Subtitles by OnDemandKorea (Episode 5) For deliberately abusing the government’s
laws on waste water disposal and discharging 70 tons of waste water, I sentence Yoon Jae-gu from
MC Chemicals 7 years in prison, more than what the
prosecutions asked for. Judge Han Jae-gook, who gave a heavy
penalty to a corporate employee, was known as the judge
who couldn’t be bribed. Sir! Why did you turn over MC Chemical’s
Yoon Jae-gook’s ruling? How would he be found as not guilty? I was adhering to the principles of law. The principles of law? Sir, aren’t you ashamed of yourself? Did you get a bribe from
MC Group or something? Hey! Judge Han! There are lines you shouldn’t cross! Aren’t you the one who crossed that line? You should be ashamed of yourself! What a shame. I was looking forward to having
the first female Chief Justice. That’s too bad. Good morning. (Han Jae-gook appointed to Daegu Court) She was turned down for
breaking the glass ceiling, and instead retaliated by being
appointed to another district. Beyond anger, she became disillusioned
with the court organization. This is Mo Wang-pyo. It’s rare to find an ambitious judge like you. And you’re a woman too. You have a lot of misunderstandings
and bias about women. I’m just an old-fashioned man. Why did you want to see me? The employee was already found guilty. You should come join MC Group. They say a person is nearing his
death when he abruptly changes, but I’m still doing all right. You should come to MC and
do big things without getting discriminated
because you’re a woman. I’ll help you. The CEO wanted to make his granddaughter,
Seok-hee, the leader of MC Group. So he was looking forward to
Judge Han being a big help. But the results were the total opposite. What an irony… (Elegant Family / Graceful Family) Mr. Wang is coming. Since many directors of MC
distribution have attended today, Mr. Mo Wang-pyo says he has
something to personally say. I, Mo Wang-pyo, will give all of MC
distribution and the real estates to my granddaughter, Mo Seok-hee. If my granddaughter, Mo Seok-hee,
gets into an accident or dies, all of the assets that I’ve given
her will be donated to charity. So you already knew about this, Ms. Han? Yes. Then why didn’t you tell us? Because I needed to confirm it. About the disposable phone
that you told me to look into. The cell tower was in Sungbukdong,
so I looked into the family. It was Ms. Jung’s second phone. Ms. Jung? Yes. She’s had it for about 5 years. So she was playing for both sides… Seeing how she called in Seok-hee
right after Mr. Wang collapsed, it’s a little suspicious, right? I’ll look into the hospital and
find out Mr. Wang’s condition. We had to know exactly what
Mr. Wang’s will said. If we had done something to
Seok-hee, MC Group could’ve ended up being up to the people to run. So what are we going to do? – Nothing.
– Ms. Han! She has become MC Group’s major
shareholder by legitimate process. So what are we going to do if Seok-hee
says she’s going to run the company? The directors will appoint her as CEO
since she’s the major shareholder. There’s no way to stop her if
she wants to run the company. Are you kidding me right now? Be quiet. She hasn’t become the CEO yet, so you should wait patiently. Don’t you think you trust her too much? Leave it to her. She hates losing more than I do. It must’ve been hard having to
live a double life at an old age. I’ll see you later. Seok-hee, you’ve grown so much. You’re really my Seok-hee, right? Yes, Grandfather. It really is me. I can die in peace now. The hard times are over now. Your time will come. You have to stay by my
side for a long time. Of course. Of course I should. Ms. Jung is coming. I had no idea. I’m sorry I didn’t get
to tell you in advance. I had no choice for safety reasons. But you should’ve at least tipped me off. I’m sorry. I had to be extra careful. So you’re the one who has
been sending me the texts? Yes. I had another phone that
TOP didn’t know about. I thought you were on my stepmother’s side. I’m really sorry and thank you for taking
care of my grandfather. When your mother was murder– Before that happened to her, your grandfather was already unconscious
at the hospital due to an accident. That’s why he couldn’t do anything when
you were forced to go to the States. Your grandfather was always thinking about you. He couldn’t even contact you because
of TOP and just prepared for this day. Now, I’m going to return everything back to its place. You should go rest now. Are you okay? Yeah. I’m a little tired, but I’m okay. It looks like you have something to say. What did you mean when you said you’re going
to return everything back to its place? For example, find the real
culprit instead of a fake one. There’s a lot of things I need to work on. Tell me what you really want to do so that I can help you. – Why should I?
