Hey youtubers it’s Charlie and yesterday
I asked you to submit all your Game of Thrones Questions so here we shall answer them. Just
last night I also found some new evidence for an official Winds of Winter release date
so I’ll explain that first. Because it would be a very very big deal. There’s a little bit of math and a little
bit of leaked information from an international news site. They collectively say Spring 2015,
which I don’t think is going to happen but the data science website FiveThirtyEight ran
their own stats based on known factors and came up with February 2015 which will never
play out. And there’s an international news site that’s supposedly called Book Keep
Library saying April 2015. But I can’t even find their website so I can’t confirm where
they got April from. Five Thirty Eight is Nate Silver’s website,
they do statistical analysis to write their stories. Because they’re actually using
real data to make predictions I tend to trust them more. The reason I don’t think the book will be
done by February is because George RR Martin would have to not leave his house and exceed
his average daily word count every day until February next year. There’s no way that’s
going to happen. He will travel, he will take days off. The article was written in June and since
then he already traveled to the Ediburgh Book Festival. If you’ve never heard him talk
about writing, he only writes when he doesn’t travel. And during football season he takes
every Sunday off. I’d like to see the book by the end of Season
5, that would be June 2015, even that seems optimistic. I do think it will be done in
2015. It’s harder to predict because book releases don’t work the same way movie releases
or tv seasons work. I don’t even want to think about book 7.
Dream of Spring was originally planned as the final song of ice and fire novel but now
he’s said that he might expand it and do an eighth novel. There would just be more
side characters and more plots going on around the main characters. I’ll do a separate Winds of Winter video
soon and talk more about such things. Be sure to subscribe to get it. On to questions, Question Number 1 – 1 rebeccaam.PNG
The faces they use are cured faces. The first time I read the book and then saw it on the
series I was a little confused. But the book explains it much better. They’re worn like
masks. So theoretically Jaqen has the face he was born with. We don’t know if that’s
the one we saw but yes, he could totally go back to any face he’s previously worn if
he still has the face. It’s also important to note that if they’re
on a mission to kill someone or infiltrate a place, they can kill a new person, take
their face and walk around as said person. That’s why everyone is wondering if syrio
forel is Jaqen, I don’t think that’s the case, Syrio was a water dancer. I’m hoping
Dan and Dave understand how much the fans talk about this and at least include some
easter egg for it during the Braavos scenes in season 5. Just to explain the new faces thing. If Jaqen
were on a mission and he needed a new face, he’d kill someone, then preserve their face
so it wouldn’t decompose and start wearing it. Like constructing a mask from someone else’s
face. Question 2 – 2 – John Smith.PNG I think the show is going to simplify it a
lot so it makes sense inside the world the show has presented. What they’ll probably
do is have Alexander Siddig, who’s playing Doran, seem like a weak person because of
his gout and after the Sand Snakes start and then surprise surprise he’ll get that “I
will be your champion” type moment that Oberyn had. The way Doran is presented is a little different
that Oberyn. In season 4 episode 1 the way Tyrion talks about Oberyn makes him sound
like a foppish version of Jaime, just fucking his way across the narrow sea. Then as we
get to know him better we find out he’s cunning, leading up to the scene in the Black
Cells where he reveals his revenge plan to Tyrion. I think it will be exactly the same type of
slow burn with Doran. He’s seem weak and indecisive then fast forward to “I have
a plan”, “I’ve always had a plan” and it’s all playing out nicely. It seems like a very TV-thing to do. They’ll
just cut out a lot of details from the book version of the master plan to make it sound
simpler. I’m really excited about Alexander Siddig,
I was huge Deep Space 9 fan. Especially after Doctor Bashir got super dark during the Gem
Hadar war. Moving on to Question 3 –
3 – Julian Parisi.PNG I didn’t see your first question so no worries
but who says Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen aren’t Jon Snow’s real parents. There’s
no way the show would confirm or deny a big reveal like that this soon in the series.
