Give me sympathy. Give me sorrow, As if gently stroking a tiny, fallen bird. Be moved to tears, Look down on me, And tell me I’m pathetic. Kick me around with the toe of your boot, if you please. Take my muddy hand, as if to say It’s okay for me to be unclean. Let us form a circle and dance. Let us devour All the unsightly masses. I prefer an unbearable amount of spice. lie, lie, lie, la la la… lie, lie, lie, la la la… The frightened bird Couldn’t manage to say goodbye. As if begging for love, it sunk into silence, Thinking that it was a display of modesty. lie, lie, it’s a lie, not a lie. It’s just too much, Being hurt like this. Everyone wishes they could go to a gentler world. Let us melt into one. Let us fill our mouths With hate and love, all mushed together Inside this chaotic, oh-so-sweet pot. lie, lie, lie, la la la… lie, lie, lie, la la la… It’s because you smile so vaguely That I feel I want to see you again. I know you’re here to stay with me I just want to be loved. lie, lie, lie, you’re to be with me In a place where thunder blooms. This is a miserable, heavenly feeling. Only love need remain. Sorrow alone falls heavily, piling up Until even desires and regrets are simply covered. Will even the scars of that far-off spring day, when we formed our bonds, Eventually disappear? Someday, in a glistening dream, I believe the dying light Will be able to reach you. It’s so bright My tears won’t stop. Hey, please stay by my side. Take my muddy hand. Don’t let go. Please stay by my side, forever. Don’t let go. It will get dark soon, so stay by my side. Don’t let go, I can’t see, Just stay by my side, forever. Don’t let go. I’ll love you Forever.