– You said you need me. I work for the company. You shouldn’t use the company
for personal reasons. Do you know how I’ve been
living for the past 15 years? I’m going to do my own thing which
has nothing to do with you. It’s up to you whether you help me or not. I’m worried about you. Go home. And take the day off tomorrow since
we’re going to be busy from now on. Congratulations on your
grandfather waking up. Yeah… I’m sure it’s hard for sensible
people like you to understand. She’s the maid who’s stuck in prison. Lim Soon… So that maid’s name was Lim Soon. After visiting her at the
time of the incident, I don’t even know where she is now because of
Ms. Han’s watch. It’s time for you to do something. Wow, Eun-ji, you’re working so hard. You’re so dependable. A friend’s father is like my own father. This is the least I could do. Anyway, thank you for helping. You
should go, it’s getting late. It’s not that late. Are you waiting for Yoon-do? No. I’m thirsty. I’m back. Hey! Hey. I was about to leave. Want
something cold to drink? It’s late. You should just go. No. Have a seat. That’s not right. Would you leave the company to a
granddaughter who doesn’t know anything like me instead of a son who’s been
running the company for years? No, I would never leave it
to a granddaughter like you. Dad, he’s dissing me right now, right? What’s “dissing?” Anyway, Eun-ji is right. It’s ridiculous. – Right?
– Yes. Of course. That family is abnormal. I’m sure there’s a story there. Maybe he’s not the CEO’s real son? That’s right! Secrets about their births! Hold on. What is it? I need you to find someone for me. Who? Lim Soon. – Who?
– She’s been serving 15 years now. I’ll text you the name and her social security. Find out which prison she’s at. Who is this person? That’s none of your business. Just find her for me. Is something wrong? No, it’s nothing. Why do you all look like that
when the real fight starts now? The situation is a bit complicated. Because the succession was legitimate,
it’s hard to fight it legally. They’ve already sealed the succession
with the National Tax Service. And the government likes it since
they’re going to properly pay taxes. This is the worst scenario
that we expected. So we need to find a way. Isn’t the board rejecting her the
best option we have right now? Yes. Mo Seok-hee is the major shareholder, but we just need to move so that
she doesn’t become the CEO. What’s the exact breakdown of shares? – Joo-young.
– Okay. Seok-hee has 31.6% and we have
31.4%, so it’s a close match. We can turn the tables
if we gather foreign investors, our shares,
and small investors. Okay. Mr. Yoon, contact the CEOs with voting rights
and get a report that’s in favor for us. And use that to persuade
the foreign investors. Mr. Kwon and Ms. Lee, find
the individual investors and make them vote against Seok-hee. And you, find a reason for
Seok-hee’s disqualification as CEO. – The more we have, the better.
– Yes, ma’am. By the way, Mr. Huh asked for the
month off starting tomorrow. Don’t worry about him. Just get our missions done. Yes, ma’am. Can I ask who that is? – It’s my mom.
– She passed away? How did she die? Her heart stopped beating. When your mother was murder– Before that happened to her… The defendant, Lim Soon, cruelly
killed a precious life. I sentence the defendant to life in prison. Find the real culprit instead of a fake one. – Mom!
– It wasn’t me! – Mom!
– It wasn’t me! Lim Soon. She’s been serving 15 years now. Find out which prison she’s at. What’s with the car? – Let’s switch cars just for today.
– Why? Where are you going? I’ll explain later. Hey, I don’t have insurance! I got all the insurance. I’m
allowed to drive other cars. Good? Hey! I’m not some loser! Why do you keep taking things from me?
You think a detective is a joke? Hey! You’re going to work early. I’m busy. Why are you always so busy? That’s right. You must be very busy
working since the whole company is about to be
handed over to your sister. Here. Stop trying to pick a fight. Pick a fight? Why did you even get married if you
were going to do whatever you want? Are we even a married couple? Hey. Do you love me? What’s wrong with you? It’s
like you really do love me. I told you I will divorce you after you
are confirmed to be the successor. When is that going to happen? Isn’t Seok-hee confirmed
to be the successor now? Then I have to be locked up in here forever? Don’t worry. I’ll divorce
you when the time is right. So when is that going to be?
