The new Sims 4 Island Life extension pack just released yesterday The only reason for my reserved purchase was the dolphins I thought the pack was worth the price, after playing! I made this video a bit longer to show you the gameplay, so check it out if you’re still wondering about the new pack! Mermaids were added in the new pack!
So I’ll play after making Ariel the Mermaid. I thought it’ll be easy if I started from Jasmine?
So I loaded the Jasmine sim from last time. I came to realize: I’m making a real-life Disney character AND an animation character… well I guess I brought out this video because I succeeded?! x 20 times fast-forward! Change to red hair, and bluish eyes Ariel’s red lip color and shape lift her lip-corners the sim has to look like a cartoon character this time so I’ll choose eyebrows that looks like it’s drawn with a pencil Disney characters’ side faces are very peculiar the nose has to be very small and cute while the nose is quite far from the forehead I found this bgm because it’s similar to Under the Sea (singing in Korean) eyelashes must have long ends choose a skintone like play-doh this time too I didn’t plan to make Ariel at yesterday’s twitch stream so I tried out different hairstyles cuz I didn’t have the ‘Ariel hair’ I first chose a full-looking hairstyle (EA-provided hair) I streamed on Twitch with the sim right before this, but revised it a lot afterwards I didn’t film the process because it was after I ended my stream.. 🙁 I downloaded Ariel hairstyle and resumed this hair saved my life. T.T
it was like getting over an upset stomach For mermaids(or merman), you can customize both the human form and the mermaid form. Finished! you can choose the tails new trait: Child of the Ocean (also) new trait: Child of the Islands Romantic Clumsy now for the gameplay! this extension pack has beautiful scenery. Let me show that to you in one view maybe a little higher the character-like customization
comes out more natural in the gameplay look at the colors of the new village now shall we swim? turning into a mermaid! I liked how the swimming was more intense(?) than I expected Let’s go to a spot where we can see underwater better I could see under the sea better with the first-person viewpoint! let’s rest for a while you can chill out or sleep on the water like this seu-sooly~~ momorra~ calls a dolphin!!! (Finally! T_T) you can feed them they also squirt water at you rubby-rub (dolphin replies) splish-splash with the mermaid (xo) dolphin hand clap you can also name them I named her ‘dol-meng-ee’ (little pebble in Korean) saying goodbye after sunset The little mermaid off work dragging her feet… ah nope she seems fine I’ll visit another area playing with fire (suddenly spacing out) or not.. now building a sand castle and making hotdogs guess her eyes are stinging finished the hotdogs (..and threw them away) the catiger we’re all familiar with and Jasmine I’ll leave their chat to your imagination I guess Rajah likes the water after being a Sultan she’s certainly acting like one