-So, now I thought I’d share
some of my favorite “ruin a movie with one word”
responses from you guys. This first one is from
@hrreed1298. She says,
“Weekend at Bernie Sanders.” This one is from @annielifeson.
She says, “Iron Deficient Man.” -Oh.
-See? -One A Day.
-Ruining — Yeah. One A Day.
This one’s from @askingsatan. -Ooh! Satan?
-Askingsatan. -Oh, okay. -He says “Indiana Jones and the
Shirley Temple of Doom.” -Oh. Two more.
-This one is from @brigaz85. He says, “How to Lose
a Guy Fieri in 10 Days.” -Bang! -This one is from @Jackyboy223. He says, “Breakfast Burrito
at Tiffany’s.” Oh, there you go.
That’s a different movie. This one’s from @badmovieman.
-Oh! -Wow.
-Wow. This is right up his alley. It’s probably the best day
of his life. Badmovieman. He says
“Pile-driving Miss Daisy.” -Ow! Wow! Eh, family show.
-Alright. Come on. ♪♪
-Daisy. -This one is…
[ Laughter ] -Got to go make water.
-This is from @theswamprat. -Swamprat? -He says “Charlie Sheen
and the Chocolate Factory.” That’s a
totally different movie. -Winning!
-This one is from @jpappone. He says,
“Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest Hair.” This one is from @Nickburesh. Wow. These are
interesting names. He says “Harry Potter and the
Sorcerer’s Kidney Stone.” -Oh. You shall not pass.
[ Laughter ] “Lord of the Rings,” but…
-I got you. [ Applause ]
-Same thing. -This one’s from
@Joeydestefano5. He says “Apocalypse Now-ish.” Now-ish. Sure.
This is from @artbypemphoto. He says, “Who’s Afraid of
Virginia Wolf Blitzer?” This one from @Bethinmaine2020. She says “Cats.”
-Oh, snap! Oh! Oh!
Oh, no, you did not! Wow! Wow!
She went there. “Cats.”
-Wow. -Wow. Meow!
-Wow. -Bing-bong-bong-boing! -Ruin a movie with one word.
-Wow. “Cats.” -This one is from @Chriseckst.
He says “Planet of the Vapes.” You damn dirty vapes. This last one is from
@megannails. She says
“Lady and the Tramp Stamp.” There you have it.
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