Hey, Cookaholics, today we’re making cheeseburger
mac. That’s right think of it like a homemade version of that hamburger helper stuff. We’ve
got some ground beef in our pan and we’re going to add a little salt and pepper, then
some chopped onions gets tossed in. Now we’re going to stir that around and get
our meat browned, we’re going to drain off the fat and then we’re going to add our macaroni,
just like so. I got a bigger pot because bigger in this
case is better, some tomatoes goes in, now some ground mustard, we’re going to add some
salt, pepper, worcestershire sauce, we’re going to pour in some beef broth, next us
is water, we’re going to stir this up and bring it to a boil. We’re going to cover it,
reduce the heat and cook it for 15 -20 minutes or until the macaroni is cooked, stirring
occasionally. Now we’re going to add the cheese and the
heat from the pot will melt it, we’re going to give it a stir. Now we’re going to stir
in some chopped dill pickles to finish this off. The link to this recipe is in the ABOUT
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