Bree: Hi guys. Um, so this is my first video blog. I’ve been watching for a while and
I really like a lot of you guys on here. I really like Paytotheorderofofof2. [chuckles] You or she, you’re really funny and your videos
are always really interesting. You seem really nice. Then there’s theWineKone or Wine,
just WineKone, I’m not sure. You are totally [laughs] retarded,
but I like it. Well, I guess a video blog is about me. My name Bree. I’m 16. I don’t really wanna tell you where I live
because you could, like, stalk me– [woman screaming]
[movie Psycho music] Yeah. Oh, well the only thing about my town
is that it’s really boring; like really boring. [whispers for really]
Really, really boring. That’s probably why I spend
so much time on my computer. Hum. I’m a dork.
[laughs] Um. [sighs] I didn’t really have a plan
for this video blog but, hum, I guess I’ll just do this. [rock music] ♪ I remember when. ♪ I remember, I remember
when I lost my mind. ♪ There was something
so pleasant about that. Bree: Okay. I, I hope you guys enjoyed that. Um, um. Bye. ♪ So much space. ♪ [rock music playing]