This is it, The Firewire Spitfire
Thanks to Surfshop Medusa in Bruges for the delivery!
What is so special about Firewire Spitfire? Uhm well at first it’s a board made out of
Firewire material Firewire Boards are Hybrid Boards
Which means they are not 100% handmade or shaped
But the material makes the boards more durable and stronger
Even more important is that they have a much bigger flex
which will stay during the entire lifecycle of the board
As you can see the upper side of the board is in Bamboo
That makes this Board the Rapidfire series This Bamboo layer makes the Board stronger
and gives it the necessary flex without using a stringer
If we turn the board you can see that there is no stringer used
In the early days of Firewire you could see some black stripes on this side of the board
which made the board extra strong like a stringer They are still inside the board, made in the
foam, so you don’t see them anymore What is so special about the Spitfire model?
Well this is if you look at it a shortboard shape
But it’s not a normal high performance shortboard but a fat and more wider shortboard for extra
small days it’s made like a Dominator shape, so in the
same familiy of Firewire boards You can see that there is almost no rocker
This makes the board very easy to paddle and to catch waves very early
So this shape is like the Dominator shape but
at the end you can see that the tail is made different, somewhat more radical
This is a diamond tail where the surface is made smaller if you compare it to the normal
Dominator roundhouse tail and they added also a stepdown at the rails
which make the rails sharper and less surface when turning
Don’t know if you can see it on the video but there’s a part removed a both sides of
the rails wich gives the board more grip in the waves
You can also get them in 2 fin systems, FCS and Future Fin system, this is FCS
Like all the Dominator boards you can also change the fin settings and ride this board
as a Thruster or as Quad I’m very curious how this board will perform
in Northsea waves Can’t wait to take it for a surf
Stay tuned, review will be posted on the Surfbuddha Ciao bye bye