Hey youtubers it’s Charlie and this week on
Game of Thrones it was throw down time. The episode was directed by Neil Marshall, the
guy who directed the Season 2 Blackwater episode so if it felt like a sequel, that’s why. And
it was so awesome. Before we get going round 9 of the giveaway starts now. Just as a way to say thank you to all you
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gift card to. Like normal I’ll announce the winner in my Q&A video tomorrow night. So much to talk about so let’s just get in
it. I’m going to do my top 5 moments, then review and then I’ll circle back around for
any other plot threads we need to remember. So careful for spoilers from the episode if
you haven’t seen it yet. But here we go. Number 5 – Maester Aemon Explains Love Even for a Targaryen Maester Aemon was on
fire tonight. In fact, he was my favorite supporting character. Alliser Thorne got a
pretty good battle speech, but I feel like Aemon’s speech about love was better.
If you’re not familiar with him, he was the great uncle of the Mad King. When his older
brothers died they offered him the crown but he turned them down and took the black. That’s
what he was talking about when he said he was at court and women were throwing themselves
at him. I couldn’t find out who specifically the woman
he loved might have been or which house she belonged to, but if you know be sure to write
it in the comments. I like how he foreshadowed Ygritte and Jon
Snow’s reunion with his big takeaway quote “love is the death of duty”. Their duty was
to chop each other’s heads off, but because they were still in love they just forgot about
it when the time came. I also love how well that theme of unending
love works thematically with the threat of the white walkers and necromancy. Like if
Jon hadn’t told Samwell to burn the bodies at the end. His and Ygritte’s love might turn
into zombie wight love and LITERALLY become undying. I didn’t see Maester Aemon during the battle,
so fingers crossed that he survived to the finale. Number 4 – Jon Snow Explains What it is to
Be In Love I don’t believe for a minute he’s not a bloody
poet. This whole gossipy exchange would have been a really funny scene in any other episode.
But because this episode was like Two Towers and the battle of Helm’s Deep it was very
wishful. Samwell did get a few moments with Gilly, and they have their own kind of love. But really, it did seem like he just wanted
to know what it was like having sex. I love how hard his brain was working to find
a way past their oath so he could hook up with Gilly and not feel guilty about it. To
be fair, Night’s Watch brothers have broken the implied no-sex oath all the time over
the years. I say implied just because Sam was correct in his literal interpretation
of the Oath. Really though, he should just go for it. But
I have a feeling if anything does go down between them, Gilly will be the first one
to make a move. Number 3 – The Wildlings Attack On Two Fronts Jon was correct when he was saying Mance was
just testing their Northern defenses. They have a whole lot more giants where those two
came from. The giant lifting the gate reminded me of Return of the Jedi when the Rancor died.
They killed that one giant and the other one flipped out. That wasn’t the only Return of
the Jedi reference I saw either. This episode was a little bit Two Towers mixed
with a little bit Star Wars and a little bit Star Trek. The way they altered the theme
song for the battle made it so much cooler. If you didn’t notice, it was just this off
tempo version of the opening credits theme song that started when Jon Snow jumped down
and start swinging longclaw around. It also seemed like the whole episode was
drums and string basses. That early shot when the raiding party was
rushing the South Gate gave us that amazing panoramic shot that went from them, panned
up the wall to and out over Mance’s army. Just to hammer home that Mance was attacking
from the North and the raiders from the south at the same time. I’m hoping they give us a big daylight shot
of Mance’s entire army, just to give you an idea for scale. Because the Night’s Watch
only had about a 100 men before tonight’s battle. So they’re probably down to about
50 or 60. The gate is still intact though. But if one giant could lift it up it’s not
much comfort. Number 2 – Jon Snow takes Command This was like Jon’s Kobayashi Maru, the unwinnable
scenario. That’s why I mentioned Star Trek before. I’ll go so far as to say that the
scenario is still playing out. Because at the end of the episode he has to deal with
a fight they definitely can’t win. I loved how Dolorous Edd invented a reason
for Janos Slynt to go back down. I kind of half expected them to just punch him and make
him pass out. It’s like the show is preparing us for Jon Snow to take a leadership role. Janos Slynt is the only other senior commander
left alive so it’s unclear whether or not Jon will take full command of the night’s
watch next week or if it will turn into a big plot that will carry over into season
5. One of my favorite moments was when the brother’s
on top of the wall asked Jon how he knew the climbers wouldn’t get to the top till morning.
