889 and he’s he’s on this coin because he’s a one because it wanted to
actually improve the port of Ecuador so on the 10th centavos
we’ve have you genome and spay or how can we focus
so yep there you go and he was a missed it’s also his combination of probably
European in 1915 it was a medical practitioner there’s a writer and a lawyer any you’ve
wrote a lot about hygiene standards in Ecuador in that they’re all the
microorganisms played in infections and diseases as well and you actually tried
to improved a lot of ER miss did sort of people in Ecuador to to
what degree I’m not too sure he improved it as you can see he has a bow tie and
high colors which is a pretty common fashion back in those days so and
they’re stars on the bottom this does changed no as you can see this one’s
readed this one is playing they pretty much follow the standards of US coins
then we have Dean 25 centavos Oh a caveat he files and titles is issued in
2000 2003 the 10 25 and 50 I need two thousand so I’m not too sure how many we
minted as I said before or if because it’s been 18 years since I minted a lot
of these we had a lot of them I’ve just been replaced by US coins so 25 centavos
and on this side yeah you’re say you’re on clean the ohmmeter and it was the
first person of Ecuador from in from March 6 to December 8th 1945 use two
times load may have quite a clear that’s where he actually comes from and as I
cry I’m not too sure how accurate or even if it’s from he misses he who does
not hype to win has already lost which is pretty good because if you do
something in fact the hyper winning ways then you got lost anyway so it’s not a
good thing and then we have the 50 centavos oops sorry
50 centavos is the same source the US dollar and
supposedly actually circulates in Ecuador and like the u.s. 50 cent
sweetheart doesn’t actually circulate and it’s moot again this one has alloy
Faro it was a two times president he was born in 1840 to endure the 1912 so he
was president from 1895 to 1901 then he staged the coup and deposed Gus
this outdoor Garcia he was then elected president in 1906
and he was ousted from president seen 1911 in because of his pretty much any
Catholic focus the Catholic soldiers or some of them actually killed him and
then I burned his body and whatever his was his remains was taken back to we
were was born you’re not buried so say it into this
guy just wanted the bitter is country but any and he turned into a so like at
this pot dictator himself well but a lot of self American countries actually
celebrate dictators like Paraguay we’ve had I think Lopez so as you can see if
we put it against the US coins pretty much a same so this is two and a half
grams so Beaufort these coins at two and a half grams
I bet the copper plated still on was 2.35 so it’ll be smaller no no been to
magnetic as well then we have the five cent coin so the Ecuadorian is up four
point nine five grams and this one is five grams which is uh pretty much the
same so as you can see same size and the ten cent is should just keep focus as you can see
with the us thing it’s a being corroded so the copper is actually turned black
it’s pretty much similar thickness the ecuadorian coin is 2.3 grams and this is
two point two seven or she’ll be so it’s really not much difference but i need
the designs they should distinguish building your in ecuador you won’t worry
about that okay thickness is the same and also milling this one is 2.8 in this
one is 2.6 seven grams so diameter is also pretty much the same and then we
have the 50 centavos which is bit thicker than the u.s. coin this one is
eleven point two five and this one is eleven point three four part because a
nickel has a greater density a lot more copper and stainless steel is just
pretty much copper and carbon so just base carbon is actually very not as
dense so that that will make up for the lightness of the coin so not a bad coin
which one do you like better of course the american one is better so
your from ecuador annual watching you so like to know you found how common these
coins are actually yeah because i am not too sure never been a good all probably
won’t go and also it was a one circa domain for sets it’s a nickel clad steel
which is different than these ones but pretty much the same size as a this coin
here 50 centavos so if they actually issued in circulation people use its
interest as it once okay and had Antonio das ad so Claire who’s been on
Ecuadorian coin since well since this was issued over in the 1880s
so that’s who it is denomination is actually named after this one is 964 but
I make a video on these coins later and that is my conclusion to this video so I
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