Good morning, everybody. Welcome to my video. I Just got to do videos I Have to say I’m and I’m 50 years old I Have money, I’m retired You know, I’m not rich And I do have money and I do live off. I do live a Very good life with what I do. Have I Just have to say um, I just have to say it gets crazy I Have to say It’s somewhat very crazy how my life goes on you know, I meet I meet nothing but I Mean nothing but fake-ass bitches on Twitter and Instagram every day fake-ass girls on I want to say in the last year I’ve met Over I Wanna say over 150 to 175 girls and I have to say I had blocked About every one of them Yeah Twitter and Instagram If you’re a Single man my age or younger and you think you’re gonna find true love on Instagram or Twitter You’re fuckin dreaming You’re dreaming this morning I got hit up by a lady that was 39 years old and She said she stayed in, Florida and the first thing that come out of her mouth was I don’t want to be I don’t want to be on mystery that I don’t want to be cheated on and then she said I Want a good man. I am a I’m Jewish She said I’m Jewish Yeah, yeah. Yeah Jewish And right off the bat. I know she was not real You know off the bat I know she was not real She straight-up told me She wanted me to take care of her like a queen a queen that’s the dead giveaway guy the girls if you if you’re a single man like Megan you meet a Girl on Twitter or Instagram or even Facebook? And I automatically say It automatically and what what’s funny they’re gonna want you to go over to Google hangout They don’t want to talk. They don’t want to talk to you on Twitter or Instagram or Facebook They automatically gonna want you to go over to Google hangout. I Don’t I? Don’t understand the fucking situation with these people Fake fake fake fake fake fake Anymore fake. I Can say is Hey what’s going on? Big tender orcas is Fake bitches. I don’t have no time for fake bitching gold diggers. No, I don’t And this girl struck straight out Come right out and showed me. She was fake within 30 seconds of us talking She said Well, I got a cell phone that does not have a webcam Well, she said I don’t have a way I can video FaceTime with you my phone does not have a video camera I’m 50 years old I know right off the bat that was bullshit all phones have video cameras every fucking phone you get now has a video camera on it dumb ass fucking Scamming bitches, you don’t you can’t pull that over my eyes yep, you cannot pull nothing over my Every damn cellphone you get has a silk aisle has a video camera on it I Don’t know why these people automatically thinks that they can fool somebody I Don’t understand it I don’t understand why dad I didn’t just fall off the fucking god, they’re going Cabbage truck or the turnip truck last week. Yeah, I Know and I asked Russ I asked her straight up. I said what kind of phone you got? um She said it is a um, so and so I Said that’s impossible all dem phones have why all them phones have video cameras? There’s not one fucking phone now that don’t have a video camera on it All the cones all the phones ever come out has video cameras Unless you got one of the phones that come out back in the 80s. They didn’t have a video camera on it So I Don’t get these people And I know she was fake as hell right off the get-go And then she said what kind of phone you got And I said, I have two phones. I have iPhone 7 plus an iPhone 8 plus the Next thing Just blowed my mind what she asked. Oh Can I get one of them? Can I get one your phones? Oh Can I get the seven plus or the eight plus Now you gotta realize I just met this fucking girl Which I don’t think she was who she said she was I just met her on Twitter You know You know, yes, I know what you’re talking about Yeah, I know what you’re talking about Right off the bat I cussed the bitch out. I said you’re a fake Goddamn bitch goats go digging motherfucker Get going Straight up I Know the tell-tale signs of fake girls on Twitter Instagram and Facebook I Know damn. Well, she wasn’t real And then she said she was a good Christian lady she stayed in Fort Myers, Florida She said I stay in Fort Myers, Florida Not too far from my land. Oh And would you be interested in coming up to see me one weekend? I Blocked her I Reported her ass to to Twitter and I blocked her ass Yeah, I blocked her. I Don’t have time for playing tricks like that with with girls I Know damn well, she was not real. I never fun to get guys. She was not real So I Gotta make up my mind. I’m thinking about deleting Twitter and Instagram Even though