Hello friends. Welcome to part 18 I still not test the add post work type something here click submit add post to list. It work I have many users. And one user have 1 avatar color Change the background color here i get the user id user id is unique splice here. I want to use the first 3 letters of user id for avatar my user have blue color avatar i still not create the profile page use different user to create post login with new account create something different colors here create a new folder profile One user have 1 profile page import react and the component class create profile class render simple something here export profile component add profile page to routes userId here is params of router component here is profile component don’t forget import profile component test profile router if not have userId param, router not work type something it work create a notfound router If the router does not match the routes above, i render the notfound component create a notfound component import react write a function export notfound component import Notfound component here type something not match render the notfound here update my profile page when client click login name, i want to redirect to profile page path profile userId params, i will use the author post id click here render the profile page work with server routes route with id param use get method here the callback function i will send to client json data find user with id params use findById of mongoose req.params.id is userId if successful found user, send to client user data res.json i don’t want to send the password field send id, login name,email, followers, following i want to check here user empty or not if empty data, send a error status and message user not found here if have problem when find user, send a error status too send user data here send the id, email, login name, followers, following fields test this router with PostMan have a problem change to exactly router path why not work ? i don’t want to send data to server ok. see user data i want to create a new router to get all post from user use userId param get method here callback function ‘user.id’ is where save the id of Author userId param i will sort posts by created date if succesful found posts, send data to client if have error, send a error status test with postman get all posts first try to get posts from this userId It work Thanks for watching. In next part, i will make a client side view with data from server