Let’s go through the steps of integrating
your Weebly store with Printful. You can integrate with Printful and start
setting up if you’re using the “free” plan, but this won’t allow you to publish
products on your store. To fully integrate with Prinful and make your
products publicly available you’ll need to use one of the four subscription plans
for “online stores”. So, to integrate, in your Weebly dashboard
go to “Manage Store” and then go to the Weebly app center by clicking “Apps” up
here. Search for “Printful” and here it is. Now hit the “add” button and in this popup
you can choose which of your stores you want to integrate with Printful and the information
Printful will use. And now you’re redirected to Printful. And here it asks you if you want to create
a new Printful account if you don’t have one already or if you’d like to connect
an already existing account. We’re going to connect an already existing
account so we’ll choose that. Sign in, and confirm connection. And here it is, you’re Weebly store is now
linked. And if you go to “Stores” in your dashboard,
you’ll be able to access it here. So now you can start adding products directly
from Printful to your Weebly store. Hit “add product” up here and you’ll
see a selection of all our products. We’ll add a t-shirt for this example. Choose the model we want. Next up add your design. We’ll create a front print for this example,
so hit “choose file” under “front print” and upload a print file. Note that before that you should go through
our print file formatting guidelines. You can find them under the guidelines tab
for each of our products on the “products & pricing” page. Now you can resize and reposition your print
file and make sure to follow along the print quality information down here. Once you’re done with positioning your design,
choose all the colors and sizes you want to offer this t-shirt in. And hit “Proceed to mockups”. Now here you can choose the type of mockup
you want visible on your store as the product photo. And move on to descriptions. Here you can add your product title, we’ll
name it “Printful t-shirt” and also edit the product description in this field. As you can see we already have the basic product
info provided here, so for this example we’ll leave the original description as is. Once you’ve made your changes, let’s proceed
to pricing. Here you can adjust the retail price by setting
you profit. For example, you can see Printfuls fulfillment
price for this t-shirt here is $12.95, and let’s saywe want our profit to be $8, so
I add “8” here and the retail price is automatically configured to “$20.95”. One thing to note here is, if you’re using
either the “Starter” or “Pro” subscription plan, Weebly charges a 3% fee for each transaction. For the [a][b] “Business” or “Performance”
plans – there’s no transaction fee. Lastly, make sure that this box is checked
here and add this product to any of your stores collections. And now hit “Submit to store”
Wait a while for the product to sync over and now, if we choose “View in Weebly”
here you can see the t-shirt we just added in our storefront. Remember, if you’re a “free” plan user,
you can integrate with Printful and create your products. But to publish them to your store, you’ll
need to upgrade to one of Weeblys subscription plans for online stores. And now you’re all set up to start selling. Make sure to go through our Weebly FAQ for
more info, there’s a link to it in the description Get started with Weebly and Printful today! And subscribe to our Youtube channel for more
helpful and fun content. www.printful.com