My name is Jennifer Roskamp and I blog at I started blogging, I had a
fun blog way back in the day in like mid-2000’s when
nobody knew what blogging was. And then I took a break
from that for awhile and then I wanted to, I
missed that creative outlet. And so I came back to
blogging just to kinda get that part of myself out again, so that kinda
resurfaced then with a new blog in March of 2015. I enrolled in EBA® and took
EBA® starting in May of 2015. So just a couple of months
after I’d been blogging. Before I started EBA® I kinda felt like I was just floundering. I didn’t know what direction to go in, I didn’t know what to focus
on and what steps to take in what order to do them. And kinda where the starting
and ending point would be. And I just struggled
with really knowing what to focus on, and I was
so concerned about doing things in the wrong order and
so when I stumbled onto EBA® I was excited that I would
finally have somebody who has been there, done
that, show me how to do it. And since she knew how to
do it, I knew that I would know how to do it after somebody like that taught me how to do it. So it felt like it was a great fit for me. Because it was broken down in such a way that it was so clear what
I was supposed to be doing, right from the beginning I felt
like I’m in the right place and I can do this because I’m following it in a logical steps, they’re
in bite-sized pieces, and I can just do this. I felt that way from the very beginning. I think the most exciting
thing that I’ve experienced since EBA® is just watching
the growth that happens. And just seeing how the
things that Ruth says in the course and kind
of how things lay out and they’ve, it really
is just like she says, and I know when I’m on
the right path because it unfolds kinda just as
she says that it will. So that’s been really
exciting for me to know that I’m where I should be because because I’m yielding the
results that she says I will be. When I started EBA® I kinda
got into it with the hopes of just earning a little
bit of extra money just to have some fun
spending money in the family, but I had no idea that it
was just about six months after I started EBA® that
the income I was earning from my blog would be supporting my family after my husband was no longer working. And while it was stressful
those first couple of days to realize that I was going
to be supporting my family and I don’t just have a normal family, I have a family of ten because I’ve got eight kids, and so initially
for the first couple of days the thought of that was overwhelming but then I knew that I had
everything I needed in EBA® that would teach me how to be able to provide that income for my family. So it just, it kept me
from feeling overwhelmed and I just knew that I
had to go back through the steps and focus where I felt weak and I would be fine. And it has been and I had no idea that that desire to earn
a little bit of extra spending money would someday support my super-sized family. I knew that my investment, as
soon as I purchased the course and got access to it, I knew that my money would be well spent. I’ve always been a firm
believer in learning from those who know more than I do and seeking out the best people I can find to teach me what I need to know. Embracing something
and learning from those who know more than you
is only going to produce good results in your life. So there’s no reason to
stay on the fence about it. Just jump in there and get started because trying to do it on your own it can be really overwhelming. And the course makes it
feel like you’ve got someone there just showing you
the way step by step so, it, you can’t go wrong with it.