they bring people to my youtube channel. I don’t give one motherfucking goddamn anymore I want to just do away with them two accounts. I Don’t want to do away with them, but I feel in my heart That would be better for me to do away with him Because Girl after girl after girl after girl after girl after girl fake fucking bitches a Less buff. Good morning. Hey, I’m Ron Darwin. Yo morning. I Don’t I? Really don’t know what else to say I didn’t come home last night because I was I was sick last night My ex-wife Hooked up with me and one night and she was a Christian woman And then within one year we was married So that ain’t really true That’s really really not trial by the Christian woman wanting to hook up would you But Well, I Was sick last night guys the girls I was sick and I’m I really Ain’t been feeling that good. So that’s why I didn’t come home Yeah, that’s why I didn’t come home I’m thinking about maybe ride down to the beach today. I don’t know yet if I am or not I’m thinking about riding to Wilmington, North Carolina Or Myrtle Beach today. I don’t know I Just I don’t know I don’t know evidently it’s meant for me not to have a girlfriend Yeah, I missed all you guys last night, but I was I was hurting and I was sick I Had to take you straight up I don’t think I don’t think me and Chloe will be seeing each other Yeah, I don’t think I don’t think me and Chloe will be seeing each other She don’t call me the only time she talks to me if I call her and there’s something up with that Yeah, there’s something up with that person and I’m thinking they might not even be really what they’re saying. They are because Who in the right mind is gonna want to get off with a man and Yeah, I don’t eat salad I don’t eat salad, um ARCA say is I laid it down to her. I sent her a text and I said I don’t think You and me She’s going to school I said, I don’t think you and me You’re the second one that said that Mike Brown said it Chloe sound like a man Well if Chloe’s a man and I got a picture on my phone that she’s a woman You know I have I have people Swearing up and down. I’m a woman and I told and I’m a man I Don’t I don’t fuck with guys I Don’t fuck with men I’m not I’m not bisexual. I’m straight up And I’m not I’m not not gonna do it But Well She was sick, she was sick, you know, Mike Brown said to say dine now You’re wrong you’re wrong Scully The picture is a girl that’s not no fucking man dies a girl Seriously that is a girl this Lady works at a fucking school She likes three more years before she can retire She has to ask me for nothing guys nothing I Don’t think so Ron Darwin, I’m not I’m not fuckin a a man I Cannot believe you just said that I’m not pumping some man. I’m not pumping and having sex with a fucking man. No, I’m not I Don’t have to pitch her an almost been deleted For her her accounts been deleted cuz after I told After I told her After I told her After I told her that I didn’t want to have nothing to do with her she deleted her profile I’m an a school teacher that dresses up like a woman, right? Sure I’m not worried about plenty of fish Or do you think I found this goddamn woman? I found her own tender tender Please don’t ask me to go back on any dating sites everybody Vapor baby’s the one that got me to go on that motherfucking goddamn site Well, I’m sorry I’m not I’m not getting down like that nope, not me Nope I’m not getting down like that And I reckon I’m going there and take that video our guy hitting over on there and unhide it I see somebody unsubscribe for me I had 498 subs yesterday And I’m down to 488 subs now today So who is the fucking bastard and cocksuckers that subscribed to me and unsubscribe to me I’m getting tired of it I’m getting tired of it if you think don’t subscribe Bottom line I’m tired of dealing with it And you know, it’s got a stop You know And then I could hear Brandon saying oh you’re gonna cause that woman to lose her fucking job If it gets out that she was talking phone sex to you You’re gonna make her lose her job Well if she’s a fucking man She needs to delete and lose her fucking job if she’s a fucking man. I Don’t fuck with guys, I don’t fuck with me How could I ever break her fucking heart alas the buff Our finest is people that want my fucking money What because she’s a fucking scan that’s why I didn’t come on here to argue without you. I didn’t come over here to argue with y’all today Alright I’m out of here I think I’ll stay off for the next year. I’m out I Think I’ll just upload videos like I’ve been doing and stay the fuck off