good the fx fighter prototype of the kai company
that there seems to be taking a lot flight or in a way is being done
as reality according to what came out posted on the page
janas dot com is expected to Korea the known industry KAI complete the
CONSTRUCTION of the first prototype of the KF-X COMBAT AIRCRAFT first test flight for the year 20021
one year later according to the statement information that
unveiled on September 26 2019 by the acquisition group of
defense known as dapa said that the design of the aircraft was critical and
he completed his first project kf-x bar and fx what does korea mean experimental flight from indonesia
experimental although the phase of construction would be in quite
advanced the prototype the development of airplane is single engine seat
Multipurpose began in January 2016 and the preliminary design the kfx is going to
end in June 2018 the first prototype production work
started in February 2018 in the key company that had announced in its
moment that would convince to perform or manufacture a fifth generation fighter
as janes reported in due moment the development of the kfx foresees the
production of six prototypes in a row four-year trial at the end of
development nothing less than measure to mid 2026
the serial production of the aircraft is carried out during 2026 to 2032
with 120 initial units destined to replace the old fleet of aircraft
especially f 4 phantom efe 5 ethics tigers second of the force
Republic of Korea aerial is expected that the total production exceeds 350
units including a fee for exports
indonesia are currently negotiating program participation though
yakarta remains committed to meet your payment obligations set forth in
virtue of financing the year 2015 according to the original agreement that is now
subject to negotiations with indonesia promised to pay 20 percent
of the total development cost that estimated at around 8 billion
dollars the south korea government would pay 60 percent of the program
development to the main contractor that is
covering 20% ​​interesting because you I say this because the friend magazine hand
it’s last year I had published that yes this project was done and one of the
interested or at least the company falls would be nothing less than chile let’s
see what happens we are talking about many more years 2025 to 2032
we could just talk about that aircraft could be sold commercially
it looks a lot like the american f-35 but it’s a rather ambitious red project
remember that falls has made a plane amazing as is the fas 50 inside the
light attack plane that has had quite commercial interest at the level
global therefore it would not be weird that what that kind of house becomes a
global sale house today it is called kfx house but in its
moment could have another type of name