Okay, testing testing testing. There are people talking right outside my door. That’s normal though But hey yo guys, my name is BetaEtaDelota and it’s Christmas time. No, seriously. It’s actually Christmas the day I’m uploading this. Why am I uploading on Christmas again? Okay, so even though I already uploaded a Christmas special video featuring the Menorah Spaghetti, I decided to give you guys an actual Christmas gift this year because the best gifts are the ones you least expect, and Beta getting out any video at all is the biggest surprise. Before today’s video I thought we’d do something a bit special compared to what we normally do. So as a little fYI this last September, I ordered a custom-made kigurumi from the company known as Lemon Brat If you don’t know what Lemon Brat is, they’re a tailoring business specialized in creating handmade snuggly clothing for all ages Preferably made for furries. From custom kigurumis to pre-made fursuits, Lemon Brat will create pretty much any type of comfy and fuzzy clothing to fit your snuggling needs. Now that sounds like my type of company. The custom Kigu I ordered was of my fursona Maverick the wolf dragon which really only has two main colors on his body with some varying patterns and a pretty cute hairstyle. From this the overall price wasn’t actually too bad, totaling at around 300 dollars, and after submitting the payment it just came down to the waiting process. But just about a month ago my Kigu arrived in the mail and I decided on a whim to record the unboxing. Which I did alone in my fraternity house’s basement at like 3:00 in the morning Also why did it take me a month to make this? So without further ado, let’s get to the unboxing. Let’s open stuff. Also, I’m holding this box upside down, that’s professional. It’s 1:00 AM my roommate is sleeping and I really wanted to open this on camera, so here we are. There’s absolutely no reason for me to really be opening this but we’re doing it anyways. I need content you need content. We all win in the end. But hopefully now we’ll be a lot cuter with this. This is my roommate’s ex-girlfriend’s knife. I don’t know why he gave it to me It feels weird that I’m unboxing something furry related and the knife I’m using to open this is from someone that does not like furries. Wow, that is ironic. I’ve been waiting like a good three months for this package Can I even open this? [chuckles] And it’s just like thank god this arrived just in time for MFF. I should also not be cutting towards me that is a horrible idea. This looks really dumb but it works. I mean the box-cutting sounds professional. if you can call box-cutting professional. You can call anything professional nowadays. We have furry youtubers doing stuff full-time. Let’s be real here. Why did I ever decide that using duct tape was a good idea. Use it like a reverse blade. Stick it underneath and just…oh that actually worked so much better. Why did I not think of that? This is the weird scenario where playing with knives actually helped me. Ooh, plastic wrap. Oh boy… It feels like I’m getting my fursuit head even though this is nowhere close to it Well this is just a big mess, ain’t it?…I should really be ecstatic about this what the hell am I doing? That was easy. Ooo! Oh my god, it’s made of FLEECE!!! I’m happy with this. I don’t care They’ve already exceeded my expectations by using fleece for this. Where does it begin? And where does it end? Ooo! Look at this! These buttons are adorable. They’re huge and I love it. The tail looks adorable. They nailed the zig zags on it. Oh my god, this is adorable I can snuggle in this for like ever Oh my god!…Oh my god It’s so cute! I look all snuggly. Finally, for once in my life I can say I look cute. Oh my god, I could just like fall asleep in this Oh my god, I love it. I feel adorable. This is definitely not the type of unboxing that you’d be used to but like it works. They got the hair right too, it’s so cute. Look at my boy! So yeah, this is my kigu: Maverick the wolf-dragon/wagon kigu now exists, and I love it! But yeah, that was the unboxing We’re probably gonna go back to character stills now so I can do the proper outro…cuz I don’t know what I’m doing, all of this is unscripted. So as you can probably tell I’m quite happy with how the kigu came out. At least now I have one outfit to go with for my partial fursuit when I get it this next summer. I already planned out a handful of outfits I’ll be going with for my fursuit and this one is just adorable. Still I’m absolutely in love with the final product of this kigu and I’d highly recommend you guys try commissioning your own Legitimately though I sleep in this thing as much as I can and it’s honestly one of the comfiest things I’ve ever had the opportunity of wearing, let alone owning…actually that’s not true. The life jacket does exist and that’s pretty comfy…Though that’s not as comfy as this kigu…But besides that, thank you guys for watching. I know some of you guys already saw me in the kigu on livestreams and at MFF so there really wasn’t a point to this video. Despite that it is the season of giving after all so I’m hoping I achieved my goal of getting a cute and cuddly video out just in time for Christmas. With that in mind, let me know what you thought of this video in the comments as always. I don’t know if I’ll be doing another one of these videos for a while… Well that is until I get my fursuit or bring back “Furry Fan Fridays.” But do tell me how I can improve the quality of these unboxing videos. I already have one idea: How about making the camera not auto-saturate on my face at varying distances? You gotta love improper lighting in a bootleg basement. Still, that about does it for this unboxing. Have a good day guys, and as always, Stay lifejacket. Take care 🙂