Every day is like hell for me! Shut your mouth before I block all
the cards for your family. Okay, block them. Block all of them! And I will kill you myself. Don’t come see me anymore.
(2004) Don’t even look back and
just go live your life. Listen to your uncle. And forget about me. And… you can’t ever come visit me again, okay? – No.
– Promise me. Take care of yourself, okay? Your time is up. Let’s go. Mom! Mom! Mom! Mom! (2013) Please tell her that it’s
her son, Park Tae-ho. You visit has been denied. (2017) You visit has been denied. (2018) You visit has been denied. I heard a lawyer from MC Group came. Lawyer Huh Yoon-do? Mom. Tae-ho… Is that you? It is you. It is you, Tae-ho. It’s my son, Tae-ho. I couldn’t even recognize my own son. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. You don’t need to be sorry. I’m the one who’s sorry. I became a lawyer. And I didn’t even come visit you. You’re a lawyer? Yes. I… Your son… became a lawyer. I’m so proud of you. Why did you keep refusing to see me? I missed you so much. I’m…. so sorry. The visit is over. Mom. You know Han Jae-gook, right? The one who was murdered was
the wife in MC Group, right? No. No, I don’t know. I’m going to submit a appointment paper.
Make sure you sign in. I’m going to request for a retrial. And clear your charges. No, Tae-ho! You can’t do that! Tae-ho, you really can’t do that. I am the murderer. Please don’t do anything! Prisoner 3509! Your visit is over. We won’t make an appeal. What are you talking about? There will be no more trials for this case. Ms. Han, what are you talking about? Then when am I going to get released? You won’t be able to get out for a while. For how long? You should pay for committing a murder. So it will take some time. Why are you being like this? You said they’d release me
if I admitted to the charge. You know that it wasn’t me. You said you’d help me! Your son’s name is Park Tae-ho, right? He’s tall. And he’s big. Why are you talking about my son? You son needs to grow up well
now that he’s on his own. Please… Don’t touch my Tae-ho! I’m begging you! Don’t worry. We’ll take care of your son
until you are released. In turn, you must never say that
you’re not guilty ever again. Got it? You must never see your son
even if he comes to visit you. The moment you do, you
may never see him again. Okay, I won’t. Please save my Tae-ho. Tae-ho, you really can’t do it. I am the murderer. Please don’t do anything! (Mo Seok-hee) Why isn’t he answering? Is he mad at me? Did you find out which prison she’s at? Call me as soon as you get me the interview
with Newspatch and you check this message. If Mo Seok-hee is appointed as the new CEO, all of the business you’re pursuing
right now will be stopped. Then the initial investments
will go back to square one, and the new business will be at a
risk of failing due to inexperience. So there’s a high chance
the stocks will crash. Will you be okay with that? But according to the rules, the CEO should
be the major shareholder, Mo Seok-hee. It looks better that way too. Since we’ve been serving Mr.
Wang for a while, I think we’ve decided to
appoint Seok-hee as the CEO. What’s this? Your wife hired a private investigator. We obtained it before she did
and are giving it to you. TOP will take care of it so it
doesn’t cause any problems. If you don’t want to
attend the shareholders’ meeting, you can give
a power of attorney. Okay. Are you all ready? Who is it? Hello, I’m from MC Group. Hello. I came to greet you since you said
you’ll attend the shareholders’ meeting. Okay, thank you. Thank you. Good afternoon everybody. Thank you for attending this
conference on such short notice. The point here is that her management
ability was not verified at all. She has never dealt with any of
business regarding MC Group. Also, she’s known for a free willing personality who has a high risk of impulsive decision making. We’ve talked to the 3
CEOs with voting rights. The report will be written in our favor. I’ve finished the briefing with the investors too. I’m almost done visiting the independent investors too. Keep working hard. Everyone is in favor for us. Since Seok-hee is a new figure and her
business running skills haven’t been verified. That’s good. I’ve got to go. I have a
meeting with the union boss. Okay. And you? I checked her arrest, drug,
DUI history, and she’s clean. The only flaw she has is overspending
on clubs and luxury items. What about psych clinic visits? None. But the dietitian’s report
at the house is interesting. It is? (Mo Seok-hee) This is Mo Seok-hee. Have a seat. Have we ever had dinner just the two of us? I don’t know. Not that I remember. What can I treat you to so that you’ll be nice to me? I’m nervous. Are you a vegetarian? I’m not. I’m okay with meat. How did my grandfather scout
you who’s so straightforward? Mr. Wang was an honest person. Then why did you abandon him and
switch over to my father’s team? Of course, I’m sure there was a reason. You’re not after money, and you’re not after a fancy honor. I thought about why you do everything
in the dark and stay in TOP. And? Did you get an answer? Pride as a king maker. That’s interesting. The pleasure of being the real one
in power behind the curtains? You remind me of John Hoover,
the director of FBI. He was the director of FBI
until he died and controlled the presidents with all
sorts of information. – You know about Hoover?
