Come with me, brothers and sisters,
and let us encounter encounter a love beyond what anyone else can
give encounter a friend more loyal than you could
imagine encounter a trust more dependable than perfection
a comfort sweeter than the warmest embrace a Savior more sacrificial than the death he
died, the life he lived
encounter a peace more tranquil than the untouched waters a light brighter than a million suns a joy greater than the laughter of the entire
world encounter a good that will take that world
and heal its deepest wounds encounter a life, a life that is lived far
more than others worth far more than your own
and promises far more than you ever wanted encounter a death, a death to everything that
once pulled you down so that you may be brought back up
by the hand of a loving Father and brought into a new encounter
encounter a cross, a cross stained with the blood of the lamb
spelling out your name and mine as the Son cries, separated from the Father
encounter a stone, a stone that rolled away to reveal
not the emptiness of a tomb but the fullness of a battle that has been
victoriously won setting all captives free
encounter a grace, a grace that counts everything for us
and holds nothing against us a grace that was earned by one who is greater
than you or I he died to bring us home
encounter something, something that the stories only tell about
and the prophets only write about and the preachers only preach about
and the disciples can’t help but doubt and the Pharisees only dream about
and the children always sing about and the whores, beggars, lepers, and widows
never live without come and encounter the love
joy peace
comfort grace
light love of a Father who is right here, right
now take and eat
He has made His choice and we are all on the guest list
brothers and sisters, come and encounter Him