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with me I’d love to get to know ya okay so finally I got my February
Dipsy bag I was like in my waiting forever rich really I haven’t but I’m
impatient sorry I look a little crazy just got off work a couple hours ago and
I wanted to UM bag this with you so if see I just have the regular basic epsy
bag it’s like 13 bucks a month for me because of state taxes and everything
but you get 4 to 5 trial size travel size products for 13 bucks you can
definitely upgrade your subscription to like 25 there’s one for 25 and I think
there is one now for 50 but I try to be frugal and I just got the one that is
like 13 bucks so let’s see what I got oh it’s fuzzy oh it’s quilted and it’s
like velvety and soft I really feel like if she has definitely stepped up their
makeup bags when I used to have it like two years ago or something the bags
weren’t super awesome but this is so nice wow I’m impressed like the color
the kind of mob shade and the darker zipper and
little pull I like it okay so we have the little card it’s called
fill the love which is very appropriate where it’s February and Valentine’s Day
so I’m excited okay very first thing is the bomb pedal to
the metal ba-ba-boom cream eyeshadow okay
I’m not super into preferring shadows but I will definitely try it looks like
a pretty shade in the shade turbo it’s pretty dry for being a cringe out of
which I am ooh that’s beautiful which I’m happy about
that’s really pretty this is the effect water flash coconut
water cream hydration boosting okay um very first ingredient is coconut water
70% um it does have a safflower seed oil in it as well
coconut oil ooh for some skin types and some people the coconut oil and stuff
can be kind of pore clogging my skin does not like coconut oil but it is kind
of low on the ingredient list it is a Korean skincare item as well ooh
I’ll think about trying this I just I don’t it is sealed
I don’t know I’m gonna think about it I might just save this to put in a
giveaway or something but yeah I’ll think about it oh my gosh this is the tart sex kitten
liquid eyeliner and oh my goodness it’s got a little cat on it that’s adorable
oh my gosh there’s some times where I really am like all about packaging so
okay so this is an item I did choose this is the coloured raine matte lip
paint in 24/7 beautiful packaging I’ve never tried anything from coloured raine
so I didn’t want to give this a go but this is a full-sized liquid lipstick not
really doesn’t really have a scent oh wow that’s be that is so pigmented that
is crazy pigmented can’t wait to try it on okay so this is the Kate box fairy
dust pressed highlighter and this is in the shade moonlight never heard of this
brand but it is certified vegan and it also has evening primrose oil and
artichoke okay I can’t yeah my camera’s not gonna pick
that up very well probably but it’s really soft
oh wow that’s gorgeous okay I’m ready to put some stuff on my face okay so I’m
gonna go I obviously already have makeup on but I’m just gonna kind of gently
layer so I’m gonna get some of this my pedal to the metal
turbo cream shadow and I’m gonna pump that on my lid it is really pretty it’s really pretty I do think that if I
do like layering cream shadows over powder it for me personally can’t help
with creasing oh my makeup looks rough but I’ve also had it on for like 13
hours so it’s to be expected but yeah that is so glittery and so pretty I dig
it okay I’m gonna try me a sex kitten liner
I just I love the little cat Wow okay it’s a felt-tip but it is extremely like
it’s gonna do a good wing I can tell hopefully oh yeah you
you it’s feathering a little bit on the
outer corner could be just I don’t know that is very black though and it was
very easy to use that’s nice okay let’s see if it feathers I’m gonna go ahead
and okay so there’s my line okay so we’re gonna go ahead and I’m just gonna
do the other one you know the rest of it and let’s see if
it feathered okay so I don’t think it feathered I
might have just done a really bad job on this side but it’s very black and very
easy to use um nowhere near the same but not too bad but good liner so far I’m
impressed first impression twice I am impressed okay I’m gonna go ahead pick
some of this up on my finger nice shade it’s icy and that’s a really nice shade it definitely has a scent to it but it
smells like natural I don’t know what kind of I don’t know what scent it has
exactly but I already look Gracie let’s just go ahead and add to it that’s nice
though that is a very very nice highlighter let’s pop some in the corner
you very very blinding I like that okay go ahead and try the
liquid lipstick my lips are so dry so I’ve been funny but okay I love this
little this little highlighter has a mirror that’s nice because I don’t have
a mirror with me very very thin extremely then that is a nice lipstick it is extremely
extremely opaque like crazy opaque um the consistency like I said like four
times it’s extremely thin it obviously dries down that my lips are shot right
now cuz I did wear look that’s right a matte liquid lipstick today but this is
gorgeous and I’m not super duper into like pink lips but this is gorgeous umm
I guess really like the eyeliner I don’t know if it bleeds or transfers or
anything like that I hope it doesn’t because this is definitely a good liner
very very black very easy to use I like it a lot the liquid lipstick 100% very
nice the k-boss fairy dust pressed
highlighter very very pretty yeah it’s pretty um I do like it a lot I
think it’s gorgeous and then the balm pedal-to-the-metal
cream eyeshadow this is a nice eyeshadow I do like cream eyeshadows from time to
time but they do tend to crease on me so I will definitely be updating the
description box if this does crease cuz I think I’m gonna wear probably liquid
lipstick the cream shadow tomorrow so hopefully it everything stays put and
then the Avett water flash coconut water cream once again I need to think if I’m
gonna use this or not my skin’s already kind of freaking out a
little bit um so I don’t know if this would be a
great time to introduce something that I have a pretty good idea that’s probably
gonna me meet me breakout but this little bag do I think it was worth the
13 dollars yes a full-sized liquid lipstick I know like the coloured raine
of products are not like super cheap the sex kitten eyeliner from Tarte once
again Tarte is a expensive brand k-boss highlighter I’ve never heard of this
brand I’m pretty sure they’re gonna be an indie brand and most of the time if
something’s like from an indie brand most of the time it’s gonna be pretty
pricey same with the water cream it is Korean skincare and Korean skincare is
more pricey so I definitely think that we got our 13 dollars worth once again
the super cute bag I mean this this is like wintertime fills for me right here
very very nice so yes I am very very very pleased with the February 2020 it’s
a bag like the basic bag that I got I think really really nice products
lipstick though I think the lipstick is probably my favorite item in this little
bag I love highlighter but it’s a really really nice liquid lipstick so super
duper excited to have this in my collection now but anyway I hope you
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