– Can I use your phone?
– Yeah. Uh, but for future reference
uh, that thing in your hand can also be used as a phone. [ringing] Yes, it’s working. Why isn’t she calling me back? Maybe she never
got your message. You know, if you want you can call her machine and if she has a lot of beeps
that means she probably didn’t
get her messages yet. You don’t think that
makes me seem a little.. Desperate, needy,
pathetic? Ah, you obviously
saw my personal ad. – How many beeps?
– She answered. You see, this is where
you’d use that “Hello” word we talked . I’m not gonna talk to her. She obviously got my message and is choosing
not to call me. Now, I’m needy and snubbed. God, I miss just being needy. (all)
‘Hey.’ How’d he take it? Pretty well, actually. – Uh, Rach?
– What? How come you have
dental floss in your hair? – Oh, do I?
– Uh-huh. We ended up having sex
in his chair. You had sex
in his chair? I said that a little
too loudly, didn’t I? You, you had what? Sex in his chair. What, uh,
what were you thinking? I don’t know. I mean, we still
care about each other. There’s a history there.
It’s like you and Carol. No. No, no. It’s nothing like me and Carol. Please, if she said to ,
“Ross, I want you on this couch. Right here,
right now,” what would you say? If it helps,
I could slide over. It’s, it’s-it’s uh,
a totally different situation.. It’s-it’s apples and oranges.. It’s-it’s orthodontists
and lesb- I got to go. – Wh-where are you going?
– I just have to go! Alright. Do I need
a reason, huh? I mean, I have things
to do with my life. I have a jam-packed schedule and I am late
for keeping up with it, okay? [phone ringing] Hello? Hello? [imitating phone ringing] Hell is filled
with people like you. He’s back.
The peeper’s back. – Get down!
– Get down? And boogie. Thanks, but I got to go to work and get my eyes
scratched out by Mindy. Relax. You know,
She may not even know. Please, I haven’t heard
from her in seven months andnowshe calls me I mean, what else is it about? Oh. She was my best friend
you guys. We went
to camp together. – She taught me how to kiss.
– Yeah? Now, you know,
I’m like the other woman. Oh, I feel so.. Naughty. Alright, I’ll see you
guys later. Oh, hold up,
I’ll walk out with you. Now, Rach, when she taught
you to kiss you were at camp
and were you wearing any kind
of little uniform or.. That’s fine, yeah. Okay, I’m gonna
go to the bathroom. Will you watch my phone? Why don’t you just
take it with you? Hey, we haven’t been
on a second date. She needs to hear me pee? Why don’t you just call her? I can’t call her.
I left a message. – I have some pride.
– Do you? No. Danielle? Hi. Hi, it’s uh, it’s Chandler. I’m fine. [clears throat] Uh, listen. I don’t know if you tried
to call me because, uh..idiot that I am I accidentally
shut off my phone. Oh, okay-okay.
That’s, that’s-that’s fine That’s great.
Okay. She’s on the other line.
She’s gonna call me back. ♪ She’s on the other line
she’s gonna call me back♪ ♪ She’s on the other line
gonna call me back ♪ – Don’t you have to pee?
– It’s why I’m dancing.