-I have to say, I’ve been watching “Seasons,” “Justin Bieber: Seasons,”
on YouTube. You can watch.
It’s a 10-part series. They’re all available now. I’m only like four in,
so no spoilers. -Catch up, Jimmy.
-Yeah, I will. [ Laughter ] You’re great in it because —
-Thank you. -And I like that you did this
because it’s kind of a sneak behind-the-scenes
of your life. And, you know, when you see you
on the cover of magazines and Justin with his new album and, you know, paparazzi, you go, “Oh, my gosh,
they’re the biggest stars.” And what I took away was that
you’re just normal. -Mm-hmm.
-You’re a couple. -Yeah.
-[chuckling] And you’re fun. I mean, was it odd having
cameras around you at all times? -I was always the type of person
where it freaked me out, the idea
of giving people too much or letting them in too much
to my personal life. So, the idea of doing, ever,
a documentary or a docuseries, or whatever it was gonna be,
didn’t really appeal to me. But what really happened, through the process
of doing “Seasons,” is I realized that I was able
to tell my story, about who I was,
from my own mouth, instead of people
from the outside being able
to tell my story for me and being able to — It’s just hard
because I always felt like — Before “seasons” came out,
I really felt like I always battled with the idea that people
didn’t really know me. -Right.
-They didn’t know who I was. They didn’t know Hailey
for Hailey. And I just always had
this constant battle where I was saying, “I wish
people just knew my heart and I wish people
just knew me for me,” and it’s so hard to reveal
that part of yourself because people
only see you in photos, you know, from the outside. -Yeah.
-I would always see people say, “Oh, she looks so unhappy
and she never smiles and she never this
and never that,” so I felt like “Seasons”
gave me the freedom to just speak my heart -Yeah.
-and show people who I was and that’s what I hope people
take away from it, that they see me and they see
him and they see us together and they just feel like, “These are just
two normal young people who are trying to navigate
this very big life.” And it’s not easy and,
at the end of the day, too, we all go through
the same things. We all go through the same
feelings and the same emotions and the same struggles.
In different ways. -Yeah.
-But we’re all human. -And that’s what we all have
in common at the end of the day. -Yeah.
[ Cheering and applause ] I love that so much. I agree. [coughs] And you’re very funny,
by the way. -Thank you.
-You’re very funny. I know him for a long time.
-He has a great sense of humor, -Yes.
-but, together, it’s great. I wanna show everyone a clip. Here’s a look
at the YouTube series “Justin Bieber: Seasons.”
Check it out. -You actually never stop
getting to know someone. Even being married, where we
couldn’t get any closer. But I feel like,
as time goes on, I learn him more
and more and more and it’s so fun, I hope that
that actually never stops. I don’t make him breakfast
every day, no. I’m kinda lazy.
-[hoarse] This is so dry, babe. God, you’re tryin’ to kill me.
-I didn’t make the bread. I did not create it. [ Laughter ] -Oh, my God.
-Eat it without the bread. I made you dippy eggs
with bacon. That’s what that’s for.
-You’re tryin’ to kill me. You’re tryin’
to [bleep] Kill me. -Yes. [chuckle] I want the house all to myself. [ Laughter and applause ] [ Whistling ]
-Hailey Bieber, everybody!