A new viral sensation has taken over Twitter called the ‘Florida Man,’ and it’s just as ridiculous as you can imagine! Don’t worry, though — it’s super easy to partake!    What’s your Florida Man story!? If you have NO idea what we’re talking about, we’ll fill you in on this viral new game that has everyone on Twitter LOLing It’s beyond easy to take part in this viral craze yourself — just type the words Florida Man, followed by your birthday, into Google So, if you were born on November 6, you’d type, ‘Florida Man November 6th,’ and the first story that comes up is your Florida Man story The result are absolutely insane, no matter what date you punch in. For reference, the Nov 6 article that hows up is ‘Naked Florida Man Revealed On Video Sneaking Into Restaurant & Munching On Ramen ’ Yes, really.    Once people starting catching wind of this hilarious game, Twitter became flooded with people haring their own Florida Man stories, and each one seems more ridiculous than the last Here are just a few examples that some users shared: ‘Florida Man Arrested For Tranquilizing & Raping Alligator In Everglades,’ ‘Florida Man Arrested For Fondling Himself At Community Pool, Cites Invisible Lesbians’ and ‘Florida Man Shot At Roommate Over Cat Hair On Couch ’  So, what’s the reason behind all these WILD stories about Florida men? Well, it’s not necessarily that they’re crazier than people in other countries The state has a ‘Sunshine Law,’ which guarantees that all public records of government bodies are available to the public This makes it much easier to access official documents, like police reports, than it is in other states These #FloridaMan tweets are hilarious but it makes me wonder…  How is it possible that ANYONE still lives in Florida?  BTW, here’s my contribution… pic twitter.com/WfLTp188GO  — Ox (@NYEverything) March 21, 2019   My #FloridaMan pt.1 #priceless pic.twitter.com/74OWMmfnNi  — Tiffany Castro-Tremblay (@TWCastro7) March 21, 2019    Well, now that you know how it works, go on and check out your own Florida Man story!