you should have listened Mormon father
spoke about the importance of gold I know it’s boring for you you just wanted
to hunt and ride and fight but I listened I learned my garden waters the
most powerful army and esos the golden company 20,000 men horses elephants I
believe the golden company is not here they’re in Essos how is a mercenary
company in SS going to help us do you really think you’re in gradua turned
tail and sail back to the Iron Islands do you think he abandoned the chance to
marry the Queen no one walks away from me he’s sailing with his fleet to Essos
he’s going to ferry the golden company back here to help us win the war for
Westeros hey everyone you requested a golden
company video they’re a really cool group of mercenaries from the book
there’s a big storyline that they might be including from the TV show so I’m
going to explain why it’s relevant to Jon Snow’s storyline and why it’s so
important for a Circe’s storyline because she says no one ever walks away
from me just remember that in the motto of the golden company is our word is as
good as gold as in they’ve never broken a contract so as far as she thinks
Cersei has this ace in the hole an ironclad contract that Euron’s
helping her execute thanks to the iron bank so if you’re finding me for the
first time this is just one of many season eight videos that we’re going to be
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there’s giveaway stuff that I’ll talk about at the end of the video but the
cool thing about the golden company is they’re essentially a mercenary group
started by Targaryen bastards made up of exiled Westerosi Lords so if you’re like
Sir Jorah and you’re exiled for whatever reason usually that’s where you go to
find work because if you’re a knight and you’re exiled you have crazy good skills
because even though the TV show didn’t show it off a whole lot Sir Jorah was an
anointed Knight as they actually called out during season seven so he had crazy
good skills even though he’s a little bit older on the TV show now so we’re
seeing him later in his life although he did show some mad skills up beyond the
wall during episode six but the whole thing about the golden company is that
they’re just a lot more trustworthy than the other cell sword companies my hand
kybun has made overtures to the golden company in Essos I know them well they
have helped us recover a significant sums from parties who would fall into
deep arrears it’s good to hear I too would like them to recover some things
that belong to me but as ty CONUS tourist tells Cersei they use them they
trust them and if the iron bank trusts someone to execute a contract it means
that they are legit but in the books we don’t really meet any golden company
characters until feast for crows book four and there’s a lot of Dorne plot
that gets tied up with it so obviously the TV shows going to do a slightly
different version and they don’t specifically mention that Jorah was a
member of the golden company but you may remember that season four moment where Daenerys calls him out it’s not a question
approval is a question of trust you neither approve nor trust well I would
hire them as a cell sort didn’t you fight for the golden company before
pledging your sword to my brother I did I trust you
there are a couple really important book characters that the TV show has cut out
or given storylines to other characters that we meet through them Jon connington and Aegon otherwise known as young grip so you have these golden company
characters that surface in Arianne Martell who’s one of the door and
characters the TV show has cut out gets word that they’ve broken their contract
their unbreakable contracts get broken because they’re turning to support Aegon’s bid for the throne so he’s sort of like this new contender that comes out
of nowhere with this seemingly perfect backstory so it all sounds a little too
good to be true but you have all these exiled Westerosi Lords including Jon
connington who was Rhaegar Targaryen ‘he’s
childhood friend he was his best friend growing up
so when Rhaegar died because jon connington supported the crown during
Robert’s rebellion he was exiled he went and joined the golden company there in
the middle of this campaign in Essos they drop everything they’re doing and
then head to Westeros and they’re getting ready to take storms and in the
books so they’re right there next to the Crown lands so it’s just another example
of a couple different campaigns for people to take the Iron Throne on the TV
show you just have Daenerys you have Cersei and then obviously we have the
surprise that Jon Snow is Aegon Targaryen so here’s where we get into
theory territory remember that Aegon Targaryen is part of
the golden company in the books they say screw you to the people that hired them
breaking their unbreakable contracts to back a Gon’s bid for the throne jon
connington one of the leaders of the golden company got part of his storyline
from the books given to Sir Jorah who used to be part of the golden company on
the TV show it was a grayscale plot Jon connington gets greyscale Jorah gets
greyscale obviously the TV show had a really weird storyline with jurors
greyscale I think that was really just a reason for him to not be around tenaris
there were some scheduling conflicts with the actors so they’re like okay
we’ll give him this greyscale plot from Jon connington and we’ll put him on the
sidelines for a couple episodes then he’ll come back to Daenerys so because
there are all these TV show things that are seemingly
lining up with book things for the golden company people are now wondering
if they’re going to break their contract on the TV show with Cersei in Bac Jon
Snow and Daenerys you just have to remember there are only six episodes in
season eight so I’m not expected to see them introduce any really really big
black fire characters they’ll probably be some verbal references to their
family their lineage so once they learn the truth of what’s going on with
Daenerys and the son of Rhaegar Targaryen somebody who they really loved
then in the way that you’ve seen the Dothraki support Daenerys we might see
the golden company’s support them now think about it this way how big are the
Dothraki characters during season seven they were very important we got to see
some really badass scenes like Episode four was an amazing Dothraki scene but
how many of them are like really fleshed out characters now like how many big
lines of dialogue they’re more like menacing characters in the background
you see them step up when Jon Snow tries to approach the throne they’re meant to
be very threatening but none of them get really big character moments they just
get big battle scenes so I wouldn’t be surprised if they treat the golden
company characters the same way like we’re they’re really badass like you see
gray worm in the finale it’s just like a very brief moment you see all these
unsullied legions lined up it looks super badass but we’re so late in the
game that you just don’t expect too many new big characters to get a lot of big
moments but if the golden company is going to betray Cersei there’s a number of
ways that they could choose to accomplish that and have a couple of
character moments like Sir Jorah talks to them and they believe that Daenerys
will give them back their titles in their lands if they help her out so in
the books they really do love this Aegon Targaryen character but part of the idea
is is that they’re exiled Westerosi Lords they want to come home they want
to be pardoned in Daenerys once she’s on the throne can do that for them or even
John depending on who you think’s going to wind up on the Iron Throne and because
so many people are going to die during season eight just think about all the
empty castles of Westeros this sort of a running joke on the TV show right now
like when they rolled up to Dragonstone in the first episode it was empty this
huge strategic position which is completely empty storm’s end is
completely empty right now even Highgarden
is completely empty there are so many castles just ripe for the taking for all
these exiled Westerosi Lords to come back if they want them but let me know
in the comments do you think because Sir Jorah got the Jon connington plot in the
books it because Aegon the person in the books that the golden company breaks
their contract to support is now sort of Jon Snow on the TV show do you think
that they’ll simplify golden company on the TV show and just have them break
their contract with Cersei to go add to Daenerys as forces as they’re fighting
the night king remember that line of dialogue from Cersei this is sort of her
tag line now no one walks away from me then what happens right after that Jaime
just walks right away he covers up his golden hand although that’s mostly for
winter protection because it’s really cold and because he doesn’t want people
on the road seeing him identifying him as Jaime Lannister in trying to kill him
or steal everything from him there is a Jaime video that I was planning on
making so why don’t I just do that tomorrow I’ll talk about his season 8
plot because there’s so much awesome brand reunion stuff that I’m excited
about Jaime and bran in the same room again Jaime and Brienne Jaime and pretty much everybody up at Winterfell but hopefully that explains TV show
golden company a little bit in how they might rope in some old book plot that
they’ve already skipped over the whole thing with the black fires the history
bittersteel I’m not expecting them to dig too deep
into that because they’ve only talked briefly about the black fires they
haven’t referenced the Blackfyre rebellion that much but we can talk
about black fires golden company bitter steel daemon Blackfyre in a future bonus
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