– I… know more than you think. Hoover… I’ll take it as a compliment. Ms. Han. How about you start betting on me now? You need to become the CEO from
the shareholders’ meeting first. We’ll talk again after. Okay. I didn’t expect to get you
on my side that easily.[OnDemandKorea Ver]
MBN / DramaX E05 ‘Graceful Family’
-♥ Ruo Xi ♥-You’ve drank a lot. That lady plays her instrument amidst the
pain of her feet freezing to make $5,000. Do you know why I listen to
music like this sometimes? My situation is not different from that musician. It’s to not forget that. Mother. My proud son… Listen to it. You’ve been a genius since you were little. If you weren’t here, people would’ve
just pointed their fingers at me. They talk behind my back about
how I broke up a family. They don’t even have the
courage to say it to my face. But I had a son who was born
to be MC Group’s successor. Mother, did you ever think that I
might want to do something else? No. Never! There can’t be MC Group with you! I’ve been living on ice like that
musician with my hopes set on you. But what are we supposed
to do, Wan-joon? Because of Seok-hee, my dream… No, our dream is about to become nothing. You’re drunk. You should stop now. What a cold jerk… What are you doing on ice? Get down right now. Why are you rudely interrupting her? – Get out!
– Get down right now! Are your feet okay? Yes, they’re okay. Stopping in the middle of your
playing goes against the contract. You won’t be paid today. You can go home. That person just lost
$5000 for playing today. Because of you. Someone like you can’t
know anything about art. Art? This isn’t art. This is torture. How can a human being be so cruel? Oh yeah, you’re not human, right? Shut up! Why don’t you go up there and play yourself? How much will get you on there? $5,000? $10,000? How dare you do this to me? How dare you! Stop with the drama and get up! You cruel wench! I can’t believe this… Get her out of here! Let go! Let go of me! How dare you… How dare you use violence inside my house. You hit your parent. Apologize right now. How did I hit my parent when she
and I are not related at all? You’re the one who didn’t
accept her as your mother! Whose fault is it that I lost my mother? How can I accept her as my mother? – I said, apologize!
– No! You should’ve never been born. How can a father say that to his daughter? You’re not my daughter. That’s right. Our relationship ended when you abandoned
me in the States 15 years ago. Get out! Why don’t you start living
like a human being now? Please get her out of here right now! I’m going to walk out on my own. I didn’t come into this house to
be treated like that from her. How will she run a business
when she has no manners at all? How much longer are you going to let
that hell raiser do what she wants? That’s enough. She’s the one who get worked up, not me. I can’t do it any more! Get
Mo Seok-hee out of my face! I said that’s enough! You need to become the CEO from
the shareholders’ meeting first. You’re not my daughter. Slow down. You’re acting like you lost a lover. Why did you call me here if you
were going to drink on your own? You need to tell me what’s wrong. Did you go see your mom? Yes. I see… I met her for the first time in 15 years. She became an old lady who can’t
even recognize her own son. That does call for a drink. But… what’s more ridiculous is… Damn it. Those MC bastards have blocked it. That’s why we couldn’t see
the investigation records. Then that mean girl is
the victim’s daughter? Wow, she had a real temper. What if you get fired? No, no, no… It sucks for your mother, but the victim’s daughter has the right
to find out who the real killer is. Dad. Is something wrong? Nothing is wrong. Everything is okay. Something is wrong. Dad. When you met me at the Han
River a long time ago, why didn’t you ask me? Ask you what? You didn’t ask me what my parents do… or how I came to be on my own. You’d tell me when the time was right. And there’s a reason for not telling me. I guess today is the day. My mom is in prison. For 15 years now. If it weren’t for you, I really would’ve been dead. Dad. Thank you. There’s no need to thank me. I should be thanking you. I wasn’t much help to you, but you
worked hard and became a lawyer. My son, I guess you met your mother for
the first time in 15 years. What’s going on? Your phone is off. Did you get me the interview with Newspatch? Yes. Good. Let’s go. Why are you getting a cab? Don’t you need to see her
without TOP knowing? Moving in my car will let TOP
know where you’re going. Yeah. But where are we going anyway? To meet the murderer. What? Lim Soon is in there. What’s with you? Go see her. I’ll wait for you. Miss Seok-hee? Miss! Yes, it’s me. I’ve stayed in the States since that day. I want to know the truth. Did you really kill my mother? Then who did? I don’t know. I really don’t know. When I came inside, she was already… She’s not the murderer. Why not? Because she’s not capable of murder. She used to bury a rat in a
box when a cat killed it. She has no motive either. She worked as a maid to
provide for her family. Why would she throw away her job? She doesn’t know how to read and was looked
down upon by everyone her whole life. But she still said the
world is a nice place. Why would someone like
that kill someone? Who are you? I’m her son. What? The woman that you met, Lim Soon…
I’m her son. Then you approached me on purpose? – Did TOP send you?
