thanks for coming in here well so I just
heard from your dad this morning that he’s going to finally be back from his
business trip this weekend I can’t believe it it took so much longer than
expected anyway so I’m really excited obviously so I decided to go shopping
and get some new clothes and well since you’re younger I feel like you’re a
little bit more in touch with what looks good and what doesn’t and so I was
wondering if I could try on a few of the things I got and you let me know if you
like it I promise I won’t take up too much of your time I know I did get two
bags but don’t worry we’re we’re not gonna get into this bag I just have a
few things in here that I want to show you okay let me go tries on exactly okay where do you think of a stop you
like I like the color I’m just I guess I’m concerned do you
think it’s too low-cut I don’t know really you think it looks good oh thank
you oh shoot I wanted show you and I want to
impound that teal shirt it wouldn’t have this guy right at all ah all right sorry
about that okay what do you think of this outfit this is a skirt look okay you don’t
think it’s too tight or too short no you think it looks good and then what about
this top do you think it’s too low-cut and his crop tops you a little I don’t
know do you think I’m too old to wear clothes like this I know they’re in
fashion right now but really you think this looks good
you promise you’re not lying to me so you think your dad would like it okay
all right good to know are you all right oh I really want to try this dress on okay what do you think about this you
think it looks alright I heard um I thought it would be a nice dress we’re out with your father did dinner or
something you think it looks alright you need like um push-up bra or
something I don’t know and then I’m a little I’m saying that
it’s short like okay I give you permission to eat my butt if I bend over
aren’t you can you I feel like if I move around
thinking when I’m walking it’ll ride up mm-hmm you like it really all right I
trust you and then I listen the last thing it’s another dress this is a good
one all right so embarrassing
um I guess I need to kind of tape it in place if I want to wear this let’s just
pretend that you didn’t just my nipple I like the length of it and like this
see-through lace panel I think it’s a good length also I feel like if I bend
over you really can’t see a my skirt right it’s better than the last dress
don’t you think sure this right okay it’s the first one I think this song fits well how’d you
think plus I love this top has this see-through part but you can actually
see anything it’s like fake leather I think it’s nice you like it I’m glad what do you think I love this one sorry
I just love it I feel so sexy wearing this you think it looks good yeah you
too good it snaps so you can snap yeah see-through but oh gosh here too bad
having sex but you don’t know about that right okay well that’s everything you
saw something else in the bag yeah well there is something else in there but um it’s not something I can show you it’s a
lot more revealing yes much more revealing than this oh I think you’ve
already seen enough already right and you have promised to keep this secret
okay one tries on really quickly