Hi, this is Helen. I’m going to show you how to embed a video into a Weebly page. So I start here. I have already got the Weebly page open I’m in editing mode and I’m going to insert a video onto this page for
flipped classrooms. So what I do is I go to the sidebar with the elements for the
Weebly page and i click where it says embed and I drag that and I drop it where I
want onto the Weebly page where I would like to embed the video and let go. It says click to set custom HTML so I click on that and I click on the Edit custom
html. Now I need to find the custom html or the embed code so I’m going to use a
video that I have uploaded into my Google Drive, alright and so I go to the
video and I click to open it and it’ll start playing, but I’ll stop it there. Then what I want to do is to go to the top right hand corner all and click on the icon that says
pop-out so when I click on that it opens the video in a full-page here. Now I go up to these three dots which say more actions and that click on it and select embed item it
provides me with the embed code which I must copy, right, say ok now I come back to my weekly to edit
the custom html and I paste the embed code into the box there. As soon as I click
off that it embeds the video so that is how to embed a video that I have on my
Google Drive I can also embed a video from YouTube so this is a video from YouTube. So click off there – I go to the embed code I drag that and drop it where I
want to put it here. It says click to set the custom html so I do that again now I go
to YouTube to the video and where it says share I click on Share and
embed there is the embed code once again I copy that come back to here edit my custom html paste that, click off here, there is the youTube. This video is from
my Google Drive and this is from YouTube I click Publish and when it’s
published I go to this page and let’s refresh that and sure enough there is
the video that I embedded from my Google Drive and there is the video that I
embedded from YouTube