– No. I met you by accident. By accident? Then tell me. What were you doing when
your mom isn’t the murderer? You’re her son! And you’re… a lawyer. I met her for the first time yesterday too. First time in 15 years. Hey! Hey! Hey! Eat. Yoon-do’s clothes fit you well. Do you want to be my son? That’s how I became Yoon-do, my dad’s son
who didn’t even get a death certificate. Why weren’t you able to see your mom? She refused to see me. I’m sure Ms. Han blackmailed her. She’s more than capable of doing that. My mom isn’t the killer. I’m the one who witnessed the scene! It’s possible under the circumstances. I became a lawyer to
clear my mom’s charges. But it was like her case
didn’t exist in this world. And then I met you. And here we are today. I didn’t know that I wouldn’t
be able to come back to Korea for such a long time when I was
shipped off to the States. The only thing I could do after
being abandoned in the States was eat, drink, and party
to forget about who I was. (The real killer is out there) If the real killer is out
there, I have to find them. The one who killed my
mother and ruined my life. That’s how I got a goal for my life. No, I made it become my goal. Because I didn’t want to live
a meaningless life anymore. After that, I did research
in the Club VIP room and started studying again. Why a club? Because I had to pretend I was partying. I was being watched 24/7. There were no articles
about my mother’s murder. How can there be no
single article about the murder of a daughter-in-law
to a large company? And I couldn’t find any information in Korea. When I tried to trace something,
I was always blocked. And after a few days,
the site was shut down. I got the suspicion that
there is something. I know. I looked into it as much as I could too. But I found an interesting article. It was 5 years after the
murder had happened, and my mother’s case was mentioned in
an article talking about the MC family. But after a few days, that article disappeared too. I bet TOP worked on it. You asked me what it is that I wanted. What I want is… the truth of the murder. That’s why I wanted TOP. TOP shakes me and watches me and don’t let me do anything
that I actually want to do. That’s why I’m going to take over TOP and destroy it. I think you’re on the same page as me. I’ve waited 15 years. The statute of limitations hasn’t expired. First, I need to be appointed as the CEO. Hello, this is Newspatch’s
exclusive interview. We have Mo Seok-hee, who recently
inherited all of the assets from MC Group’s CEO and became MC Group’s
major shareholder and future CEO. Hello. Hello, I’m Mo Seok-hee. We’re doing a live online streaming right now. We’re getting a lot of
interest from the viewers. There’s a lot of people watching. Thank you for tuning in. Seok-hee, you’ve been under a veil because
you haven’t done anything in Korea. You’ve become the third
richest female in Korea as soon as you came
back from the States. That’s why I think there might
be some misunderstandings. Yes, I heard you paid 800 billion dollars
in taxes without using any expedients. Where there are profits, there are taxes. It’s a natural thing to do. I will work fairly to follow
the previous CEO Mo Wang-pyo’s honesty, modesty, respect for
people, and business philosophy. Cut! Okay, good. Thank you so much for keeping your
promise on the exclusive interview. I’m so happy with the viewer count
and reactions that we’ve gotten! You should thank my lawyer. You look even more beautiful in person. Can we talk? Mr. Huh, thank you. Mr. Huh. – You really don’t know me?