“Because I made that climb”. and my Number 1 moment of course – Ygritte
Dies The way Jon just smiled at her was so amazing.
That was my favorite reaction shot of the episode. I’m not sure if he was thinking about
the strung arrow she had on him but this is where Maester Aemon’s quote came full circle.
They both just kind of freeze. I totally did not see that little kid coming.
I actually thought they were going to let him kill that big Thenn in like a revenge
moment. But that’s why Game of Thrones is so awesome. Now Jon gets to feel extra guilty
about Ygritte’s death because he’s the one that told that little boy to start killing
people. Which is probably what drove him to the decision
to walk into the dragon’s maw that is Mance’s army. Without his sword. It’s so sad to see Ygritte go, but did anyone
think they were not a tragic couple? It’s like relationships and especially weddings
equal death on the show. So maybe Sam is better off not knowing what sex is like. I definitely think the rest of Jon’s heart
died tonight though. He’s frozen solid to the core. I think it will be his sense of
duty that will keep him going. He will probably never laugh out loud or smile again though. But now it’s your turn, let me know what your
biggest WTF moment was. I feel like we’re all thinking the same unfortunate
ginger thoughts right now though. Her last line, you know nothing Jon Snow. Is straight
off the page from her death in the book. If you want to read her death scene in the
book it’s in Book 3 Jon Chapter 7. Overall the episode was A plus from a production
stand point. It really was like a mini recreation of the battle for Helm’s Deep in Two Towers,
from the way they altered the music to the Wildlings Charging. Very cinematic and very
awesome. Don’t be surprised if this episode gets nominated for a technical emmy. Those
are the emmys they give for production. Like I said Neil Marshall directed the episode,
he was the person who did Blackwater in season 2. Which was also kind of like a Helm’s Deep
story, Helm’s Deep with Wildfire. Just comparing the two episodes, I think from
a production standpoint and emotional payoff, Blackwater is still my favorite. Kit Harington
is awesome, but almost no one on the show can hold a candle to Peter Dinklage. I guess during Blackwater, Joffrey was their
Janos Slynt. Like the person in charge who is also the biggest coward. Just because I think Blackwater was a little
better doesn’t mean this episode was bad. I just feel like they’re holding something
really big back for the finale. So you leave this episode feeling like you got half a story.
It was a freaking awesome half of a story though. Did anyone else think of Jabba’s Gate in Return
of the Jedi when Jon went to meet with Mance? Like he’s Luke Skywalker waiting outside Jabba’s
Palace without his lightsaber. I wonder if they shot it to look that way
on purpose? I’m really curious which moment they’ll end
the season on. There’s a lot of big plots still floating in the air. I’ll leave a lot of the other plot discussion
for my Q&A video tomorrow, but here are a few things they left hanging in this episode. What the hell is Jon going to do when he gets
to Mance’s camp? I don’t think anyone believes he’s going to be able to kill him. Janos Slynt
is still an issue. They mostly used him for comedy in this episode. But he’s been a pain
in Jon’s ass all season. And what are they going to do with Tormund
Giantsbane. He’s one of the wildlings best fighters. There’s no way he’s going to give
up information. Unless it’s tips on having sex with bears. That really was one of the
funniest parts of the episode. So feel free to ask any remaining plot questions
for the finale, please use spoiler tags if you’ve read the books and want to talk about
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