live video Yeah, I think I’ll just stay off of YouTube and I’ll just upload videos and I’ll continue playing I Think I just can’t continue playing xbox you Know Hey Tammy, I’m just I’m just gonna quit coming on live Just gonna stay off YouTube Nobody really knows the situations. I have to go through every day in life No, I ain’t got mad I’m tired of people trying to roll my roll me and roll me around I’m tired of people trying to tell me what to do and how to do something I’m 50 years old goddamn it You know I’m 50 years old. I’m not a fucking kid You know Uh Tammy I don’t need help with a girlfriend I Don’t do that. I don’t ask I don’t ask to go on blind dates with girls. No, I don’t You know I told mine and I eventually gonna have to let my channel go And I reckon I’ve just I’ll just upload videos. I Won’t come back on life It’s time for me to let it go Everybody don’t think I’ll let it go. Try me. I will fuckin let it go All I seem to get is thumbs down I don’t get thumbs up I get thumbs down all the time You know, I Don’t I don’t like when people tell me Well, you got to do this or you got to do that You know I go to all them places Tammy. I don’t find nobody at the Walmart’s I Don’t find a laundromat I Got washing machine and dryer at my house how need to have to go to no damn laundry mat. I Got brand new washing machine dryer there Twelve hundred dollars Paid for I don’t have to go to no, uh, no laundromat I feel like this morning I was in the bed dying Ain’t gonna meet no woman that no casino only gonna do is want my goddamn money at a casino Get real Scully That don’t happen that don’t happen Well, it’s what it is The last girlfriend the last time I let a girl wash her clothes at my house Was crystal white would I Do y’all want me to get my cup with bitch and crystal white would I Don’t think so don’t want me to get back up when Lacey Lee I don’t think so How about Audrey do how about um see Anna You know There’s tons of cute girl cute women out there I Go to the mountains once a month. I don’t never meet nobody at the casino Every time I meet somebody to casinos they’re married. They’re got kids. They got a husband No single women How did you know Audrey do I Don’t think so what we do is no longer going to be when they ain’t know Courtney won’t even Courtney never won’t in me I’ve already volunteered. I’m not volunteering my services no more My life is more important than volunteering for something and I could get sick and pass away Nope No Who wants being a video Who seems to want me in a video you are you who’s you talking about? You understand I have a life-threatening condition I can’t be out in the hot weather a lot I’m not going to volunteer And take dogs on walks guys In ain’t fucking gonna happen Okay, it’s time for me to go Time for me to get the fuck up out of here Courtney dude is 22 or 23 years old if she don’t wanted me she could have had me a long time ago Seriously I have a dehydration problem with my body. Why do you think I’m on disability? All right, Tammy It’ll be all good. I just won’t worry about nobody Won’t worry about new girlfriend. Fuck them Ain’t never gonna bear to find nobody but druggies and drunks and homeless girls That’s all I seem to find around, North Carolina I don’t I don’t I don’t want dogs. I don’t do that All right, I’m out of here Everybody’s won’t uh, shoot me shoot me in a barrel or whatever. I don’t know Y’all know I have muscle spasms Y’all know I have muscle spasms sometimes I have a muscle spasm in my in my back and It puts me puts me down to my fucking knees sometimes I’m not me. I’m just saying I have health problems Read my mouth Y’all don’t know nothing about me y’all think y’all know a lot about me but y’all don’t I Had cerebral palsy. Do anybody know what cerebral palsy is? That’s cerebral palsy when I was a kid I had leg parties black parties is when you have a bone to Break in your hip when you’re like 1 or 2 years old. I Had to wear a brace all the way from 1 year old all the way up to the 6 or 7 or 8th grade Everybody knows about that stuff I have shortness of breath. I can’t walk. I Can’t walk that much it gave me out the other day to try to ride that bicycle I got Shooting it gave me out to try to ride that bicycle a couple miles down the road They understand, I’m 15 fucking years old 15 years old Forrest Gump only had one leg brace And that was make-believe in a movie that was not real life Mine is fucking goddamn real life Real life me Forrest Gump was a fucking fucking movie You know I give back a hundred