Kang Baek Ho! Baek Ho! I have something to tell you. Wait! Actually, just stay there. I’ll just tell you from here. If I see you, I don’t think I’ll be able to tell you. Did you know that
it’s already been 14 years? That’s how long we’ve known each other. Even though it’s been a while, it seems like it’s gone by so fast. And that’s mostly because of you. Freshman year, sophomore year, summer and winter break. I spent all that time with you. Kang Baek Ho! You know, I actually… This is Kang Baek Ho.
Please leave a message. Hey, Baek Ho!
Are you coming? Hurry! There are so many hot girls in here! Yi Seul might not make it either. She’s worried she won’t finish on time. I can’t be lying here like this. That essay could change Yi Seul’s life. The way Yi Seul’s letter changed my life. I don’t want Yi Seul to have any regrets. Just like she helped me with baseball, I want to make her dreams come true. Excuse me. Could you please tell me Kevin Park’s number? Please, let me talk to him.
I just need a minute. Someone’s life depends on it. I’m sorry, but we can’t give out that information. Sir! Sir, wait!
Please, wait! Is this for a business matter? Yes, it is. Do you know me? Yes, I do.
But you probably don’t know me. If you have business to discuss,
you need to follow certain formalities. You can’t just show up like this. I can at least hear him out. It’s Christmas after all. It’s about the essay contest that ended today. We finished accepting entries
about an hour ago. I know. But if you wait a few seconds- I mean, in a few hours, my friend will come to submit her essay. She started writing it this afternoon
so she’s running a little late, but if you read it, you’ll see how- Being able to keep deadlines is essential. How can a person who can’t
even keep deadlines, have what it takes to be a sports agent? Yes, she does. She definitely has what it takes
to be the best sports agent. I may not know what that is. But the person I know, is the most honest mentor to players, the hardest trainer, and the warmest supporter. Injured players can lean on her, exhausted players are energized by her, and for those who’ve forgotten their dreams… You can do it! Look at me. It’s me, Ham Yi Seul! Kang Baek Ho would never hurt me. I’m certain of that much. She’s the kind of person
who can help you find your way back. At least…to me. She sounds interesting. What do you do? I pitch for Haneul’s college baseball team. My name is Kang Baek Ho. Are you then a player worthy of that manager? That I’m not so- She can submit the essay
by 12 O’clock. I won’t accept it after that. -Even if you are Park Chan Ho.
– Sir- It’s Christmas. Merry Christmas. Thank you. Thank you, sir! Yi Seul, it’s not too late yet. Don’t give up and just come here by 12. Okay? I missed him again. Kang Baek Ho. You and I… It never seems to work. What’s wrong?
You look like you’ve been struck out. Teacher… I’m sorry. A strike out might hurt your self-esteem,
but it’s not a bad experience.
I’m sorry. A strike out might hurt your self-esteem,
but it’s not a bad experience. It’s new data. I told you before. This is only the first game. You still have 8 out of 9 innings left. What happens between people
is different from baseball. That’s not true. Life is very similar to baseball. That’s why I like baseball. There’s always a chance for a turnaround. Really? I’ll go in first. Ham Yi Seul. Where are you? Is there anything else you’d like to say? You should go now. It’s a white Christmas. Ah, it’s so cold. Is that a new scarf? It’s from a luxury brand! It’s very expensive! Where did you get it?
Who gave it to you? It was a girl, wasn’t it? It was a gift from someone I worked with in the film. She must like you. It’s not like that. Of course she does. There’s only one reason girls give out gifts like this. It’s definitely expensive. Look at the color and pattern. Let me try it on. Okay. Like it would make a difference. Do I look fancy now? You do look better with the scarf. I’m going to the restroom. Is it okay? Is this how you’re supposed to wear it? I’m finally done. Good job.