In an earlier video we showed you how you embed a Vanilla Community in your WordPress install today I’d like to talk about embedding a
your community into your website One of the first things I want to mention is that in embed is not really the best
way to go about things if you can put in Vanilla Forums on a sub-domain you can domain masking our domain name that’s probably the best way to go, but I know in some cases your stuck and you have no other choice but to embed your
community so we’re gonna show you how to do that
and it’s really simple to do The first step that you need
to do is go to the fourm menu in your Vanilla Forums dashboard and you can get to that by going to the “forum” menu item in your Vanilla Forums dashboard here and select “embed forum” which will take you to this page now obviously if you’re using Word Press
it so much easier process but because we’re not using WordPress today we will go to where it’s marked “universal code”. one of the things I need to mention
before we start is to make sure that you enable embedding so we can see that is
currently the case and if not you want to enable embedding. Next as you look here there is some JavaScript that you’re going to need you have to cut and paste this to put
this on the website that you want to embed it on. Please be aware if you’re going to do the embed is to
make sure that you have access to add JavaScript so in this case, will use an example of
concrete5 as website builder This is Concrete5 and we
have a block that is empty and what we’re gonna do is we’re going
to do is edit the block and this is very typical of many website builders A box will opens up now. This is an HTML box and a lot of the platoforms you deal with or website builders will have this
option here makes you have access to you code itself and that’s what you wanna do
so when you click this button in words for pasting the code now. This
will apply to any embed you might run into, even if you are using WordPress, use the text view and/or any website that you are embedding you need to make sure that you’re
embedding the code and not straight into the HTML so once we click save we can see the logo, but concrete5 protects you until you publish. Every system will be different the point a matter is it’s installed. We click Publish once the
information gets sent to the server, it’s thinking and
there you go! This is our community embedded in a
concrete5 website it’s fully functional of course depending on what site you are using or
what software, you are using you might want to change your theme so we do have in embed friendly theme that we offer which can get here under themes as you can see here it’s an option makes it much easier for embedding your
community one thing to note heading back to be in
embed forum section is there are some various
settings that you might want to look at one of them is for example at a trusted
domain so that only that domain is allowed to embed
elements from your community. The other thing is the url where your communities in embedded. In this case it’s already filled in by the system And finally there are some other options you can decide on as well. One final point about embedding, it’s not the recommended way that we suggest people use Vanilla, we really would rather you have a link
on your website and go to a customized community with your look and feel of your community as opposed to embedding it directly on
the website. It’s also much better for SEO not to embed, but we know sometimes there are limitations with your design and your ecosystem that you have to
embed so there you go for embedding your Vanilla Community. if you are hosted Vanilla customer and you require support you may contact us at if you’d like to know about future videos make sure you subscribe finally if you are yet a Vanilla Froums customer, try us out for free for 30 days at thank you