That’s like Season 7 stuff. Even the books have danced around Jon Snow’s mother. I did a couple mega theory videos this year
where I explain why they might be his parents. I’ll add a link to that at the end of the
video and in the description if people want to watch it. Right now, in my opinion, there has been no
theory with more compelling evidence. Just because the show hasn’t cast Lyanna
Stark yet or done a big flashback sequence doesn’t mean they won’t. They’re planning
for 8 seasons, so we’ve only seen half of what they intend to do. On the other side of that, if any of you guys
feel like you have better evidence for a competing Jon Snow mother theory please write it in
the comments. It’s always a fun topic to talk about. And because no one knows for sure
it’s not even spoilery. On to Question 4 –
4 – noel gallagher.PNG I saw a lot of questions about Jaqen’s whereabouts
during season 2. The simple answer is he was exactly where he wanted to be. He wanted to
go to the wall so he let himself be captured. Hopefully the books and the show will explain
it in greater detail but I think that he placed himself in Arya’s path. I don’t think it guarantees that Syrio and
Jaqen are connected, but Jaqen took an interest in Arya and probably saw that she had potential
as a Faceless person. I think it’s really a combination of circumstance
and design. Jaqen didn’t go to King’s Landing just because of Arya, but once he
was there he saw her and called an audible on whatever mission he was on. Book 5 provides a few suggestions as to what’s
going on, so if you want to follow up on Jaqen read that. Question 5 –
No I don’t think that Littlefinger will Marry Sansa, he explains his grand plan in
the books. I think the show will do that Sansa stuff without changing it too much. It was
a pretty simple situation as presented. To explain it would be super spoilery, so I’ll
just say read the sansa chapters, they explain everything. 5 – steve saiyman.PNG As for your second questions, I don’t think
he’s going to Kill Tyrion. At least not in Winds of Winter. I know everyone wants
Tyrion to be the focal point for the battle between the forces of the great other and
the red god. I do think he’ll die eventually, it’s
just not going to happen in winds of winter. The way I think about it is that no one in
the series gets a happy ending, they just get an ending. People find themselves in situations
and either adapt or die. So by the end of the series, most of the characters we know
now will have changed so much they’ll seem like completely different people. Hardship and war change people. I have my
favorites I hope survive, but I wouldn’t be surprised if most of them die horribly. On to Question 6 – 6 – andrew yoo.PNG I
assume when you say TV watcher you mean you
haven’t read the books. I don’t think Tommen will be assassinated. It would be too
predictable if they killed Tommen so quickly after setting him up as this totally normal
kid. That doesn’t mean he won’t be killed, I just think he’ll live to see season 6. Yes things are going downhill in King’s
Landing, especially since the smart people are leaving. Tyrion left with Varys and Tywin
is dead. That makes Cersei the person in charge. Which is what she always wanted, but she’s
a terrible person. So I’m really excited to see things fly out of control. Question 7 – 7 – cantrous.PNG I’ll be so disappointed if they just drop
Gendry for another season. As it stands, he’s not a critical part of the story, so it’s
possible they could never mention him again. Unless they change the books and combine characters
again. It’s possible he could have rowed his little
boat into the narrow sea and been picked up by a merchant ship heading to the east. Arya feels like she’s leaving everything
she knows behind, so I’m not expecting her to run into Gendry. If they want her to become
a new person then bring someone from her past in so quickly would put the brakes on that. There have been a bunch of characters that
have been separated by circumstances since season 1, I do think that at a certain point
a lot of them will cross paths again. But we’ve still got like 4 more seasons to go.
So it might be a while. Question 8 –
8 – tomr.PNG I get this question a lot, congratulations.
You will not regret reading the books. Reading is very important. If you want to skip everything
that’s already happened. Just start with Book 4. The last scene in season 4 with Arya,
is right where Book 4 begins. They did spill into book 4 a little for other
characters, but for all intents and purposes. Book 4 will comprise the greatest portion
of Season 5. Then if you want circle back around and read
the first three books. If you have a lot of time then you can start
with book 1, you’ve got till the beginning of next april before season 5 starts. Question 9 –
9 – gauti jonsson.PNG I don’t think I’ll be doing the exact
same thing. I try to change the types of videos I do based on what everyone enjoys the most.
So a lot of it just depends on requests I get. Like people asking for more explainers,
book theories, history videos. I have a lot more time to actually sit down
and write stuff too. So what you’ll probably see more this fall will be me asking people
to vote for future videos and then I just do the ones that get picked the most. I’m also really excited to try videos that
involve things from you guys. That’s the ultimate goal, to make videos that involve
things you guys contribute, whether it be art or a theory or something funny. That kind of stuff. That’s what I’m trying
to figure out how to do right now. Question 10 –
10 – chiarodo jac.PNG I don’t think they’re the same person.
Howland is closer to Ned Stark’s age and Jonathan Pryce who they cast as the High Sparrow.
Looks like more of a plotter than a fighter. Howland is described as being very small but
incredibly formidable. He saved Ned Stark’s life by holding off
Arthur Dayne and he was the only other person besides Ned to survive when they went to rescue
Lyanna Stark from Rhaegar Targaryen at the Tower of Joy. For those that haven’t read the books, he’s
the father of Jojen and Meera Reed. He’s a crannogman who so far has supposedly been
hiding out in the hills while everything’s been going crazy all over the world. For book readers, there’s also a theory
that he is the Knight of the Laughing Tree. I hope we see him on the show at some point,
but so far I haven’t seen any casting notices that fit his description. Thanks so much for submitting questions, there
were also a lot of really good ones that were spoilery so I tried to answer those in the
comments. Spoiler questions are totally cool to ask as long as you use spoiler tags. And for anyone who did catch me talking about
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