I feel bad you had such a boring
Christmas Eve because of me. If I’m planning to scout the number 1 agent in the future, I should at least make a small investment. What? You didn’t know
I like working out numbers? Now all that’s left to do is my part. I’ll go deliver it now. Get some rest. I will. Thanks. Sure. Yi Seul? She stayed up all night working
on that essay in Mr. Kwon’s office. Hello? Kang Baek Ho! Oh, that’s- It’s perfect on me! Can I have it? Forget about that guy. He doesn’t even know how you feel
and always makes you cry. He doesn’t deserve a gift like this. And don’t be too sad. Okay? In the end, on Christmas day, I couldn’t give Yi Seul
the gift she wanted the most. And I couldn’t even
tell her what I’d been wanting to for so long. The best Christmas gift for me… is you. Merry Christmas. Kevin! This is the essay I told you about. Please, read it carefully. I will. Merry Christmas. If you like it, you should try it on. What do you think? It looks good on you. Idiot. Why do you always have to show up
when I’m about to give up? Happy Valentine’s Day! Valentine’s Day has arrived again. For those of you in relationships, today will feel like melting chocolate truffles. For those who are single, it could feel more like bittersweet bonbons. But one thing is for certain. That at least for today,
you will all think of love. – Baek Ho, you’re here.
– Hi. Afternoon practice? Yes. Isn’t it a bit much having
to practice in this cold weather? Is it true that only 7 players
get to go to Spring Camp? Yeah. But you even practice in the cold weather. Can’t they just take you? Uncle, we are here. How are you all coming together? I was working on a set that’s nearby,
and they were working at a chocolate event. I think I’m going to freeze to death. Can’t we be done with it? Is someone just going to hand out money to us?
Can’t we be done with it? Is someone just going to hand out money to us? Valentine’s Day is the busiest holiday after Christmas. We can’t just relax. Uncle! Could we have some soup, please? Oh, it’s Coach! Wow, Coach Kwon looks great on camera. Wow, Yi Seul looks beautiful like an actress. I used to think it was weird. But now they look great as a couple. Do you remember? The time Coach confessed his feelings to Yi Seul. It was so funny.
– So true! Why did he do it in a loud amusement park? If you plan to confess your love to someone, you really need to think about things like
the place and the mood. I was totally shocked. I don’t think Coach is very good in that respect. What? I actually thought it was cool. – Good afternoon.
– Good afternoon. Hello, soldiers. What would you like?
– What do you want? Private Lee Chul Soo would like some ramen.
– What about you? Private Na Gi Chan would like some black bean noodles- Is that possible? You must be fresh recruits. Is this your first outing? – How did you know?
– I can just tell. I’m feeling generous today.
I’ll make you some delicious black bean noodles. – Thank you.
– Thank you. Why is it that everything tastes good
when you’re in the army? When Coach confessed his feelings to Yi Seul, were you in the army? Yes, he was training as private. That’s why you weren’t around. Why didn’t we go visit him during his training? The punk told us not to. We should’ve at least visited you
at the end of your training. That’s when everyone visits with food baskets. It sucks when no one goes visit you. He always puts himself in those situations. Baek Ho! Why do you leave the front door open?
It’s dangerous. Don’t worry. This is a very old neighborhood and
there’s never been any incidents. Is that why you stayed in this neighbohood all this time? We really wanted to move. We were planning to move to that apartment. Why didn’t you? Since Yi Seul had finished high school, we thought it’d be a good time to bring up the subject. Yi Seul was so against it. -Why?
– I don’t know. She said something about this being her hometown. She said that if we decided to move,
to just leave her here. That’s why we gave up on that idea. I didn’t know. How can you fight that stubborn girl? She is very stubborn. I’m done. Let’s go inside. I’ll carry it. So what brings you here? I just wanted to see you. That’s nice of you to say,
even if it’s not true. It’s true. Did something happen? No, I just- The day I was done with boot camp,
you brought me a lunch box. It was delicious. Kang Baek Ho! Baek Ho! Why did you come? You didn’t tell me not to come. Aunt. Here. Eat this. Don’t eat too fast. Have some water. It was the most delicious lunch
I ever had. That memory came to mind. So I had this urge to see you. I see. That’s probably because Yi Seul’s lunch box
wasn’t as good as the one I prepared. Excuse me? Don’t you remember when Yi Seul
went to visit you at your base training camp? I think it was when you were a private. You have no idea how big of a deal it was to her. She insisted on preparing the lunch box all by herself. So I ended up not helping her. I think she stayed up all night cooking. I’m sorry. I have to go. I’m so sorry. Yi Seul came to see me. She came to the base I was assigned to. Yi Seul came.