percent but when I need help I don’t get it sometimes I just would just not even worry about it Yeah, just war just let it go If it happens I find somebody it happens your girl this morning wanted me to buy her Phone eight plus or give her one of my one of mine. I Said I don’t think so Told me she wanted me to take care of her like a queen 39 years old Did not have a fucking job 39 years old and Then she asked me how old I was Three times. She asked me how old I was I Told her 50 years old three times I know right from the get-go. She was not real Did you even have a career or did you bounced from job to job Alright I’ve gone You know, my life is my life and I’m tired of talking to people that don’t understand my life Yes, I jumped from job to job Some of my jobs lasted ten fucking goddamn years Some of them lasted for two years Some lasted for eight years Some lasted for six months But I’m out of here And I doubt I’ll be back on tonight. I Doubt, I’ll come back home I Read your thing, he said a career I Had I had career driven jobs Yeah a lot of my jobs with part-time jobs Like my first job was that Whitevale plywood back in 1988 I worked at white Bell plywood and I worked for them. I worked Weibull plywood 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 And then I worked I had three fucking jobs Back when I was out of school. I worked at rival plywood I was a fucking closing manager at Little Caesars paint son Weibull And I worked at the tobacco warehouse Three fucking jobs three jobs. I Don’t know nobody could do three jobs like I did And I wore at Burger King After the job quit at the tobacco warehouse, I went to I went to work at Burger King Yep So turn on 96 or 97 I had to give up Weibull plywood So I had Burger King Little Caesars Pizza and then in 2000 2004 I started working at national spinning Y’all do y’all oh you won’t do all you know where you weren’t No, I didn’t get that free food at Burger King Only free food I got was eating the dumpster food eating cheeseburgers and stuff That day would make four people and they’d get them wrong and wrap them back up though. I’m in the dumpster All the breakfast sandwiches that could not be sold after Breakfast closed out. They were throwing throw him in a trash can All of them in a trash can and me and other guy that went down we would go out to the dumpster And we need us a bacon bacon egg and cheese baked or something And we’d give space man The black man that used to be homeless up reliable. We would give him the rest of them Yeah, I Had to buy my food at Burger King I didn’t get freebies Yeah, I just I don’t really carry them or I Don’t really care about it no more I Set her right my bed last night and her right here You know But I’m getting out of here Getting out of here I got to go Gotta go do some things My Ride to Wilmington Oh Myrtle Beach, I don’t know My might ride down to my ride down to the beach, I don’t know Why should I go to the doctor I just went to the doctor two weeks ago just Went to the doctor Yep Yeah Oh, I do that every day oh Yeah, four thumbs down some cocksuckers had to give me four thumbs down, oh, yeah Wow Well, imma hide the video anyway And I just got a I got a message that popped up on my channel Say somebody’s the moderator on my channel right now that I got blocked And I just gotta find out who that is Somebody that’s in my room right now is a moderator with another account and I Got a mission I got sulfur on my computer now that tells me if they’re a moderator or not and somebody Is a moderator right here and I got them blocked. I Blocked them sometime in the years or whatever but somebody in my room is Really not who they say they are Yep It appears to be Brandon Brandon ain’t a moderator Domo. I just found out who the person is. I got blocked That’s my class ring I Had software on my computer now that tells me if If somebody is a moderator and they have more than one YouTube channel it tells me if they They’re in my room and if I gotta block So if all right say example I make somebody a moderator And over here to decide they got two more YouTube channels and they’ve been blocked before Well, it tells me if if the persons in my room Then might block who And I just took I just took Brandon’s moderator away and It said that that person was was was Brandon Someone’s somebody’s watching He ain’t blond Brenda’s dumb blonde Alright I’m out of here I got things to do. I don’t know if I’d be back later or not And it’s tired of people bothering me All right, everybody take care I’m out later