Full name? Retno Daru Dewi Gayatri Sriwibowo Putri Hira Maryana Ruri Ariati Rahmawati Ni Made Ariani Vincentius Stevian Yudhistira Reza Pahlevi Andi Muhammad Fitra My full name is Ahmad Zubaidi Amrullah. Hometown? Jakarta Magetan Bengkulu Sigli Ubud Ambarawa Medan Makassar Gresik Favorite Indonesian Food? It’s a hard question. Can I choose more than one? No, you can only choose one. Rendang Pecel Bakso Acehnese Fried Noodle RICE! Gembus Soto Gado-gado Grilled Gourami Fish Favorite Indonesian Movie and Why? Favorite Indonesian Movie and Why….
Oh my goodness Marlina, the Murderer in Four Acts Why? Because this movie lifts issue about woman. Then, I love directors or movie makers who make independent movie. They will not get as much profit as
making commercial movies. But they lift important issues and go international. Dono Kasino Indro / Warkop DKI.
Because it’s funny. Jomblo It’s super cool. Because I read the novel. Laskar Pelangi (The Rainbow Troops) Because I like the author (of the novel). Ada Apa dengan Cinta? (What’s Up with Love?) Because it’s the first movie I watched. I can only choose Indonesian movie? Umm.. what is it… It’s difficult. Can I skip this question?
Please skip it first.. Holyshit (in Javanese) Preman in Love Why? Because it’s hilarious. Ada Apa dengan Cinta? (What’s Up with Love?) It’s romantic. Laskar Pelangi (The Rainbow Troops). It’s very inspiring. Laskar Pelangi (The Rainbow Troops). Because the movie really inspires me. All of my dreams were initially inspired by Laskar Pelangi. Favorite Indonesian Inspirator and Why? I can only choose one, right? Yeah, one. Inspirator Gadis Arivia She is my lecturer, someone who officially introduced me to feminism issue. And if we talk about feminism issue in Indonesia, the reference must be Gadis Arivia. She was imprisoned in 1998 because
she opposed the government. So, I idolize her because she is the starting point. Because I know her and was taught by her in campus,. From there, I have more understanding about
feminism issue. Indonesia, right? Soekarno He is admired by the world
because of his amazing speech. Inspirator from Indonesia? I don’t have one. Alright, then. Anies Baswedan. Maybe because he is soft-spoken and authoritative. Andrea Hirata Because he can explore almost all parts of this world. Arya Wibawa My lecturer Because he is intelligent and nice. Inspirator from Indonesia? Super hard Why it’s so hard…. It’s a very hard question. Inspirator, right? Jokowi Because he was an enterpreneur that eventually becomes a president. Whom should I choose? I think I don’t have one. I know it. Ahok. B.J. Habibie He is smart and has lots of achievements. Ahmad Fuadi Because his “Man Jadda Wa Jada” mantra really inspires me. So I become highly motivated to achieve my dreams.