Ay Yo G Dub
– Yooo Drake’s people just called
– Who? Drake’s people just called Ah, what’s up? Drake’s people just called,
they said they need another hit They need another hit? Haha Say no more fam *cough cough cough* Got a little flem on that one Thats that real spit Dropped two hits last
week, cost a milli a pop They called for more I
said Nicki just STOP Gave you a number one hit that
they be bumping at the parties Now chill, I gotta
write one for Cardi Don’t do it for the
love, power, or fame I do it for the bags,
you know what I mean I only write hits, I only spit
fire, family shit like dis 2300- EMIPRE I’m just a ghost writer I
put the pen to the pad Gimme five ten minutes I’ll
write a hit for yo ass I’m just a ghost writer Stevie Wonder want a track from me I said I’ll hit him back I had
to see (I’m just a ghost writer) Weekends or Workdays, who the fuck
you think wrote Happy Birthday I’m just a ghost writer
skdjfjkfbjbfa KJFBSJBF I even got shit for
the mumble rappers (I’m just a ghost writer)
Write these hits like gifts POW POW POW Santa Clause
all up in dis bitch (I’m just a ghost writer) Cuál Es Tu Nombre Me llamo Lelli ¡YA TU SABES!
(I’m just a ghost writer) I rap for all my dogs (I’m just a ghost writer) Babe where you at Making milli in the studio,
I’ll hit you right back DAMN See y’all don’t know man I ghost write for
ally all’s idols man like all yalls idols real
talk like all of them Like J Cole, Kendrick
Lamar, Kehlani Moses Even Kpop Stars, BTS, BlackPink I ghost write everything I ghost write eulogies,
prison letters wedding vows, grocery lists little Timmy Little Timmy aint no rapper but he had this essay that was due I got you my boy! I got you bro You know I’m still
on the phone, right? Oh, damn! I knew you wasn’t shit