hello everyone and welcome to Films & Series where today we talk about cinema well we continue with the last episode of the
movie history series of james bond we have reached the actor
daniel craig well Daniel Craig was born in Chester
England in 1968 and is an actor British film theater and television
evidently has caught quite notoriety for james movies
bond but hey had done enough movies known as the power of
one of 1992 the way to perdition in 2002 léger kate munich from frank sets o
the girl with the tattooed dragon of 2011 so well before let’s say be
known I already had some movies enough
quite well known leads from as I have told you since 2006
then it was a james bond quite or has been quite young because the first
paper comes to play with 37 years and not like in the last 6 bone where already
they were quite old etc well then let’s go watch those movies alright
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channel because you already know that way they help me a lot to make new videos and in the first movie it’s called casino
royale is movie number 20 of the james bond series and is based on the
homonymous novel by ian fleming and in will be directed or directed by the
New Zealand director Martin Campbell in 2006 is the first film that
account with daniel craig in the role of protagonist and is the third adaptation
from casino royale the first version is premiered in 1954
and the second in 1967 the plot addresses the beginnings of james
bond as a secret spy right after have obtained his license to kill
after preventing a terrorist attack on the miami bones international airport
falls in love with vesper lynd an agent of government treasury division
British in which she was assigned to provide in monetary funds
necessary to thwart a tournament of high stakes poker organized by
law and frame all right
Nil Purvis Robert White and Paul Hawkins they adapted the script by commissioning the
last to rewrite it during the film some things that no that no longer
we were interested well at the beginning of 2005 at the end of the
die production another day dies another pierce brosnan day announced that he no longer
would play the character again because at that time it counted
50 years old and could have continued no longer you
interested so much then what replaced by a younger actor and
that’s when they thought about how restart this saga so to speak so
it looked like how James Bond started and then there could be as a line of
say if nobody has seen the movies of james bond then you can start seeing
from here that nava narrate a story a little more often
good cast good part of daniel craig like james bond the pennant would be
sperling let’s say the villain would be more mikkelsen
as the spell and judi dench continues as m
actor jeff is right would be felix later and giancarlo giannini the famous actor
Italian, because it was James’s contact bond in montenegro well then we have
as you see enough new actors that they will appear in this movie
all right it really is a production got the
royale casino rights in 1999 then obviously we had to tell
with them to be able to do this movie without
for no other reason because it was the one that interested in addition to this the
budget as one of the highest 150 million dollars but it
they raised almost 600 million dollars had criticisms a little divided but
well in principle it went quite well stop is a movie that as I say
break everything and it’s like it will restart the story of james bond quite
interesting to see because it is also quite recent although I have almost
15 years beep
in the next movie would be how many alone the title was not translated and it is the
next james bond movie played by daniel craig is a
continuation or sequel of the movie Royal Casino
directed by marc foster and basically the argument is that he seeks revenge
for the death of his sperling lover and is assisted by
camil monte is the character of olga Kurylenko who is plotting revenge
for the murder of his family all this plot will lead them to the rich
Dominican businessman a member of the quantum organization
who intends to organize a coup in bolivia to be done
with water supply control of this country
producer michael wilson developed the plot of the movie while
I was filming almost not the royal then knew that he was going to
be was going to be the continuation the title was chosen from a short story of
1959 in just for your anne eyes fleming although the movie does not contain
no element of the original story filming took place in mexico panama
Chile Italy Austria and Wales and also something in pinewood studios that
they had to build ok movie characters
cast actors and so on evidently daniel craig as james
Bond Olga Kurylenko as Camille Montes let’s say the main villain is what
matthew would interpret madrid that would be dominique green gemma artenton
it would be strawberry fields an agent of mi6 and again giancarlo would come out
Giannini and Jeffrey Wright as Felix later judi dench would be again the
m character so characteristic from than
will change from a man to a woman well Well, the collection of this film was
of 586 million dollars with a 200 million dollar budget
something curious was the next one that during filming that
I already told you after filmed in 6 countries as it was rolling at the same time with
three filming units to say have the movie
the movie on time and in the next one it would be skies fold
it would be daniel’s next movie craig and it would be in his third performance the
story focuses on james bond that investigate an attack on mi6 and discover
that the attack is part of a plot by the former mi6 agent still whistles for
humiliate discredit and kill am like revenge against her for betraying the
film to mark the return of recurring characters from the series after
