Hey everyone! It’s tuesday. And if it was blurry there at the beginning, it’s because it’s frickin youtube capture. Well like as soon as I tilt my phone [boop!] to film, it starts recording. So I don’t have any time to be like, ….. hi! so I have to fake it real quick. Like that. (clicks fingers) So anyway, I’m doing Q and A today, and sorry, I going to adjust this a little bit If anybody’s watching this, and you have ways to help me with youtube capture… makes my life difficult. So I had my bridal shower this weekend! It was so much fun. My people were coming in to town to spend time, and we had a really good time and it was nice, because (I dont know if anybody else has heard this phrase) but you don’t get to pick your family, but when you get older and you pick your friends, it’s like, they’re your family that you’ve chosen to be around you so my whole family was in town, so it was nice. And I have a couple of questions over here because I have my laptop up with several questions I’ve received, and today I’m going to do, obviously I usually do tumblr, and I definitely have tumblr up, and a lot of the things I’m taking off of discuss (which is part of tumblr) as well as my email that I get from some of you guys from INFO in Kati Morton I don’t always respond, but some of them I have, and I’m going to answer their questions. So, to start it off, I’ve had lots of questions about getting an employment with me, and whether you live in the area or you wanna do skype sessions and I’m currently not taking new clients. Mainly because first of all, I’m very busy, and also I’m getting married in like, a month, and so… it’s been a crazy time. So I don’t really have any time. My apologies. If I ever have availability, I’ll always let you know. And as far as skype sessions go, they kinda fall under the same thing. I’m not sure if I can legally do it, I’m kind of waiting to take my licensing exam and I’d rather get all that stuff settled before I start braching out and asking questions. Okay? So don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted. If anything changes. Now, I’ve heard from some people, where are the bracelets? Because I now have my new shop, bracelets are still there! They’re on katimorton.com, they just have their own tab because if you’ve noticed, the shop isnt – like Liz isnt making her own tshirts and Im not making the tshirts and Im not sending it out it’s going through like a third party. So when you go into that site, yes I created the little tree, and I put that all over my logo kinda things, but it’s not – the tshirts I dont own and Im not shipping them. As much as I’d love to, that would be a lot. So, but the bracelets are still there and I do ship them, and I do have them. Okay. Now onto the other questions, how to tell your parents and also, another question I have is the same, but when you’re at a healthy weight. And a lot of the questions I get are I need to get help and I’m under 18 and I don’t know how to, and I dont know if I want to tell my parents, and there are two options. 1. We don’t really tell them that we have an eating disorder or self harm yet. We wait until we have a therapist, and then a lot of the times I’ll bring my clients’ parents in, for a session, and then we’ll start talking about it. So it’s safer and it’s more it’s in a more controlled environment. Okay? So that’s one option, where you don’t tell them right away, and by doing that, I would say something like, “You know, mom, I’ve just been feeling really down in the dumps lately, and I wondered if you’d be open to me seeing a therapist. I’d really like to see someone.” or, “I’ve been feeling really anxious and school’s getting really hard, do you think I could maybe see someone, just so I have someone to talk to?” Those are ideas to get the conversation started. Because we don’t have to say, you know, “Sometimes I find myself purging after I eat.” You know, sometimes that’s too much. And once you see a therapist, it can feel better, and you can have a safe place to talk about it. So, those are a couple of the options. Regardless of whether we’re at a healthy weight or we’re underweight or we’re overweight, or whatever, have a watch on my video about that, about the overweight. Also, I think the same thing applies, that we still need to get help, and I promise you, people will take you seriously specially because the DSM now includes binge eating disorder, as an ED, as a diagnosed eating disorder. So we know how prevalent it is, like, we know, and people will catch on. So don’t feel like you won’t be taken seriously if you do ask for help. And I do have a video about overweight, and if you have an eating disorder and how do we deal with that, so check out my channel. And that’s why you subscribe to my channel! Because when I put these videos out, then you’ll get notified. And you can also scroll through. I have a LOT of videos. So, I know a lot of you can probably search in my channel, for that one. And this is another good question, “Should we count calories