I was born to rule the seven kingdoms, and I will. Cersei will be ready Hey, YouTubers new game of thrones coming tonight, so we need to talk about Jon snow and dragons We’ve been saying winter is coming for so many seasons, now we should really say fan services coming Jon Snow daenerys meeting tonight for the first time jon. Snow doesn’t have ghosts with him Which is a whole other thing I’ll link that video at the end of this, but as we know that jon snow is at dragon stone regardless of what your interpretation of the prophecy of the prince who was promised was he’s critical to it, the new idea is that people shouldn’t be quite as specific with it if they have been in the past like the prince was promised is no one person there are promise people and there’s the three heads of the dragon Which is also part of the prince who was promised. So when people first read that in the books they thought that meant there were three promised Dragon riders There are a number of hopefuls in the books and as the TV show has slowly changed things from that and now we have Melisandre saying prophecy is a tricky thing Maybe we should be careful about how we interpret that the idea that everybody has interpreted every vision Everything wrong on the TV show even bran hasn’t got everything a hundred percent But there’s this theory that jon snow being half targaryen being part of this huge prophecy being so critical to the story is One of the Dragon Riders which dragon should he ride and how long before the show pays that off? It’s only just revealed jon. Snow’s true heritage, and it hasn’t even Officially on-screen confirmed that he’s half targaryen, even though If you’ve read the books you’ve read between the lines all the clues the show’s given you about Rhaegar targaryen LyAnna stark you know that his father is rhaegar So there’s this big thing going on in the TV show where they’re trying to pay off all these loose threads that they set up There are a lot of people that think that’s even the only reason that they’re bringing Gendry back just so that they don’t leave that plot thread hanging and he won’t have some larger role to play But when you talk about Jon snow riding dragons you have to take into consideration How the Valyrian bonded with their dragons how they tame them so to speak It’s not quite the same thing as taming animals, and then there’s the consequences of Jon snow riding a dragon I don’t think there’s any way that he rides a dragon this season I do feel like if they’re going to pay that off it won’t be till season 8 because think about the way the lords of The North reacted to jon snow when he merely suggested the idea of them meeting with Daenerys, “a targaryen Cannot be trusted” Which is a bit of an eye wink to the fact that John Snow is also part targaryen which means that littlefinger is Probably doing the calculus right now even if he’s not a hundred percent sure that John snow is the son of Rhaegar targaryen He probably has his suspicions So this season seems like it’s more about bringing John snow to dragons and then leaving what happens next for season eight Hopefully we can all be in agreement that if jon snow is going to ride a dragon the dragon The dragon he should ride should be the one that’s named for his father Regal so hopefully regal will survive the season eight and they can pay that off But typically in the past the way the targaryen past dragons now because they live much longer than humans do is that Classically they’ll start the bonding process between person and dragon when the dragon is still in the egg unhatched So they’ll put dragon eggs in children’s beds hoping to form a bond between them Then you have situations like balerion the black dread a dragon who was hatched in ancient Valyria before the doom he was taken to Dragonstone when the targaryens escaped with their family most of the stories you hear about them are from Aegon’s conquest Him riding around the seven kingdoms lighting everybody on fire by the time of the conquest Valyrian was over a hundred years old meaning that he had multiple riders and for the most part people just assumed that as long as your targaryen you can ride your Ancestors Dragon, so if aegon the conquerer had children. They’d be able to Ride bully dorian. Just like Bol Aryans form a rider pass them down to aegon the conquerer, but it’s actually not quite so simple There’s a little bit of a clarification during the princess in the queen’s story whereby you find out that even if you’re the child or you’re part of the bloodline of a dragon rider, you can’t just Automatically hop that dragon and everything will be fine you have to bond with it. The same way that someone like Jon Snow bonds with ghost it sounds kind of magical and supernatural But it’s actually much more practical like it happens in real life all the time like people Bond with horses you have to get a horse to trust you before it’ll let you ride it Dragons are just the uber version of that so just because you can ride a horse Doesn’t mean that your child could come along and just hop on the horse There’s even a special passage in the princess and the queen’s story where it implies that someone who was not a targaryen was able to tame a Dragon called Sheep’s dealer So it reads in the end the brown dragon was brought to heel by the cunning and persistence of a small brown girl it doesn’t really give her name of six and ten named neddy who delivered him a freshly slaughtered sheep every morning until Sheeps dealer learned to accept and expect her she was black-haired brown-eyed brown skinned skinny foul-Mouthed filthy and fearless in the first and last Dragon Rider of the Dragon Sheeps dealer So it just implies that you can win dragons over given enough time and persistence You get them to trust you they’ll let you ride them in just because you’re a targaryen doesn’t mean they will automatically trust you I Really love the way it talks about the qualities that girl The implication being that as long as jon snow shows no fear and gets one of the dragons to trust him somehow He will be able to ride it whether or not he wants to or whether or not the realm will riot if he does So hopefully that explains a little bit about how the show is treating the three heads of the dragon prophecy How jon snow being part targaryen makes it much more likely that He’s able to ride a dragon But also, how that doesn’t necessarily matter a hundred percent There are other ways to ride dragons like it would probably take many Many months to win a dragon over just bringing It dead sheep every single day But you can imagine drogon would probably like someone more if they brought him a fresh sheep every single day But also just to address tyrion Dragon rider. I know a lot of people are thinking tyrion may be part targaryen Maybe there are some clues and what happened during season six yes, I do think that tyrion should ride a dragon I do think that they trust him So I do think that if he tried he’d be able to do it whether or not the show ever tries to pay that off It seems like this season is more about jon snow coming to Daenerys So it’s choosing more to focus on Jon snow in this grand prophecy sense But it does feel like they’re going to wait til season eight to pay a lot of these big things off because he’s only leading Daenerys for the first time this season So let me know in the comments who is going to be the first person to ride a dragon besides Daenerys? Do you think they’ll pay that jon snow twist off in season eight and which dragon Do you want to see him ride? but what will happen tonight Is I’ll post my episode 3 video after it airs and then I’ll post my rick and morty episode 2 video early Monday morning Then I’ll post that game of thrones Episode 4 trailer video so Rick and Morty is back if you guys didn’t know it’s going to be on at 11:30 p.m. Tonight after game of thrones, so I recommend you check it out. If you’ve never seen it before it’s on adult Swim Congratulations to the latest Giveaway Winner Lewis Please private message me on the back end of my channel so I can get your contact details While you wait for everything click here for the trailer for tonight’s episode And you can click here for brand new Rick and morty. Thank you so much for watching everybody stay awesome. I’ll see you guys tonight.