-What an honor.
-Thank you. Oh, please. Thank you so much
for coming on the show. -Thank you for having me.
-I know your dad. I know your dad, Stephen.
-Of course. We’re basically family.
-We’re basically family, yeah. I know your uncle, too.
-Of course. -Uncle Alec. But I — Did I meet you
when you were at “SNL?” -I met you when my dad
was on the show. -I definitely met you here.
-Yeah. -But did I — ‘Cause you were
on “Saturday Night Live.” Is that true?
-I mean, it sounds cooler when you say I was “ON”
“Saturday Night Live,” when in reality, I kinda
just went on there with Alec and introduced the
Jonas brothers when I was 13. -So you’re a big
Jonas brothers fan? -Uh, yeah.
I was into it for sure. -Did you have a favorite
Jonas brother? -Um — [ Laughs ] At the time — -Is it weird to say now
’cause you run into them? -It is a little weird to say now
’cause I do see them out and see them places, and we’re
kind of all the same age now, so it’s a little weird. But we actually went
to the same middle school. -Wait. So you went to school
with the Jonas brothers? –Well, they’re older than
me, so they went before I went to the
school, but, yes, we
went to the same school. -Wow. So they’re like legends?
-Yeah, totally. -Legends in the hallway. You’re like,
“Oh, yeah, I knew Nick.” And you know all the — Yeah. I was just seeing if I can hint to see which one
was your favorite. Mnh! Mnh-mnh-mnh!
-I won’t get it from you. But then how — Wait. What do
you mean you got to introduce — -We went to “Saturday Night
Live” when they performed, and Alec was like,
“Hey, come out with me. I want you guys to help me
introduce their performance.” And we were like, “Okay!” -I mean, how cool is that?
We actually have a clip. -Oh, no! -Here’s 12-year-old
Hailey Baldwin on “Saturday Night Live.” She’s on the right
of the screen. Check this out. -No. -Once again…
-Jonas brothers. -Come on! [ Cheers and applause ] I mean, that is so cute! [ Foghorn ] -Ugh!
-What are you talking about? -The braces!
-It’s so cute! Are you kidding me? Come on.
That’s fantastic, buddy. -It’s good, it’s good.
-It is. Of course. It’s great. I heard that you’re going to
the Met Gala that’s coming up? -I am.
-I’m gonna go, too. -Yes. Slay.
-Oh, come on. Yas. Slay, obviously. [ Laughter ] “Google ‘slay.'” Okay. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Definitely slay. I mean, obviously.
-Obviously. -Duh. I mean, nothing —
Slay all day! -Slay! [ Laughter ] So, when we go to the Met Gala, we’ll wave at each other
and say hi. We’ll party, right? -We’ll hug, we’ll have a drink.
-We will? -Yeah, we’ll party. -Now, you’ve been before
to the Met… It’s a beautiful thing. Anna Wintour.
Oh, my gosh. Amazing. And it raises money for the Met. -Yeah, it’s my fourth year
going, actually. -Oh, really?
-Yeah. -Eh, number 10 for me,
but no big deal. It’s cool. I mean, that’s just,
you know, slay all day. So it’s just like… Uh, I wanna talk about
this documentary. “The American Meme.”
-Yeah, yeah. What is it about, and
how are you involved with it? -“The American Meme”
is basically a documentary about social media,
and it follows a couple people who basically — Why I did it is ’cause
I just wanted to sit down and be able to be candid about the highs of social media
and the lows of social media and how it’s impacted
my career and my job and how it impacts
everybody’s life and also how it’s affected me
in a negative way… and that it actually is hurtful
to read a lot of the things, and it does affect somebody, and you can get so sucked into
what people are saying. And I just wanted people
to understand that it’s not this, like,
amazing fantasy life that people think it is
from the outside. There’s actually, you know — We’re human beings,
and we have feelings, and they can be
really affected by it. -I want to show a clip. Here’s Hailey Baldwin
in “The American Meme.” Take a look. -I post a lot of things
that I genuinely just like. And I’ve gotten in trouble
with my agent before being like, “Why would you post this?! You can get paid
for doing this!” -Being able to, like, do a
little paid post here and there has brought me a lot of power in choosing what
movie roles I want. -I went into a show fitting
the other day, and they had a bunch of girls
photos next to each other with little Post-its on it, with everybody’s
Instagram follower count. I have definitely lost jobs to girls who had more followers
than I did. The modeling industry itself
is very harsh and not easy
to be successful in. And there’s girls
that are getting that recognition overnight
because of an app. [ Cheers and applause ] -Good for you.
That’s awesome! -Yeah, it’s super-cool. -“The American Meme” is playing
in theaters in New York City throughout the weekend. Before you leave, there’s a cool life hack
that I heard that you can do. And I just was wondering
if you could maybe — A lot of our viewers at home, people here want
to know life hacks. And it involves —
It involves bottles of beer. -It does.
-Now, this is — -All right, you know, I’m going
to preface this by saying don’t try this at home. -Okay, yeah.
Now, what is the hack here? What do you do?
What’s the trick? -Well, the story behind it — I was in the Bahamas shooting
with a bunch of people. And we were on a boat, and we
didn’t have a bottle opener. And I didn’t want everybody
to not have fun, so I was like,
“Oh, you know what? Let me just try something.” And I cracked it open
with my tooth. I then I ended up realizing
that I could do this cool thing, and I cracked 16 of them
in one go. So… [ Fizzing ] [ Cheers and applause ] [ Fizzing ] -You are the coolest person
I’ve ever met! Cheers to you. Hailey Baldwin, everybody,
right there.