(CAR HORNS HONK) It’sThis American life.
I’m Ira Glass.It’s hard to imagine
a tougher room,
a more hostile crowd,than the one that we face
day in and day out.
So, when you came to New York,
what did you think
you were gonna be doing? Excuse me.
Where’s Barbara?♪ Happy birthday to you ♪Stop filming me. ♪ (“LEAVE ME ALONE TONIGHT”
BY DAVE RAYNOR PLAYS) ♪ I gotta go see a man about, uh,
selling him some weed.♪ All right ♪-Hello?
-MAN: Hi! What can I get for you,
gentlemen? -Dealer’s choice.
-(DOG YAPS) That’s me. Your choice. Do you feel undervalued,
under-appreciated? -(BICYCLE BELL RINGS)
-WOMAN:You’re not alone.♪ Any more, no ♪Do you wanna just get stoned
and order in? Not very romantic.♪ So leave me alone tonight ♪MAN 2: Hello. IRA GLASS:This moment
of random greatness
pops into your day
that is otherwise
monumental garbage.
That’s our show today.♪ Leave me alone tonight ♪-♪ Leave me alone tonight ♪
-(HICCUPS) Take a deep breath in
and hold it… -and exhale.
-(EXHALES HEAVILY) I think that w–