Hello, fluidsim v1.0 Menu apilacation, to download Let’s go to the address:www.poyrazsoft.blogspot.com I wrote the search line “fluidsim menü” enter. click. Download to click. Save the Apilacation download finish. now, run program click status bar buttons Selecting versions, boxes description field we chose version 3.6 Then click to run hydraulic 3.6 where is the menu? follow me click her it is now,Then click to run pnömatic 3.6 Notice, v3.6 box marked click, pnömatik button program info close program and version 4.2 run marked 4.2 box where is hydraulic v4.0 turkish? here it is Right click on the button. attention to the description field come! go to the “help”page. chose document click on the open button example,pnömatic projets let’s open Thank you for watching. goodbye.