and weigh ourselves or ban it?” I never ban anything. You know, process, not perfection. So I wouldn’t say we ban it, but it would be what I would consider an eating disorder behaviour. I would probably try to distract and put it off. And it would be just the same as me putting off self-harm, putting off listening to those negative depression voices, or listening to the eating disorder voice. Like, you just want to keep putting it off and putting it off, and do as much as you can to distract in the meantime. Okay? This is another great question. What to expect after my last therapy appointment. Because we talk about what to expect for your first, but if you’re terminating, what do you expect? Everybody’s different, obviously, I’m just giving you my opinion based on my education and my experience. But, usually it’s a build-up. If I have a client who I’m seeing and she’s gotta move to college, or she’s doing better, and she doesn’t need therapy anymore. Who knows? There’s a whole slew of things. Right? It’s usually a build-up, where we talk about what we’ve done and what we’ve accomplished, a lot of times I’ll have her bring in her workbook, or her journal, or whatever we’ve been working on together, and we’ll kind of go through that to reflect back. It can feel really good, even for some of you who vlog, I know a lot of you vlog, it can be cool to look back and see how far you’ve come, so those are things that I’ll do, as to look back and talk about that, and we’ll talk about how we go about if they want more sessions later, and what that means, and how they feel about it, and for me, it’s probably about three to five (depending on how long I’ve been seeing them) sessions worth of what I call “termination” in the therapy world. And that doesn’t I can’t see you anymore, we’re terminating – It really just means that we’re slowly titrating down, and I want you to feel good, and I want to feel good, about what’s happened. So you know how far you’ve come, and you know where you’re going. So it’ll be a little bit of future planning, and what to do if we want another session, or if we feel like we’re relapsing, and then what we’ve worked on so far. So I hope that helps. Let me know! Give your tips and tricks of what your experience was (sorry I’m stuttering now) with terminating therapy, the good, the bad, the ugly, so we all know, kind of, what to expect, okay? The last one – there’s two. I’ve been getting a lot of comments on tumblr, and I’m not going to name anybody out because a lot of those are very private, but a lot of people been saying, “I feel really really really suicidal, because people have left me,” or “I’m just down,” “What do I do?” I have so many videos on this, please please please check them out. Create a safety plan, have people that you can call, there are hotlines available, if you have a hotline in your area, or in your country, you can leave that below, so that people will know, and it’s easy to access it, but reach out, and get support, there are caring, loving people out there to help us, and it’s okay to call, I promise. I know that Brent, who vlogs, BradleBees, has vlogged about how he called in and they were really really helpful, and they got him through the night, and it was great. So thanks for sharing that too Brent, that was really helpful. Sorry, I try to talk fast because there are so many questions. The last question I’ll go over today is: “How do you know when you’re ready for treatment?” and then “Tips to kind of make it work.” To be honest, we’re never ready. But we might be at our “rock bottom”. We think, could things get any worse? I can’t deal with this anymore. And that’s usually when I tell my clients, would you now consider? and they usually say yes. Or, say work gets involved, or family and friends get involved, and they have an intervention, those a lot of the times are period of time when we’ll almost feel like it can’t get any worse, I’ll go in. And once we go in, tips to make it work, is try to participate. Groups are really helpful, therapists are there all the time, just do your best to participate. That’s probably the number one. And if any of you have tips that you felt helped, leave them below and share, and help one another, because I know it’s a big step, and it’s hard, but oh my god, is it ever worth it. And you’re worth it. And you can do it. So know that we are all rooting for you if you’re deciding to go into treatment, and we’ll be here when you get out. And hopefully, things, all the little tips and tricks and things that we share, are helpful. Okay? So, I think that’s it. Yeah. That’s it for today, I will vlog again tomorrow. I know some of you wanted a video about my wedding updates, so maybe I’ll do a quick one of those this week, and sorry I’m like still freshly showered, I was cleaning my house. I had a bunch of people staying with me, so I’m just trying to get things back in order. I love you all! Have a great week, and I’ll talk to you soon! 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