– I said I don’t. No, no. I smell something. It smells like a very old memory. We’ve definitely met before. Definitely… Mr. Huh? Mr. Huh! I enjoyed your article about MC family. How did you see that? It was deleted. I was lucky. I saw it right
after it was uploaded. It disappeared. I was fired because of that article
and have been working here since. I’m the one who commented that
Mo Seok-hee is in New York. With the user ID, Titanium Mental? Yes. I was following all of your social media accounts. Oh no, I think we’ll be
seeing each other often. I agree. Newspatch is fast. They’re already receiving articles
from other press and uploading it. They’re mostly friendly. Not bad. What did you talk to Mr. Kim about? The deleted article… He’s the one who wrote it. Really? He’s an important figure that we
need to play give and take with. Nothing has been confirmed yet. Reporter Kim? You can’t write any article that you want. Hello? How dare they use the press when the
shareholders’ meeting hasn’t even happened yet! “A Cinderella has appeared.” “A hidden granddaughter of MC Group has come” “A new leader with both beauty and intelligence” “Is MC Group’s share war over?” Articles from bunch of places are
coming up after Newspatch’s article. Let’s start our retaliation. Show me the analysis on our shareholders. Yes, ma’am. Most of our shareholders are in
their 50s and are conservative. We need to release an article catering to them. I’ll reveal how much she
spent on clubs in New York. The title will be, “Mo Seok-hee, the club mania.” We have all the anonymous reports too. Good. And she also attended a rally
supporting same sex marriage, right? Yes. We’ll make the conservative shareholders
unable to trust Seok-hee as the CEO, got it? Yes. But we’ll attack with articles on the
day of the shareholders’ meeting. What? I have my reasons. Is it done? Give me a second. Take a look. I, Mo Seok-hee, have studied
in the States since I was little to become
a global figure… I have proper… I have proper conduct and
posses a global insight. You’re really bad at writing. That’s how all speeches are. You must not know. This isn’t my style. Do whatever you want. In Mo Seok-hee’s style. Let’s enjoy today as if we
are going to die tomorrow. Life is hella short. What do you think? You’re dying to mess it all up, huh? No, I’m being serious. It’s better than pretending
to be modest and cool. I like the honest and bold Mo Seok-hee too. But that can become a flaw in Korea. There’s no need to be transparent. You said heads aren’t for accessories. I, Mo Seok-hee, have studied
in the States since I was little to become
a global figure… I have proper– Conduct? I have conduct and
posses a global insight. And I will continue the former CEO
Mo Wang-pyo’s honesty and modesty. I will value fairness the most as I work. I will reflect CEO Mo Wang-pyo’s respect
for people and business philosophy to lower myself and
listen to your voices… The CEO is coming. Mo Seok-hee. I heard the shareholders’ meeting is today.
Congratulations. – Are you being serious?
– Of course! Who else would sincerely
congratulate you in here? You must not get what’s going on. What do you mean? Shut that stupid mouth. What did he say? I think he said something bad. Is rudeness inherited from the mother? Why are you speaking Spanish
this early in the day? I think it’s German. It’s German? Anyway, Seok-hee. If you get appointed as the CEO today,
please invest a lot of money into the arts. I’m depending on you. It must be nice to become the boss. Grandfather only likes you. Please excuse me. Seok-hee. You look really cool. You look like a CEO. – Good luck!
– Thanks. (MC Distribution Shareholder Meeting) (Subject: Appointing Mo Seok-hee as new CEO) Call her again. Okay. (Mo Seok-hee) I apologize, but Miss Mo Seok-hee who has
been appointed to become the next CEO is running a little late due to traffic. Please give her a few minutes. What is this? It says Mo Seok-hee was
caught for DUI just now! What is this? I’ll go to her. Ms. Lee, publish the article. (Elegant Family / Graceful Family)Mr. Wang is talking to the directors too.He’s going to convene an
emergency board meeting?
I don’t like playing games
without a chance of winning.
– Sir.
– You should’ve just stayed as a judge.
It’s my mistake.You need to get ready.– Grandfather!
– Sir!
It’s a memorandum giving up
your rights to the business.
You need to give up the inheritance
you got from Mr. Wang too.
Let me keep using Mr. Huh.TOP is going to use him.I don’t know the answer.I’m really alone now.Subtitles by OnDemandKorea