From Marchena Sevilla Andalucía here
we are with a new video like every Wednesdays dedicated to the different
fairs exhibitions competitions that we go recording as we can
move and not be of course too far from our locality of
Marchena today we will see different images of the chicken fair
utrerana a fair a contest a exhibition that was in that neighbor
Utrera town about 40 kilometers from here and where we were and we have already
seen some of the varieties of the utrerana chicken today we are going to move forward
also a little more within this breed by the way it doesn’t have to be
a lot for a new edition we will try to return we will try to be
there and again show you here in our home incubator channel
Everything that happens there. also here it’s still hot but now
we have left the summer behind change the time they are going to
happen sure numerous fairs competitions and exhibitions and we will
try to be there do act of camera presence in hand as always
to show you everything we can to through homemade incubators today here in our channel we stay
with the white utrerana hen already in our channel in previous videos
we have been able to enjoy images of other varieties of color of this breed
of the laying hen utrerana today we we stay with this as I say roosters and
chickens present in that contest in that exhibition of this utrerana hen
the white one and we still have another variety more that we will put forward
here in homemade incubators and what can we say about this species is
pretty pretty layers of good size and tough and when we say tough we
we refer that it is resistant to change resistant diseases
of temperature for both cold and for the heat and also of course a
species that if you raise it in freedom perfectly she is going to look for the
life as we say around here apart from that you have to provide some kind of
food occasionally that she with the grass seed insects will feed
also perfectly the rooster has a good size and the
chicken apart from being a good layer because he also has a good
put throughout the year it would also be worth it if we wanted
dedicate the also to the topic of meat an ideal breed for its setting and
also for meat with everything we’ve told you
formerly it is a breed that is raised very good from small that does not present
no extraordinary difficulty and as I say it’s a good breed to breed in
home as a laying hen and for your meat use in short we have
known a little more about this breed the utrerana chicken and we have taken advantage
to tell you a little more in this video where we have seen the variety
white but that in our channel already we have seen another variety and also
maybe we have some more that we will see in later videos
from Marchena Sevilla Andalucía greetings