Hello Gardeners, This is Reshma & welcome to Prakriti’s Garden. In this video, I am going to share a very unique information with you. And that is: Mushroom cultivation. I will show you every step from start till harvesting. Do watch this video till end, so that you can get each & every information. You must have seen different types of mushroom available in market, like Oyster, Button Mushroom. But in case you are growing Mushroom for the very first time, do start from growing Oyster Mushroom. As it will make you aware of basics & you will get familiar with precaution to be taken while growing. After that you can grow button mushroom or any other mushroom. In this Video I will tell you all about growing Oyster. Guys, here is the Spawn of Grey Oyster Mushroom. ( Spawns for Mushrooms are like seeds of any plant ) I have purchased spawn from Amazon the purchase link is down below in description. You can buy if you want. Spawns are also available at nearby Agricultural University at very reasonable price. Mostly used growing media is Wheat or Rice Straw ( Chopped into 1-2 inches size ). I am using Rice straw. Let’s prepare straw for growing mushroom. First step is soaking straw for one day in water. Next Day: Step 2- Boil Straw for 1 hr at 80 Degree Celsius. You can boil on Cooking gas stove at medium flame for 1hr or boil outdoor on wood flame keeping flame low. There are two reasons for boiling straw: first is boiling will make straw soft on which mushroom can grow well. 2nd is to sterilize straw so as to kill harmful pathogens present in straw. If we would not boil, the pathogens already present in straw will not allow mushroom grow properly even they can spoil your complete growing media. Boiling process is completed, now lets clean the surface where we will spread straw to drain out extra water. As we need to protect straw from dust and other infectious agent, so select a indoor location and wipe surface with Hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is easily available at any local medical store. In case you won’t get it clean surface with detergent & clean water. Lets spread straw on clean surface to drain extra water. Please do not completely dry the straw, we just need to remove extra water. Straw will get ready in 5-6 hrs ( Depends upon temperature at your side ) Now its time to work with spawn. For that you need a bowl to take out some spawn from its packet. Cotton to sterilise surface & for making cotton plug. Polybag in which we will arrange straw & spawn. Rubbing alcohol to sterilise ( available at medical store ). Straw which is ready to use. Guys do make a check if your straw is ready or not, for that you need to squeeze straw in your hand. In case water drops will come out let it dry for some more time. If no water drop comes, just you feel moist, your straw is ready. My Straw media is ready, lets move to working table. Let start filling bag, before that do sterilise your hand with rubbing alcohol. Tie bottom of polybag with rubber band, so that it can give a cylindrical shape. Polybag is ready let’s take out spawns. Sooo, let’s layer. First layer will be of straw almost 1 to 1 & half inches. Keep on spreading & pressing straw till we get almost 1 to 1 & half inches layer, than we will add spawn. There are so many varieties in Oyster, this one is Grey Oyster Mushroom. These are very nutritious & delicious mushroom high in antioxidants, minerals & other nutrients Crush the spawns a bit & Sprinkle at the margins of polybag to form ring. After making Spawn ring form other layer of straw & keeps repeating. You can make as many rings as possible depends upon things available with you and size of polybag. This was the last straw layer. Now press straw & tie polybag with rubber band. Now last thing we need to do is make holes in polybag so that material inside will remain well aerated. For this you can use any sharp equipment, wipe that with rubbing alcohol. Start making holes in bag, & insert cotton plug in hole so as to protect inside material from dust & infection. Make layers of Cotton & insert as shown in video. Make 7-8 holes, like this & place at any indoor location, free from dust & direct sunlight. Let it grow of its own. Today is 20 December 2018, will meet you again with update. Here is the update in front of you on Date 10 January 2019, its almost 20 days. You can see complete media is turned white, because of the growth of mushroom mycelia. This stage is termed as Spawning stage. when inoculated mushroom spawns cover complete media This stage can be attained in 15 to 25 days, depending upon temperature at your side. Do not worry if it is getting delayed just keep an eye on any kind of discoloration or blackish growth. Now remove cotton plug so at to give room for the growth of mushroom. First clean the surface before removing cotton plug. After removing cotton just wait for mushroom to grow. After two days ( 12 January ) of removing cotton plug here are little mushrooms. On 15th January you can see little mushroom. I am eager to taste my own grown mushrooms, keep on checking updates. Itz 21st January & mushrooms are ready to harvest. We started on 19th of December & within one month here is the first harvest. Guys, this is the first harvest, from this bag we will get at least two more harvest to enjoy later. Means, just by working once we will able to enjoy this delicacy thrice. Isn’t it awesome. Oyster mushrooms along with being delicious they are nutritious as well, & they are also easy to grow. Everything we need to grow Oyster are easily available. I have mentioned two chemicals, both are really very easily available at any local medical store. Guys, please do not get fear of using both chemicals as they are sterilizing agent & volatile. Lets harvest, for harvesting you need to just twist the mushrooms, & they will easily come out. I have taken first harvest, will let other small mushrooms to grow for my 2nd harvest after 2-3 days. To enjoy later. Growing Oyster is really easy & fun, do grow with your family as a DIY science project. If you liked this video please hit thumbs-up, share with your family & friends. Do Subscribe Prakriti’s Garden for more such Video. Meet you again. Happy Gardening. Green Earth, Healthy Earth, Happy Earth.