an absence of two films the cv character and money character
page and it would be the last movie in which
Judi Dench appears as m in a role he had played in
the previous six movies well director sam mendes director that
He has directed quite a few films of action and that good did not have any
problem accepting him all right
cast actors like james bond javier bardem the spanish actor who does
the character of raúl silva and from there we would have judi dench as
m-real fans who is the character of gareth malori the chairman of the committee
of intelligence and security of mi6 naomie harris that would be would be yf and then
we would have verenice malone that would be severin we also have the
voice character presentation and do as iu and the
famous actor albert albert finney that would be the character
team interpreters who would be the guardian of the von family estate in some
other known actors rory kinnear that would be binner the general
of staff of mi6 another movie that had enough
that had enough revenue because I reach a million dollars with a
budget of 200 million a billion dollars with
200 million investment in investment total
the film was shot in different places well pinewood studios as always
in whitehall in a disque is a district from london the castle of altran in
I argued in Scotland in Turkey and in shanghai and in china this is a movie
How good it starts to look a bit in what direction do these movies want to go
and a little more story is told and the James Bond Youth Childhood and in the second movie it would be called
specter or in English specter and is the twenty-fourth james bond movie
Daniel Craig again as James Bond and it was directed through by sam mendes that
it would be the second time that he directs james bond movies history
presents the first meeting of james bond with the global criminal agency
known as spectrum and it is the first appearance of this
organization from the movie the diamonds are forever 1971 there were
been a common link in practically all james bond movies
well the argument well basically its posthumous message from the previous leads to
bonn to get to carry out a mission authorized in mexico city where
have to have a terrorist plot after practically loading that
city ​​are told you can’t go on with that investigation but where was
disappears with the help of keep investigating everything he had
proposed or what he had left in the old m
and there he will identify the villain of the frank oberhauser movie that
have some evil plans like in all james bond movies all right
Daniel Craig as James Bond Christopher walls like this approved global again
this character appears that there was also in the movie he is initially known
as franz oberhauser well as you know blogger in the movies about
first movies will be the brain of spectra has been like the program
from lynn swann winslet as q and naomi harris as
and former agent and moneypenny who left the
field to become assistant to dm
and we have some actors like monica bellucci in the role of lucia is earth
and then we will also have the character of real fans that is already from this
movie the character of m Judi Dench also appears with a
cameo in a video message during the movie in the character in this case already
it’s not called m but Bolivia stains well film that had a budget 245 thousand
dollars and raised less than the previous they were 8 good at 245 million I’ve
said wrong and raised 800 million dollars well this movie well now
change some things like the new eme character the truth is that
it’s pretty good at the one who does the fans and you still and still delving into
james bond’s whole life with let’s say past adventures that etcetera
but follow the line very well alright and the last movie that not yet
it has been released in it’s called no time to die is not time to die or something
to commemorate the 25th we decided 25th anniversary of james movies
bond will count for the last time as of Daniel Craig and the director will be loved
fukunaga who has hosted or directed the film
after the resignation of director danny boyle the movie was written lyon by
1000 pulsebeats and robert white el good argument has abandoned the
active service and enjoy a life calm in jamaica your bread looks
interrupted when his old felix friend later of the company goes for help
a rescue mission of a scientist kidnapping turns out to be much more
treacherous than expected leading to bonn behind the trail of a mysterious
villain armed with dangerous new technology
well in the cast apart from daniel craig like james bond we have the same
let as you know he is an adversary of james bond armed with a technology
dangerous then we have real fans like eme naomi and hard disk as moneypenny and
rum and kinnear as bill tan & lease and you how doctor madeline swan a
psychiatrist that interests you in a way avon and that already appears in the movie of
spectra the cube character again as whistler and felix later see
as jeffrey wright the character of the Hispanic-Cuban actress of arms as
pigeon that is a cia agent that help james bond and lassana links
as I am not an agent 00 that has been active commissioning as 007
current after bond retirement character
of christos walsh as grove who is the former head of the criminal union of
spectra that was captured and put under guard well then this is a
movie that obviously I still don’t know has released I think it will be released
in April and that promises enough for follow her the bond saga what everyone gets
question is if after this one of this movie the character of james bond or the
bond or agent character 007 best said will be that of a woman because in
this movie looks like it replaced the character played by the
analysis very well, so far the video today
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